Aries – (March 19 – April 18)

There is room for to luck, dear Aries. If you want to create a project or if you want to change your life the planets give you incredible possibilities. No rush, take time for reflection but there are no difficulties to foresee. Your close entourage supports all your efforts. Family is your pillar, you show them all your affection. You are happy with your loved ones, nothing can change that, you enjoy their company, in return you receive a good dose of comfort. It is also the month of confidences. A rich emotional life at the end of the summer, friends around you, the presence of your partner, you lack absolutely nothing. The stars offer you romanticism and loyal friendships. Summer ends with great pomp, offers of engagement and commitment … Life is beautiful for our Aries friends.

Aries: During the first two weeks the sky for your loves is transparent. You are full of new ideas. In a relationship or single your energy is overflowing. We can’t imagine you not capable of such resources. You are living the moment, a bright future awaits you. Your priorities are targeted, your loves are light and airy.

Aries: Together you join forces, nothing is more important than your relationship. You shout loudly to whoever wants to hear it that you are happy. On vacation or not you find fulfilling and rewarding activities. Some coo at the end of the world.

Aries: You find your smile partly thanks to someone special, it has a powerful effect on you. You take great care to show yourself in your best light. On the program is seduction and charm, everything seems to work as you wish. The summer period brings a stunning renewal.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

Before disruptions disturb your habits, you have a little time. If, within your relationship, adjustments are necessary it is to fortify the bond. Solidarity, determination and will, are part of a busy schedule. Some small slip ups due to lack of involvement are to be expected. If your modesty is lacking, try to rectify your aim. It is finally the moment for confessions, you decide to communicate on the little details that are spoiling your life. You are listened to, supported, everything is relatively clear around you. You are well aware that the objectives that you set for yourself will inevitably have repercussions. Nevertheless, your optimism gives you the energy to finalize either a project or to find new ideas. When it comes to your loves you are doing well, however, you still have some effort to make, but nothing is lost.

Taurus: It is only from the third week that the sky darkens. A few clouds emerge shading your loves, nothing very bad just small questioning and adjustments. No need to make a big deal.

Taurus: The first days of the month hold the first beautiful prospects for couples. Commitment, projects and your state of mind says a lot about your motivations. You see much further than the tip of your nose. Your partner follows the pace and you forget their little fits of jealousy.

Taurus: Interesting meetings bring you joy. You optimize your relationship by going to others, you seek contact. This month your chances of finding your soulmate are multiplied tenfold. Passion is at the rendezvous, you do not deprive yourself of anything.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

It turns out that this month the planets have decided to surprise you. If you had some doubts, they very quickly disappear. Opt for positivity, all chances are on your side. By visiting certain people, you open their eyes to their expectations and the feelings they give you. An astral sky that says a lot about your desires of the moment. It’s summer, you enjoy all the opportunities that come your way. For some of you the second part of the month announces decision making, for others it is the sweetness of living. Ideally you expect evidence from the person you love but do not have too many requirements, you are already very spoiled. Leave the emotional mess in the closet, focus only on the future. Throughout this period, love accompanies you.

Gemini: Dear Gemini, this month you should know your moment of glory. What is waiting for you in love is pretty incredible. The stars bring you to the front of the stage. Seduction, passion, intoxicating relationships, you are caught in a swirling love.

Gemini: Make room for the party, when it comes to surprises your partner puts their whole heart into the effort. We put out a big spread with tenderness and passion, your relationship is growing in power, feelings are overflowing. You are happy together.

Gemini: A beautiful period awaits those who are single, indeed, your great motivation supports your search in love. You benefit from a providential help, you are at a turning point in your life, it is all modest enough to enjoy it.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

Dear Cancer, you have daring, the situations come one after another but they are not alike. A nice cruising speed is coming. Your desires become orders, you use strategies to advance and evolve your emotional life, and it works well. Planetary influences propel you into a situation that you do not yet master to perfection. In love, complicity but also passion and recognition enlivens your summer days, and no one complains. The summer has started terribly well for you, it will come to a good end as well. No stress and little pressure, you live moments of great tranquility. Couples form while others make long-term plans.

Cancer: Some constraints come to taint this beautiful month of August, unless you decide to close your eyes and plug your ears. All in all you have a good time, couples are enjoying invigorating moments while singles fall in love, their hearts pounding. The intentions are positive, you lead the projects as you wish.

Cancer: Are you exploring several lines of thought, is it due to a recent questioning? However throughout the month your intentions are your best guide. The stars give you the opportunity to see your future with a new eye, and this does not displease you.

Cancer: What is waiting for you in love is a realization. On that note, prepare for significant changes. You do not go unnoticed, you do not have much effort to make, naturally your charm operates. Dear singles, Jupiter is the only master on board, it signals your rebirth.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

Whether in friendship or in love, this month, you bring out the big game! Your conquering state of mind is your strength. Even if the planets try to dissuade you, you fight several fights at once, you only listen to yourself and yourself alone. No question of letting yourself be blinded by beautiful promises. Why not share your ideas rather than keep them for yourself. From the third week your projects are successful, the bonds are tightening, you are in tune with others. Some people manage to touch you, you are told that you have a heart that falls in love easily. Even a lack of action is no big deal, everything will come in its own time. By letting the events go at their own pace, you will have the chance to enter your home, quietly, without making any noise.

Leo: Your partner makes big decisions, needs change or a heavy routine, anyway, you agree with their choices. Family events could upset the calendar, you will change your plans by obligation. Your loved ones may be angry because of your uncontrolled impulsivity. Learn to moderate your actions by adopting a calmer behavior.

Leo: As long as your partner is patient, everything goes well. Stay reasonable, act with moderation, we can not carry out all your whims. Saturn works and curbs your expansive nature. You are not at the end of your troubles but you are on the right path. A happiness for two is built.

Leo: This month there are guaranteed emotions for those who are single. Do not fight, you lose time. Abandon your big shell by the roadside, it will allow you to renew bonds of trust. You could live beautiful moments of complicity, love is present. You make beautiful encounters.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

Whether in friendship or in love, this month, you bring out the big game! Your conquering state of mind is your strength. Even if the planets try to dissuade you, you fight several fights at once, you only listen to yourself and yourself alone. No question of letting yourself be blinded by beautiful promises. Why not share your ideas rather than keep them for yourself. From the third week your projects are successful, the bonds are tightening, you are in tune with others. Some people manage to touch you, you are told that you have a heart that falls in love easily. Even a lack of action is no big deal, everything will come in its own time. By letting the events go at their own pace, you will have the chance to enter your home, quietly, without making any noise.

Leo: Your partner makes big decisions, needs change or a heavy routine, anyway, you agree with their choices. Family events could upset the calendar, you will change your plans by obligation. Your loved ones may be angry because of your uncontrolled impulsivity. Learn to moderate your actions by adopting a calmer behavior.

Leo: As long as your partner is patient, everything goes well. Stay reasonable, act with moderation, we can not carry out all your whims. Saturn works and curbs your expansive nature. You are not at the end of your troubles but you are on the right path. A happiness for two is built.

Leo: This month there are guaranteed emotions for those who are single. Do not fight, you lose time. Abandon your big shell by the roadside, it will allow you to renew bonds of trust. You could live beautiful moments of complicity, love is present. You make beautiful encounters.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Summer continues under good astral influences. Luck offers you the opportunity to make beautiful encounters, the pretty proposals multiply. You bet on your seduction potential. From the beginning of the month, your charm operates, operation conquest is running, you burn with impatience. Why not let your relationship evolve without wanting to anticipate and rush things. This month, dear Venus controls your emotions, suddenly, lightness and well-being overwhelm you. Allow yourself moments of relaxation and reflection, a small step back is profitable. During the second week time becomes your friend, it may accelerate, your loves fly and you take off to new horizons. If you have priorities for your projects to be realized it is high time to deepen certain situations.

Libra: Your exchanges will be full of sweetness. Learning to love without dependence on others becomes a challenge. New links are being woven, new projects are coming to fruition. You advance without making any noise, seeming more sure of yourself. Your convictions have changed, you are more free. Your mistakes of the past serve you, you get a lesson in life.

Libra: As a couple, you make life plans, new homes, etc. You aim to improve your living environment, everything is simple and without pitfalls. Your partner follows the movement, hand in hand your decisions are common, they trust you completely.

Libra: Cause luck instead of waiting for her to come to you. During the month the stars send you a challenge. If you are still hesitating before returning to your former spouse it is because you are not yet ready to seize the opportunity, your doubts are always present.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

It’s an adventure, the planets widen your field of vision and everything becomes clearer. You have the necessary perspective to understand and act according to your own interests. Gradually you manage to free yourself from your shackles, you shine, yet it was not won. Success is at the end, the summer ends in beauty. Your popularity is skyrocketing, emotional bonds are tightening, you make good friends, they will evolve over time. Proposals, projects, everything progresses at the speed of light, the month of August seems productive. You can achieve feats, just want it. We admire you, we solicit you, you talk about love, feelings are deep, the more you trust, the more others are demonstrative with you. Friendly relationships are intense and constructive. The choice of love is obvious.

Scorpio: If at the beginning of the month emotions are on edge, a return to calm is expected quickly. By deciding to stop hiding things you address the real emotional issues, a good progression is expected. Whether to engage in a dialogue or to find communication, the stars transmit strength and courage to you.

Scorpio: The love you show your partner gives you balm for the heart because you are struggling to finalize an unsuccessful project but you are motivated. The need to love and to feel loved is translated by small romantic gestures, it is perfect for your other half.

Scorpio: You test your power of seduction, you are irresistible, you play to capture attention and then you succumb yourself, it’s called love at first sight. Will the story be prolonged after the summer? This period is conducive to love stories but also to love stability. You have all the chances.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

The beginning of month starts a little shy but then very quickly the beautiful clearings reappear. A little patience and some effort before you can fully enjoy the positive influences. Then without you having to lift a finger successes come one after the other. You will prefer written commitments to promises in the air. Your allies are less numerous but they are around you, you have real friends. You are in the spotlight thanks to a great determination. You work for peace and serenity in your relationships, very quickly you understand that you are making the right choice. When it comes to making big decisions in love, your idealistic side is infallible. Happiness remains within your reach.

Sagittarius: If you decide to trust at random, soon enough you discover that you are right. No matter the emotional situation in which you are, things move forward and evolve very serenely. In mid-month, thrills are expected. You are trusted, you take advantage of it to confide in yourself or to communicate about your interests.

Sagittarius: As a couple everyone is working to change the relationship. A new organization for your future, between you there is a real complicity. To avoid the routine you forget the small annoyances and you pamper your partner. You make new room for change and a little freshness in your daily life does no harm to anyone.

Sagittarius: If you dream of meeting your soulmate, it will be done around August 18th. Indeed, under the good actions of the stars you are propelled towards new horizons in love. Take the opportunity to see the world, to go out and to have fun. Avoid going around in circles.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

You have success and it will last. A clear astral sky, generous planets, there is enough to do. Summer ends as it started, except that from the last week your nerves tease you. In the middle of the month, you do not let yourself be destabilized by astral influences. If some obstacles stand in front of you, thanks to a good energy and a good will you avoid big difficulties. Lovingly speaking the climate as a whole remains serene. Enjoy it before a much more hectic period next month. Why not ask yourself about your future life? Make a point on your own desires, speak with your entourage, assume your choices and your decisions.

Capricorn: Between you and your close entourage some tensions appear, they are not insurmountable. To bring serenity back into your relationships, adjustments and tweaks are possible. To convince the people concerned you just have to find the right words.

Capricorn: As a couple you find solutions, the exchanges are constructive, any risk of big conflicts is discarded. It is said that you are susceptible, why not prove that they are just rumors. The beneficial actions of the stars will allow you to regain emotional security. Do not demand too much of your partner.

Capricorn: Before you believe that love is not for you, trust the luck factor. Target your emotions. Show yourself as you are without trying to be perfect. Live the moment without thinking of the next day. Love at first sight is expected in the second half of the month.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

The planets accompany you throughout the month, meetings are beautiful and energizing, you are energetic. Some approaches take you on the road to success, you are supported by your entourage whatever the circumstances. Your projects materialize, your exchanges are productive, you are on a small cloud. Foresight and caution, you anticipate the hard knocks. You learn from your past experiences, so you’re making big strides. When it comes to matters of the heart, there is fantasy, when it comes to brightening your relationships, planetary influences leave you carte blanche, you’re doing very well. This is a good time if you want to enjoy family fun. In terms of feelings surprises are confusing.

Aquarius: You prefer action to passivity, it’s your right. You do not waste your time waiting to be served on a silver platter you act on your own. Without being impulsive you are spontaneous and everything becomes easier. Before you rush you double check if the game is worth it.

Aquarius: If with your partner you dream of novelty and sharing, you are rewarded. Small adjustments to clarify a situation disturb the beginning of the month, little by little a nice balance is back. Together you seem more united than ever.

Aquarius: Attention love at first sight is in sight! This month those who are single face a big upheaval. If passion makes you lose your mind it is because you have decided it, otherwise you think too much to embark on a love affair without further action. You are a decision maker.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Bold projects and original ideas, the stars grant your wishes. Your energy is creative, your ideas are excellent. A bit shy, at times you have trouble going to others. This month, you put your shyness in the closet, you finally decide to assert yourself, it’s great news, you make good resolutions. The planets give you the guts to seduce, your love life is transformed, you are delighted. Curious by nature, you go straight to where your feelings lead you, your close entourage is amazed by your change of attitude but especially by your determination. You have every chance to succeed where you have already failed. With your intuitions miracles happen.

Pisces: Bet on audacity, you will see that it works rather well. This summer period is idyllic to concretize all your projects. Relationships become official, you create stable and solid bases, there is no one more lucky than you. Watch out for those who are jealous around you. Stay on your guard, unfortunately everyone is not as happy as you.

Pisces: To avoid all tensions you go in the direction of your partner by giving them reason, except that this month you are safe from conflicts in love. If projects are delayed be patient, there is nothing to panic about. You take advantage of a situation and it suits you well.

Pisces: A promising end of the summer for those who are single. You go out, we invite you, you do not have time to get bored. You enjoy a great influence to make new acquaintances. Around August 13th, one meeting will stand out from the others. You could formalize it very soon!



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March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 Horizons. Spring has sprung! I love the cover art this month. It’s by Robyn Bellospirito and it’s entitled Primavera, baby!

The past month I’ve been doing mega spring cleaning. It feels like a fresh start. And I’m willing to give Trump a fresh start as well. I’ve had a few realizations and revelations about him. It just clicked for me why DT supporters don’t mind that he’s untruthful. It’s because they honestly believe that no matter what he does, it’s better than a Clinton presidency, period. I didn’t understand it before and now I do. I don’t have to agree with it, but understanding it helps me understand those who think like that. If you accept the premise, the logic follows. 

If you’d been told all your life that bunnies would hunt you down to attack and kill you and rape your mother and children, you’d grow up afraid of them, and wanting to get them before they got you, right? You wouldn’t want them in charge of anything, right?

If a person spent the entirety of their life inside of a pitch dark cave being told every day that the sun was a source of evil, how would they feel after being dragged into daylight? Fear isn’t something that appears overnight… It’s all about perception.

When I was about 8 years old, we went to visit some cousins we’d never met. We grew up in the city but they lived out on a remote country road in a ramshackely farmhouse. There were 6 of us playing in the yard at the end of the day and the oldest (about 16) began to tell a story. There was an old woman, legend has it, who was killed walking home from the market at sundown. Her ghost still haunts the road to this day. He and his brothers told stories of people who’d encountered her and the tattered yellow dress she wore with long blue mens’ sweater and men’s work boots, carrying her groceries in a big potato sack. As they spoke, I noticed a stooped figure walking toward us, way down the road. I saw her clear as day, yellow dress, blue sweater, boots, potato sack. The cousins couldn’t see her, they said, but my brother and I did! The closer she came the more afraid I got, since the story was that she came back with a butcher knife to get revenge. She did keep looking in the potato sack, probably checking her knife.

By the time she got 100 feet away I was frantic, crying and afraid, knowing we were all about to be murdered. Thankfully my mom ran out of the house to save me! But instead she walked over and took the potato sack from the killer ghost woman. WTH?? Of course, there as no killer ghost, the woman was merely their grandmother who was walking home from the market as she did every sundown.

Except I wasn’t told, “My grandma visits every sundown.” No, my cousins had carefully set the scene so that when I saw the old woman on the road, I’d think she was the killer ghost of the “legend” they just told me. Had they said nothing, I’d have thought I was watching an old woman walk on the road. But since their advance story was that a killer ghost roamed the road at sundown, that is what I saw.

So if you’d been told all your life that bunnies would hunt you down to attack and kill your children, you’d grow up wanting to get them before they got you, right? And that’s all Trump is doing, trying to protect us from the bunnies he perceives are out there after us.

What we want is someone with our interests at heart, someone we can trust. Someone who will take the job seriously, show strength and do what was promised. He still has time to turn it all around, to educate himself, to jump into the job, surround himself with educated advisors, to do good work. Accountability and responsibility change people. It can cause realizations and awakenings. Someone who is very emotionally reactive is undergoing the deep work of integrating their personality with their soul. Like it or not, if you’re being triggered by him, he’s been placed here for you to do some soul work of your own.

I’ve had several realizations. One is that while I support the efforts of those who march and protest, that is not my way. I’ve been made aware of how many stand ready to do the work of marching and protesting and gathering facts and getting those facts into the proper hands for review. I’ve been made aware that existing policies and laws could use revision. I’ve been made aware there are people working on that. I’m happy to see that people who think injustice is being done are acting quickly to remedy it. Bless the helpers!

I’ve been having hopeful visions. I’m seeing a method to the madness. We are learning a lot. If he’s doing something wrong, he’ll be stopped. My feeling is he is President until he is not and he can do what he wants, until he can’t. It will take more than one election cycle to resolve this. But no matter what chaos is going on around us, there are happier areas of our life we can choose to focus our attention on.

And there’s still time for him to turn it all around, to be a strong, conscious leader and become beloved by the people. I’m hopeful, despite how he’s handling things right now. Right now he’s hypnotized. Give him time. Don’t take score too soon. Hold the vision of his awakening.

WHAT I CAN DO is live my life with integrity and don’t let my happiness depend on what anyone says or doesn’t say and do. We can get to know our neighbors, we can smile at those we stand in line at the market with. We can recognize that we’ve come a long way baby and we’ll make it thru this as well.

Good things fall apart so better things can fall together but there’s a trick to that

When good things are falling apart, you have to look at them and remind yourself they are falling apart to make room for something better. Then look everywhere for evidence of that “something better.”

If good things fall apart and you start thinking it will only get worse, if you start collecting evidence of that, well, we always find what we look for. So when your world starts crumbling around you, that is merely past momentum catching up with you and making a clean sweep. Then get excited that good things are on the way and better times are to be had. Look for evidence of that everywhere. The best is yet to be.

Why do I bother writing things to make people feel more hopeful about their future in this current climate? Because it is only the ones who are hopeful who will attract thoughts and ideas that help us move easily through the changes.

When people trigger us to an emotional response

There’s a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body and then after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop. “When you stay stuck in an emotional response, you’re choosing it by choosing to continue thinking the same thoughts that retrigger it. “ — > It’s the power of choice.
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.

February 2017

Welcome to the February 2016 Horizons. Happy Valentine’s! We’ve got a thought provoking article on page 16, The Biology of Love by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. What does molecular biology have to do with love? Not only does cellular biology have something to tell us about love in our bodies, it also is very revealing about the nature of human connection.

WOW! Women’s March The Biggest Protest In US History As 4+ Million March

And talking about Love, half a million men and women descended onto the national mall in Washington, DC on January 21, 2017 — the day after the Inauguration — to show their support for women’s rights. Marchers and police were civil and participants were reportedly kind to one another. Despite the 500,000 protesters there were no arrests, in contrast to the day before when 230 people were arrested out of the 250,000 attending the Inauguration.

I was delighted to see all the sisters attending the Women’s March. There were record turnouts all across the nation (4+ million) saying “we exist, we have something to say, we have rights we deserve to retain.” We learned a big lesson this election season. A few years from now there will be more record turnouts, it will be on voting day, and we’ll come back into balance. Thanks to DT for being an alarm clock showing us what happens when we sit back and let other people do the thinking and the voting. We’ve been reminded in a big way that there are a lot of us, we’ve got the power and we’ve just been re-inspired to use it.


I awoke the day after Inauguration Day with the Christmas song Joy To The World in my head along with the image of Trump’s face saying “Jesus in his most distressing disguise — how do you like me now?” It made me chuckle, bringing me back to reality. Is it not true that YOU might be Jesus in disguise? I might be? Only in treating each other this way in each Now moment will we know for sure.

And, oh, what a grand disguise we’re being presented. It’s like we keep waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say, “Punked!” I’m not a Trump fan but I’m not taking score just yet. I’ll give him a chance to do what he said he’d do. I know it seems like a rough start with 34 out of 36 promises broken the first day. But — Jesus in disguise, ya’ll. I figure whatever is happening God is permitting to happen for a designed purpose even though we have no idea what that purpose is. I’m staying faithful it will be revealed at the right time.

Until then, Alan Cohen once suggested writing down all your troubles, then holding them in your hands as you pray, “God, let me be wrong about all of this.” I’m saying this powerful prayer and releasing past judgments. I know miracles happen every day and that all things are possible. I’m hopeful.


After all the election tension in the air, I felt the need to clear out old energy, so I finally cleared out my shed!! It contained 20 years worth of random furniture and furnishings, old computer equipment and tvs, cassette tapes, old stereo equipment, a dozen wooden bifold doors. You get the picture. I put it all out on the street along with a hammock, 3 desks, 17 tables, boxes of books. I took photos of the line of treasures and posted it on Facebook’s group page for Palm Bay Neighbors Watching Out for Neighbors. Within minutes several people stopped by and picked items up. I’d periodically go out and straighten the line back up and take new pics. Each time I posted it to the FB page, more people came to look. “Thank you,” I’d yell out my office window, hidden behind the privacy hedge. “Thank you,” I’d hear back, “you have a cool yard!” (Thank you, yes I do.)


Much of the shed contents was just random furniture I’d picked up in my travels. Some I’d refinished and would rotate in and out of the house through the years, but now it all seemed too heavy and dark. Nothing of value but it was hard to let some things go, like my favorite old school heavy wooden drafting table.There’s no room for sentimentality in a 2000 sq.ft. house. I could replace it if I needed to for $150 with something that weighed far less and folded compactly, but I have several others here. I feel a ton of weight has dropped. The older I get, the less stuff I want to be in charge of.


After several days of physical labor, I was reminded that these bodies we have are amazing things. I wore myself out working in my shed. I awoke later in bed with my muscles vibrating! It felt good to get worn out as I was Clearing Out. Each trip back into the shed from the street revealed more empty space inside. The shed began to feel like a haven again.

It measures 12 x 32, there are shelves and work benches lining the walls and power outlets every 8 feet. Mostly now there is only plywood stored inside but I am going to move many items over from the garage, mostly gardening tools and supplies.A few ooutlets did not work so I had a friend check the wiring. He replaced two broken switches, put in new lights and made all power receptacles work. I look forward to freshening the tables and shelves with some paint and setting up a couple of workshop areas.


I got so energized clearing out the shed that I checked my To Do List to see what else I could tackle. For a year or more I’ve wanted to make a community credit union my primary financial institution and I finally began steps to move my Wells Fargo bank accounts. I admit I just learned that Wells Fargo helped finance the DAPL pipeline however I was ready to move.

I went to the credit union and opened a business checking account. Back at the office I ordered checks and deposit slips and rubber stamps and began changing all direct deposit info. Next I’ll enter all my bill pay info in, it’s a chore but it feels good to have begun the process. I was thrilled when they built a credit union 2 miles away, I can walk my deposits in now. There are no monthly fees and my dollars support my local community.


Feeling so energized after the clearing, I cranked thru the work! It seems the busier I am, the more I tend to take on and burn through. Last year I reached a burnout point when I OVER booked my time, voice and hands. This month I feel I’ve stepped out of the woods. I feel newly inspired.

Which came first, inspiration or uncluttering? I feel the energy moving again. My shed is clear, I’ve got a plan for home projects, I’m transferring from a bank to a credit union, I’ve connected with new authors. Next I’ll price check auto and homeowners insurance. My Social Security check went up, my mortgage payment went down. Life is good.


Working on final layout of this February magazine, I smiled to see the page on the screen before me is such a reflection of me. The page that the reader will see is organized and formatted, with good white space. In the margins, however — what no one sees but me — is a scramble of notes and articles and images, all crammed together, placed there to remind me what I have waiting to go in next.

My mind is like that sometimes, too, constantly reviewing info filed off to the side that I’ll need shortly, while seemingly focused on what’s in font of me. I recall 20+ years ago when Kristy (Scott) Souto first began Horizons Magazine we’d be sitting at my computer where she was teaching me Pagemaker. She laughed that I kept so many Options windows open since that made the typing/layout screen very small.

“You have this little tiny screen,” she said, pinching fingers together in front of her eye,“but out here are ALL the options!” She was right. That’s still my life but this tiny life is SO fulfilling and yes, I still like to keep all my options easy to find right in front of me 🙂

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.

January 2017

Welcome to the January 2017 issue of Horizons Magazine. Don’t you love/hate it when you get a chance to practice faith and trust what you know about law of attraction? A friend and spiritual teacher writes: “Beyond frustrated. Everything current and future life—work & class files, all emails, passwords, new job sites, rental places… All wiped clean. Like they never existed. Not in a cloud. Not on a server. Poof like my life for the last 6 months never happened. The feeling of helplessness & frustration is real.”

I know how she feels. My website and backup files were hacked several years ago and was down for months while my brother recreated it. At first I flipped out, but the fact was there were a lot of things on the old site that were no longer current or even relevant. Computer tech friends told me my website could not be restored. My brother warned me he might not be successful. I understood their concern was based on their own past experience. But my past experience is that things always work out for me. My past experience is that I don’t need to know the details of how something is going to work out. I just need to have faith that it will. And it somehow always miraculously does. Out of 3,977 pages I only had to redo 108 that dropped off.

When it happened, I was forced to rethink who I was and what I was doing. I received valuable insights and lessons I would not have learned otherwise. We’ve all had those situations in life that at first seemed to be negative or unpleasant but later turned out to be a gift or a blessing in disguise. It’s hard to see — when we’re in the midst of upheaval — the good and the fresh beginning that will come on the other side of it once the slate is wiped clean, whether by our choice or not. In the midst of crisis, it helps me to ask myself the question, Why is this happening FOR me? rather than why is this happening TO me?

It’s not always easy to remember that whatever situation I’m in, I’ve gotten there by being a vibrational match to it. It’s not always easy to see how that can be. The only way I can get out of it is to change my thoughts about what I’m living and what I’m seeing. You, too.  I’ve made up a list to read when I begin to doubt. I read this whenever I am having continuing thoughts that I want to replace with better feeling thoughts. This is one set of replacement thoughts I use. I read it over to myself until I realize that what it says is true.


I know I am in charge of my own wellbeing.

I know that what comes to me is a result of how I think about life and how I react to it.

It helps me stay focused on the good that is happening in my Now if I do not watch the news or listen to other’s people’s complaints and worries and theories and opinions.

I know that I do not need to attract more good into my life, I merely need to release my resistance to the good that is already available to me.

I know that I release resistance whenever I do something that is purely fun and enjoyable to me, when I do something that makes me be in the Now, that lets me be happy and lose time in the doing of it. For me that can be gardening, sewing, sketching, painting, woodworking. Something that requires my complete and focused attention yet is fun and fulfilling.

I know that anytime I look for the positive aspects in any situation, I find them.

I know anytime I sit and make a list of the people I love and the things I appreciate, something in me switches on and I feel better.

I know when I feel better, I suddenly see all sorts of opportunity around me that I didn’t notice before.

When I see more opportunity available to me, I feel excited about the possibilities.

When I feel excited about the possibilities, Life expands around me and good things begin happening.
When I feel happy and excited, I know that’s the time for effective creative visualization, and I begin running the best case scenario “what ifs” through my imagination.

When you use self-talk to remind yourself that you have access to inner guidance that can lead you in the right direction for all decisions, you become very powerful. When you tell yourself that, your mind starts looking for evidence of it and attracting guidance and inspiration to you. And unless you drown out that inner guidance by having your attention on say tv or radio or news reports, you’ll be inspired to action that can change your world — right now, right where you are — for the better.


If you spend 51% of your time looking at everything that is going wrong with the world, and everyone that is pissing you off, you can’t be attracting anything else. Just for one day cut the criticism and pessimism and think of all the happy things that ever happened to you, you’ll spend a few minutes vibing in a higher and happier place. And those minutes will lead to more minutes of happier thoughts and you’ll attract even more happier thoughts. Let THAT begin your snowball of thoughts for the morning and your world can change by tomorrow. Trust that you have the power to make it even in challenging times. The state of the economy does not determine your experience. Your conscious thought, expectation and belief does. Trust that you can attract helpful thoughts that inspire you to action. Soon enough you’ll have evidence and your belief will change.

“I imagine Trump won’t affect me one way or another.” A FB friend asked, “Don’t you feel him stopping EPA laws affects everyone? We all live on a planet that is being affected by global warming and he doesn’t believe in it.” What I meant was I do my best to live my life making the most of every moment I encounter no matter what is in that moment. And so far it’s been my experience that when I do that I’m led to happier and more peaceful and more abundant circumstances then I would have otherwise found myself in had I been focused on a lot of details of the world.

I saw a headline about the Trump/KKK connection and laughed out loud. Laughed? Everyone hating on him is giving him power. I find myself laughing at it because it shocks me into the *BAM* awareness that *everything* is an illusion and that soon enough I’ll be awake and aware in a new incarnation elsewhere before this one becomes unbearable.

In the meantime I’m empowered knowing that EVERYthing I see is an illusion since I also know I’M the one who determines the tone of the people and situations I come in contact with. I determine who and what comes to me by virtue of where I place my thoughts on a daily, hourly, moment by moment basis.

Since the collective consciousness was so focused on Trump — for better AND worst — it gave him the power — the fuel supplied by OUR emotional reaction to him — to be where he is now.

But where he is now is pliable, mind you, and there’s still time to reroute what’s on the way. To do that we have to defuse the anger we feel each time we see ignorance in action. We have to find humor in it at least long enough to lift our emotions up off the anger to a higher place, a place that feels better, so we can attract a different experience.

Because until we can look at stuff like the KKK and Trump and feel better, we are going to keep giving him power. And like gravity, it is working whether you believe in it or not. So, for the sake of mankind, lighten up. You are always just one decision away from a completely different life.

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.

December 2016

Welcome to the December 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. To anyone who’s disappointed with the presidential election, let’s not take score too soon. I say it’s done so let’s go with the flow. Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2 millions votes, but we made it through when this happened in 2000, remember? 25.6% voted Clinton, 25.5% voted Trump and 46.9% didn’t vote. We must give him a chance as there is work to be done. It’s only four years, he’s not here to stay. Let’s make the best of it. Let’s hope he’s is a good president. Wanting him to fail is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane we are ALL on. Like it or not, it behooves us to cheerlead the pilot on to a safe landing, and hold the vision he can do it.

Some friends are bummed their third party votes let him prevail but we saw it coming. That’s life, people have to find out for themselves. The best is yet to be no matter who’s in office. To think anything is ruined because of one election is short sighted.

Whoever gets elected, my life will still be satisfying and content because I am the one in charge of thinking the thoughts that keep me motivated to make that happen. You, too. I was quick to unfollow Facebook friends who repeated hateful posts before the violence of their anger changed how I felt about them. All my “unfollowing” paid off. My FB feed reverted back to being happy, friends talking about family, pets, what’s for dinner.

That’s the stuff of life, you know, what’s happening right in front of us that we can touch and feel. That’s what life is all about, spending time with people we love. Be patient while this plays out. Don’t lose your mind about something God has already worked out.

Chaos is an integral part of transformation. Germany survived its period of nationalistic fascism and is now one of the most sane countries on the planet. We will survive this. May we meet chaos with grace, understanding, dignity and gratitude


Lightworkers, you can help us hold the vision. I am calling out to Lightworkers and Vision Keepers to tap into that huge wave of emotion surrounding us and channel it in a positive direction. I’m asking you to hold the vision with me of an awakened, compassionate President. If you feel someone dangerous just gained political power, pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen. It’s been said that when just 1% of the population meditates upon peace and lovingkindness, the effect spreads to the other 99% – and it works even if they don’t believe it.


I know my centered-ness, my vision and my hopeful expectation can hold the space for others around me to tune into. My experience is if even one focused person can contemplate the scene and have faith in a successful outcome, that can entrain the consciousness of everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

We can help bring that about by how we look at the President, how we look at each newly elected official, how we perceive them, how we perceive what they are doing and how we perceive what grand good they may be capable of. And I mean how we perceive not their physical body and personality self, but how we perceive each at his/her essence. How we perceive each candidate separate from the overlay of any past history, hateful rhetoric and mean spirited jabs.


Because he has the means to make things happen. As this man becomes powerful on the political scene, just imagine the amount of good he could do with a compassionate heart? That’s why lightworkers and visionkeepers can hold a vision of his having an awakening, a softening of his heart due to new understanding dawning in him. Pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen. Become a vision keeper with us?

bending-tree-with-textPractice knowing that nothing that happens in the world needs to affect our happiness. It helps to remember that during a storm, the small, slim willow bends in the wind. A storm may rage on all around us, yet we be completely untouched where we are. Entire neighborhoods may be devastated in an earthquake yet one lone house on the cliff remain intact. We can remain upright even while one standing next to us does not if we are flexible to the winds of change.

In 2004, Hurricane Jeanne destroyed 3 mobile homes surrounding one I own in an over-55 park nearby. Mine had one scratch from flying debris and my tenant moved back in the next day. How did we escape damage while the storm raged on around us? Was it the prayers we said as the storm approached? My tenant at the time was a very devout Christian. Was it faith that no matter what storm passed over us, it was possible to be on the other side of it quickly enough, with little or no distress? Was it knowing that if our focus was strong enough to envision weathering the storm with ease and grace, that it would naturally come to pass?

I have learned it’s all about my ability to stay focused on what it is I want to experience. Because what I am focused on can come to pass for me. During Hurricane Jeanne, I felt safe and secure throughout the storm. I awoke to find the oak in the back yard had uprooted and come down on my back porch. Even so, I was not distressed. I didn’t know it had fallen. My neighbor had a chain saw and two sons who had the tree cut away within two hours of me discovering it. Soon after, insurance paid for all repairs including a new roof when I thought only a few shingles had blown off.

So staying focused on the good doesn’t mean you’ll never have anything “bad” happen to you. It means you come to realize the good in whatever happens to you. It means that instead of being broken by the storms in your life, your ability to bend and be flexible will benefit you. In June 2003 fire destroyed acres around me and literally stopped in the shape of my prayer circle. Prayerful intent can be powerful and can stop a storm — any kind of storm — in its tracks, whether a hurricane, a fire or a new political party.

Maybe it’s because of my daily meditation practice the past 40 years but I always feel as though it’s under control — everything. That no matter what the appearance of anything around me, someOne or someThing with a Greater Plan has it under control. And if I have faith that I will come through fine and upgraded on the other side of it, experience tells me I will.

So, to those friends who are suffering right now, unhappy with election results, I know that no matter who is or isn’t in office, I can find happiness. I know that no matter who is or is not in office, I can have a good experience in life, I can find my niche, I can discover my purpose, I can find an ideal job, I can find love and pursue my dreams.

While initially we may see a lot of hate and racism being stirred up, it’s simply bringing to the surface what we have been surrounded with all along and didn’t know it. When you discover a hungry child, you feed it. When you suddenly discover who of the people around you are angry and bigoted and mean spirited – for instance, via their Facebook posts the last few months, you know who to love. That’s all that is happening now, the revealing of the ones who need our love and compassionate caring.

Friends, no matter what happens, we are okay. I promise you, we can love our way out of any situation.

We can help friends find happiness and contentment no matter where they stand by teaching them to seek the good in what is happening around them in every moment. That’s where your value lies. How much suffering can you relieve?

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.

November 2016

Welcome to the November 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine


It’s hard sometimes to recognize when your prayers are being answered, isn’t it? That’s because we’re being answered in ways we didn’t expect. Lotsa folks saying they want to shake up their life, they want a new beginning, to just wake up and have it be a new day, to be able to start fresh. They seek a new perspective or a spiritual reboot. It seems Hurricane Matthew has been a great catalyst for both this week for some of us. Shaken out of our habitual routine by having no power, by having no wi-fi, no internet access, no running water, by water and gas not being readily available — and not knowing when we’d get it restored — we are forced to look at who we are without the overlays we’ve grown comfortable with. If we take these as the soul lessons they are and contemplate the thoughts that arise in the silence, we will be guided to thoughts and ideas that will allow us to lead happier lives and answer all our internal questions.

storm-changes-youHURRICANE MATTHEW came in at lower winds than predicted so our area got off easy. An oak came down in my east garden and a young pine branch snapped, falling on my power line and pulling the meter box off the wall. It would be 4 days before power was restored. During that time I chose to rough it at home with no power rather than hang at a the home of a friend a block away who had power. While power was down for 4 days, I ran a 100 feet orange extension cord run from my neighbor’s home to mine. It was attached to a power strip where I hooked up a fan, a lamp, a phone charger. When I was in the living room, I had the cord in there. When I went into my bedroom, I unhooked the fan and the lamp and hauled the giant cord with me to the other end of the house. When I woke up and went into my office, I picked the big cord up and I carried it all in there.

Being in charge of carrying the power around with me was kind of exhausting. The metaphor was not lost on me. Since I’d been doing a lot of yard clean-up and raking post-hurricane, I was aware of how heavy the power cord felt because my arms were kind of tired. But I didn’t have a choice if I wanted power in each room as I went about my day and night. I reflected that though sometimes I got tired of “hauling the power around” with me — not just with electricity just now but in my life in general as well. It beat the alternative of having no power at all. So when you’re feeling worn out and worn down from having to be the one responsible for the power in your life in every single moment, remember what an honor and blessing it is to have access to it at all.

you-will-have-bad-timesBeing on a well and pump, when my power goes out, so does my water. I had the use of a friend’s shower but chose to rough it and shower at home using pitchers of water poured from a 5 gallon water bottle I keep in the bathroom during power outages. To flush toilets I manually fill the tank, and to shower I stand in the tub pouring pitchers of cool water over me. It reminded me of camping. When I get too comfortable, I go camping. Hurricane Matthew gave me a chance to camp out at home. For the next time, I just ordered a Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower that I can just hang on the wall. I can also hang it outside — I have a very private, wooded yard — and it will keep the water warm as well. The evenings were cool, temperatures had dropped about 10 degrees after the storm so nights were mild, in the mid 70’s. Days were spent hauling fallen tree debris to the street and moving fences back into place, clearing more debris, and more debris.

Healing comes when we keep energy in motion

After the storm, I saw on Facebook that my spiritual brother Tod McNeal had offered chainsawing of downed trees in his area. My first thought was to yell at him because he has a severe cut injury on one hand that was just repaired last month. He should be resting it for 6 weeks while it heals, not doing heavy duty work with it. And then I remembered that I was buying into the illusion. Strength and healing comes when we keep energy in motion. No matter what limited resources you have, no matter what little bit of strength you have left in your body, if you use it to help someone in need, that can only be healing to mind, body and soul, despite any appearance in the temporary. Tod is a generous and gracious gentleman who always, and I mean always, goes out of his way to help those in need. May he always be blessed with those who appreciate him and show him love in return.


After 4 days with no power or water, on October 11th I woke up to 4 big handsome men stomping through my east garden. Which I could now see since the oak that had come down and been chainsawed away the day before. I heard big truck engines and got excited, then I heard crunching of work boots right outside. They were there to restore my power and rehang the power cable that a pine branch brought down during the storm. It pulled my box off the wall as well. Grand Electric came out and upgraded my meter box and riser, which I’d been meaning to do anyway. When I saw the damaged box, my spidey sense said $800 and I was only off by $3.50. An hour later, power was on, wi-fi was on and the water heater was heating up. I took a lap through the house checking all light switches. I flipped all breaker switches and reset all GFI and everything worked. I had to replace the small bulbs in my salt lamps, but they were the only ones blown.

Since I now had power and water, the focus turned from outside yard clean up to getting everything inside back to order since I had 1 week to get this November Horizons to the printer. I moved office equipment from the closet back into the office and hooked everything back up. I had wi-fi, I was in business! It only took about 20 minutes to clean the freezer because before the storm I’d packaged everything in grocery bags to easily lift out and discard if I needed to. I needed to. It was only a few Lean Cuisine meals, one chicken breast and 4 packages of frozen vegetables. The fridge was the same. I’d put perishables together in a grocery bag for easy clean up. There wasn’t much. I like my food supply to get way down and it was way down. I lost maybe $20 worth of food, total. I noticed that most of what I use my fridge for is as a pantry for my Asian spices and condiments, mustards, vinegars, pickled stuff as well as the bulk seeds (fennel, cumin, basil, tarragon) that I buy. Also things like bread crumbs, protein powders, molasses, go in the fridge. The freezer I use to store most of my leaves, grasses, roots, seeds and sticks: rosemary, lemongrass, ginger. cinnamon, mustard seed as well as my coffees and herbal teas.

I felt pumped that my power was back on! I enjoyed the few days roughing it but a huge weight of relief dropped as soon as they threw the switch. I ran the dishwasher and although the outside air was nice and cool, I ran the a/c to dry out the house. I ran over to my rental — a virtually unscathed-after-the-storm mobile home — and repaired a screen in the porch, the only real damage. I also stuck another few screws in the panel over the water heater. Then I came home to a hot shower and washed my hair. Ahhh! There was nothing that couldn’t wait and no more utility guys to wait for, so I got to crash. I awoke to find the 3-days-after-a-workout muscle soreness was setting in but I didn’t care. It felt good to have spent time rushing around, being unexpectedly active, using muscles I’d not used in awhile. Times like this show me that even when I think I’m getting lazy, I can just get up and get done what needs to be done.


A Facebook friend asked why a particular country might have continued hardship over and over weather wise and asked if it might have to do with soul contracts and the pre-planning we do in between lifetimes. That’s a good question I’ve been asked before. Soul contracts and pre-planning before each birth certainly are factors but it is so much more than that. When we realize that the physical form dies over and over while the essential self or Soul lives on, it becomes less heart-wrenching when one physical form leaves because we know it will be reborn and we will continue to know them and be part of their soul group again. Of course most people not only don’t believe that, they’ve probably never heard the idea so it sounds weird.

hamster-wheelAlso factoring into it is, you ask why does any country or person for that matter who experiences hardship why does it happen again and again and again? It’s kind of like if you’re on a hamster wheel, if all you see is the next step on the wheel and you cannot envision a future any different than what you experience right now, there’s not much chance of escaping the path you’re on right now.

It all boils down to choice of focus of attention. But what if you live in a remote 3d world village and all you see are the same 13 family members every day of your life? You may not know you have other choices available to you. You literally see the same thing day in and day out. No wonder you think that is the only way your life can be.

Why then do some get out and not others?

When we stop to reflect on life around us and begin to wonder or ask internally “why,” that query activates our internal guidance system which brings new thoughts and ideas into our conscious awareness. Having a question you want answered attracts into your experience some one or some thing to respond.

In Haiti, for instance, often devastated by hurricanes, it’s too easy to say “Oh, the answer is you know where the storms are, so move away from there.” It’s often generations of families all living together in the only place they’ve ever known. Where are they all going to go and how will they all support themselves when they get there? But all that can change when one restless and curious kid has the thought “there has to be another way to live.” When someone internally has that thought and begins asking around, they will attract answers out of people who did not know they had answers. They will attract info out of strangers and through symbolism. There may be some lost hiker wander through their remote village and give them a glimpse of a different kind of life, maybe thru photos. More internal questioning attracts more answers. “How can I live there? How can we all live elsewhere, out of danger?” It can be as easy as having one person ask that and another get an agency involved who can help. But they have to be asking for it. If they are not asking, they may not attract it.

Faced with inevitable change, the choice is yours.
You can fight until you’re spent or you can
release all resistance and create something
new in your changed world.

It’s the path of least resistance to have the same type things happen if you are looking at the same things around you everyday and thinking the same thoughts about the same things you are seeing every day. You have to begin practicing having a different thought before you can begin having a new experience. That is why it is so important to pay attention to what thoughts you plant in someone else’s head. Like tv weatherman scaring folks about the approaching hurricane, saying, “If this storm moves 20 miles to the west, you are dead. All of you.” His uneducated opinion, and not true. But he said it on tv so people got panicked. The thoughts we plant in people’s minds helps direct what their future experience will be. Like gravity, it works whether you believe it or not. People who are hopeful of a good outcome are far more likely to have one. People who are running scared willy-nilly not taking responsibility for their own safety are likely to have a far different outcome.

Storms are good because they shake us up, they interrupt our habits, they yank us out of our rut and show us things we may not have known we are capable of.

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.

October 2016

Welcome to the October 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. I love when a lesson shows up just at the right time so I can share it with you. I received an email that alerted my spidey sense. “I need everything. Please help… I don’t know what to do.”

It was a couple of hours before I could respond back but in the meantime I thought to Google the sender’s name and email address. I found info reporting former involvement in financial misdoings, fraud internet crime and a fugitive warrant as well as local court case info for him. But whether he’s a scammer or a sincere seeker, he asked me a question and the answer is the same. Ride out past momentum, clean up your past, expand your belief about what’s possible for you and refocus your attention.

I thought you would appreciate seeing the process here. He wrote:

“My name is xx. I live in xxxx, xx. I’ve read your articles but nothing seems to stick. I’ll tell you my situation. I’m a struggling entrepreneur and I want to trade the financial markets. At this very moment I am typing this message to you from McDonalds because of the free wifi. I am 43 years old. I am homeless and I am presently illegally living in an abandoned house when I know it is safe to break in (my town has no homeless shelter). I have exactly 0.21 cents in my bank account and no money in my wallet. For food I simply kindly ask people at my local McDonalds for food. I have no car and no job since my town had no bus transit. I filled out a few applications but have not gotten a job. It is just me because I have no family members willing to help me. I do not smoke or drink or do drugs. My heart is 100% set on trading the financial market because I have a natural gift at seeing patterns that work great!! But because of my situation I seemingly need everything!! Please help… I don’t know what to do.”


I responded to him: “Hi, you’re in a better position than you think you are. A quick Google of your email address tells me you’ve got an interesting background. I see a mug shot and arrest info for fraud internet crime and a fugitive warrant, and an article published in August 2015 about how you went from a homeless shelter in Hawaii to living on a 2 acre farm in DC.I’m not judging you for past actions, simply pointing out that iIf you did it once, then you know what is possible. You known you can do it again.
If you didn’t do it, by telling that story (because it’s a better marketing story to attract investors) you send a signal to the Universe that you believe you have to be dishonest (ex. fraud internet crime) to make dollars. If that’s what you believe, that is a big resistance to attracting income. It’s important to understand how you attract your life experience to you for better or worse. It matters not how you got where you are, the remedy is the same. While you’re riding out past momentum, clean up your past, expand your belief about what’s possible for you and refocus your attention.


If you’ve cleared up whatever led to those events — and you’re the only one who knows whether you truly have — if you’ve truly made amends, then you just have to ride out the past momentum. If you have NOT made amends, no kidding, do this process beginning today–> It will begin a subconscious line of inquiry and thought within you and you will begin to attract comfort and resolution of those matters.


We don’t always believe what we think we believe, but we can SEE what we believe by the evidence of what we have attracted into our lives up to now. If you had the belief that you could succeed as a financial trader and consistently earn a good return on investments, you would see evidence of that belief and the money would come in from your investments. You’ll stay in poverty until you expand your belief about what is possible for you or until you take your heart OFF being set on trading the financial markets and instead let yourself be led in another direction and — for good example — out of a town you have no ties to and are having no success in.

I’m making no judgment and mean no disrespect, but if you instead had the belief that it was easy to make people invest when you say certain things, whether those things are true or not (ie. the fraud internet crime conviction), it’s simple cause and effect. If you’re depriving people of their dollars and they are not delivered the return they were promised, that is what will come back to you in the form of future experience. It may be what you’re experiencing now. Momentum has to play itself out.

I am not making a judgment, it’s pure physics, but when you misrepresent yourself as successful and engage in scams for financial return, you’re telling the Universe that you don’t believe you can make a great deal of money unless you misrepresent and make promises you know are unlikely or false.
Seth said: “Remind yourself that in many ways you are a very successful person as you are. Success does not necessarily involve great intellect or great position or great wealth; it has to do with inner integrity. Remember that.”
“I need so much so quickly, can you please give me a method or techniques that will give me what I need in order to survive?”

Things can change in the blink of an eye and if they do not, you have to wait until the past momentum catches up. If you can consider that you have within you right now the power and ability to make things turn around in your life and go in a good direction, I’d say do a little inner work.

Seth has said something powerful here: “When you do not know what to do, relax and tell yourself that other portions of yourself DO know; they will take over. Give yourself some rest.” This is one of those “secrets to enlightenment” everyone asks for but few hear and understand. That means say to yourself “I know there are other parts of me that understand what I do not. I ask that these parts help me understand, help me become aware of what I need to know to overcome this situation, have a new experience or just be the best I can be.”


Then practice relaxing into the knowing that you have set something in motion that you will soon see evidence of. Relax into the knowing that these other “parts” of you can be thought of (if it makes it easier to accept) as guardian angels or spirit guides here to help you with whatever you ask help for. You “activate” them by talking to them and asking them for help. If it makes it easier to accept, these other parts of you can be thought of as God whom you are asking in prayer. You might do this twice a day during meditation.

Do the Ho’oponopono process daily as needed as well. How you you know when it’s no longer needed? You will stop having financial problems. You’ll get a chance to work with good people and you won’t feel any desire to rip them off. You’ll be able to look at it as a sacred service you are doing for a fellow man and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Everything will change when your desire to MOVE on to something new and improved exceeds your desire to HOLD on to something known and familiar.
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A Facebook friend wrote on the Palm Bay Crime Watch page that a young woman knocked on her door, said she was a neighbor’s daughter locked out and asked for a ride to her mom’s work to get the key. Mom of course not “at work,” she caught on that she might be being set up for a robbery. She dropped the woman off and returned home. So, how do you know when to help a stranger and when to keep a distance? There’s always a fine line, isn’t there, between wanting to do the right thing and be a good samaritan, yet stay safe and leave people to the consequences of the choices they made before they knocked on your door. You have to ask yourself, “Why does this person have no one but a random stranger to ask for help? Where are their friends, or anyone else who knows them?” Sure, maybe it’s “Jesus in disguise” (isn’t everyone?) but who knows what lesson this particular “Jesus” may have in store for you today? What determines how you will respond? These are good soul searching questions to ask yourself while keeping your doors locked.


So what determines whether you attract a true damsel in distress or a scam artist in the first place? The answer to that lies with knowing what factors you’re resonating in harmony with currently. How are you vibing lately? Happy or ticked off? What have you been attracting this week? Good stuff? Challenges? How severe are the issues and relationships from the past that you’ve left unresolved? What is in your past is what determines what’s getting ready to come back to you. Factoring in your answers to these questions, in any given moment you are the one who knows whether you’ve created past momentum for blessings or lessons. A good thing about knowing who you are and taking responsibility for what you’ve come thru is that the life surprises that come your way are more likely to be good ones.


What can you look at with a different eye? A friend asked how I could have been a criminal defense paralegal for so many years and had to look at crime scene photos of violent crimes. It’s all in the perception. If it’s a job and I’m just organizing and categorizing, I’m looking at it with a different eye. I learned in my 20’s that I could distance myself from the emotion of a situation if I had to to do my job. So I never thought of them as gross photos, they were simply evidence of an incident. It’s all about perception. You can train yourself to look for other specifics, to look for the lesson so you can move on to look for the good, to look for the benefit, to look for the opportunity. Everything you ever look at contains all of that, I promise you. Wayne Dyer says “Shy people make shy pictures over and over in their minds. Until they see themselves as unafraid, they will always act on the pictures they create.“ Are there any pictures you keep creating over and over in your mind that it would be helpful to see with a different eye?

Everything in your life is a metaphor and has a message for you. And you can’t always rely on what your eyes tell you is so. Sometimes you have to rely on memory and faith. Like the french fries I just took out of the oven, for instance. My eyes tell me they’re not yet done but I remember if I take them out NOW, they will continue to brown and will taste perfect. And they do. Have more faith that when it looks like things in your life are really goofed up, they are really cooking to perfection.

I spent time watching a fire one early morning. I love to watch the logs and how they burn and interact with each other at the various stages of engulfment and disintegration. Just like we humans as we cook the ego and become more ash, more of the essence we are. I watched the logs burn more brightly when they were together, and eventually mesh into one mass of ash. I watched a log off by itself, still burning though not as brightly. Just like us. We can be a small bright light in a dark world but when others join, we can light up the sky. I put a marshmallow on a stick and tried various cooking distances from the flame. I found it cooked even when just barely within the space of the pit, and cooked faster as it approached the flame itself. A great metaphor for my own social interaction. I am cooked faster by some people and events than by others, depending on how close to the situation I want to get, and how much I allow. Sometimes all it takes is a light toasting, other times a scorching. It’s nice to know I’m in charge of whether or not I ever get burned.


I’ve learned that everything in life is a metaphor for my own personal growth. I’ve been buying frozen french fries and cooking them in my new oven. The directions on the package say 450 degrees for 20-24 minutes. Each time, when I checked a few minutes ahead of time, I saw they were beginning to get golden. Two minutes later they’d be burnt. The third time, I put them in at 425. At 16 minutes they would begin to get golden. At 18 minutes they were burned. I tried again, this time removing them from the 425 degree oven at 16 minutes. They looked too beige. They didn’t look golden enough. But by the time I took them into the kitchen to plate them, they were perfect. Ah, I forgot about residual heat! A good lesson to me. Remove them from the oven when they still look uncooked.
If I wait until they looked cooked, the residual heat will burn them up. Looking back, I recall times I did that with people as well: giving them the heat they asked for, not factoring in past momentum I wasn’t privy to. I learned that sometimes I’m the marshmallow, sometimes I’m the flame and why we’re cooked faster by some people than others. It’s all just a dance as we get our personal energy under control. It’s all about energy management. Knowledge is power. When new friends appear before you, assume their cooking process is already underway, more so than any of you know. Be gentle with the heat. No matter how much they ask for.
Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.

September 2016

Welcome to the September 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. To begin, no I’m not concerned about the election. I know that no matter who is elected, no matter what the universe throws my way, i’ll make the best of it and be so strongly the attractor of my own experience that nothing less than good times will come my way. My experience tells me that it is possible to find heaven in the midst of hell. The reason it’s possible to live a completely different life from the people living alongside you is vibrational resonance. I got a reminder of that the last few days. I belong to a FaceBook page of people who live around me and some of them can be real hot heads, arguing amongst themselves, threatening vigilante action for perceived wrongs. Some of them listen to the police scanners and update everybody with what’s going on. Some call the police regularly for updates then complain it takes so long for law enforcement to respond at a scene (you’re keeping them on the phone!) Some drive around looking for trouble to report or get into. Until I joined this group, I had no idea I even lived in the middle of that.

What I experience in my everyday life is that the people within a few blocks of me are all pretty happy. I seldom hear complaints or sob stories, everyone gets along and everyone goes out of their way to help each other. The people I see in the stores, the post office are all friendly and helpful. So I was kind of surprised to find such a gang of malcontents and know that they literally live right here and I never even knew it. The fact of the matter is we ARE living parallel lives, we ARE living in different dimensions from each other, the same as if we were different radio stations playing side by side. So if you think you are at the mercy of the people around you, I promise you that you are not. You are only at the mercy of what you attract by virtue of what you pay attention to and continue to think about. And you always have the option to turn your attention to something more pleasing.

A friend told me: “I avoid Walmart like the plague but occasionally run in and out for a couple one stop shopping items. I can always tell it’s not vibrationally in sync and take extra measure to protect myself. Yesterday was one of those times and the worst one yet. I went to see if they carried a clock radiio/cd player and figured I’d get the dog treats for the dogs I’m sitting. As soon as I walked in I became highly confused, was approached by a man in the dog aisle who I believe was trying to attach negative hitchhikers to me, changed checkout lines 3x with my 4 items trying to get out as soon as I could and when I got to my car I really thought I was going to puke and pass out. Once I was out of the parking lot and headed home everything went away and while I was wiped out for the rest of the night I was no longer nauseated or confused.”

I responded: “That’s an great example! I shop equally at Publix and WalMart and have the same experience at each: friendly, helpful employees, I meet fun people in the store, we dig on the music and chat in the check out lines. That’s because everywhere I go, there I am. I take my “vortex” with me. Had I stepped into a store I felt I had to avoid like the plague, I’m sure I would have the same experience you did. By taking extra measures to protect yourself, you’re stating your clear expectation and belief to the Universe that there is something that you need protection from. I personally don’t care who is “trying to attach negative hitchhikers to me,” I don’t have to accept them or even be aware they are being offered. I don’t freak out about misquitoes when I’m swimming in the pool, I know they don’t go there, the water would overwhelm them. Same as my good mood. Nothing can attach itself to me unless I’ve left an opening for them, such as expecting and believing I need to be protected from them. It doesn’t matter if there’s a monster in the bushes or if I just THINK there’s a monster in the bushes. If that’s my mindset, I stay out of the bushes.”


“You don’t need a gazillion clients. You just need a handful of the right clients. You don’t need more workers. You just need the right workers.” The first time I head those words, I could hear the bells going off signalling a big, giant truth that had just been revealed to me. And over the years, I’ve found that to be true. While doing the billing this week, I decided to look at my “card list” for all clients and advertisers. I couldn’t believe how many I had. Some of them had just advertised once, perhaps, so I didn’t recognize their names. But many names were very familiar to me. I thought about how I’ve had so many of the same advertisers for the past 10-15 years and how grateful I am that I don’t have to run around selling ads to get each issue printed. I would be more industrious if I had more time, and make ad calls, but it’s too easy to just keep things the way they are. Comfortable. Manageable. Then I realized, that’s it. I am comfortable with the clients and advertisers I have now, and we make a good family and it keeps the cats fed.

So I’ve found it’s very true. I don’t need a gazillion clients. All I need are a handful who are fun to work with, who have similar goals and motivations, with whom I feel spiritually connected. Then work and income blossoms from there. Here’s the process I used.

I know several business owners who have customers of their own, and these days everyone is looking to expand their business to make more money. I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily need to expand your business to make more money, but you DO need to expand your perception of how much income you are able to glean from just a handful of clients.


One friend lamented to me last year that she had only a dozen clients left. Gretchen has a lawn maintenance business and many of her clients had begun doing their own lawns. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to replace them and that she’d have to fold up her business and go to work for someone else, if anyone was even hiring.


I reminded her that those clients who had begun mowing their own lawns were not her target market anyway. Those were not the people she wants for clients. She wants people who do not do their own yard work and who need what she can do. She just needed to expand her perception of who her clients actually were.

One of the favorite jobs I do is biggifying and destucktifying. Ok, some people call it coaching, but coaching sounds so – yawn – regimented, when biggifying and destucktifying is the goal anyway. So when I spoke to Gretchen, I knew she just needed some B & D. She first needed to understand that the people who used to be her clients, stop focusing on them right now. Focus on the customers she still has and she how much more she can offer them. I told her to realize it was possible to make a good living from just a dozen clients.

The first thing I did was create a newsletter for her lawn maintenance business to enclose with her bills, which she always handed to the client at the end of the job. On one side was a calendar with her photo and business name and phone number. On the other side was a short newsletter, telling what extra jobs she did, like cutting branches, repairing irrigation, and putting in water gardens. We gave her an “Ask Gretchen” advice column, suggesting what jobs should be done in the yard this time of year. We listed her special prices of the month for extra jobs like fertilizing and seeding grass.

In the winter time, November through March when the mowing schedule is down to once a month, we highlighted her deadfall cutting and limb removal. We had specials on yard clean up and palm trimming. We created a basic water garden package of a 4 square feet landscaped area with rocks, plants, birdbath for a special price. We did the same for a shady corner, with a hammock and hanging spider plants and bird feeders. The December newsletter offered special prices on Gift Certificates as Christmas presents. It also included a sincere Thank You letter from Gretchen, letting each one know how much she appreciated their business. We also enclosed a stamped return envelope, to make it easy to send next month’s check or buy a gift certificate. She was surprised at how many Christmas tips got returned in those envelopes. There were lots of ways for her to make extra money during her “slow” season, and it was right in front of her all the time. All I did was hold her eyes open.

Her customers got the first newsletter and told her, “I didn’t know you did ___ and ___.” She could have been making the extra money all along. Most of her clients were older and she’d known them for years. But didn’t know them well. After the newsletter, some of them told her it made them feel like they knew her more now. She began talking to me about them in a different way, a more appreciative way.


We sat to make a list and I asked her to name one of her clients, and to tell me what she does at his yard. Then I asked her, if she could do anything creative to that yard, what would she do? What would it be perfect for? And we went down the list of each of her clients and answered the same questions. For each one, it gave us ideas of what other jobs to suggest to the homeowner. Not a heavy handed sales pitch, but simply, “Hey, I was thinking about your yard the other day and had some ideas I wanted to tell you about if you were interested.” She got dozens of new jobs just from the ideas that came to her by asking and answering those questions to herself.

Suddenly, she began getting calls from homeowners who had seen the sign on her truck. That sign had been there for 2 years with few calls, but suddenly she was being seen and noticed by the neighbors. What had changed? What put her on the radar? Law of attraction. She went from someone who focused on “good grief, what if I lose all my clients, what will I do then” to “I am having so much fun doing neat new projects with people who really appreciate and want what I do“. Who wouldn’t want some of that action?

Gretchen went from having almost 30 clients, down to having an even dozen, and doubled her income for the year. Go figure.

No, REALLY: Go figure. Go figure where you might pare away any deadwood clients that are energy suckers. Go figure where you can offer more of you in the most helpful way to your client, at a price you feel is fair. Really fair. Make yourself known in unobstrusive ways to your clients on a regular basis. Become real to them. Don’t try to sell them something each time they see your newsletter, just let them know what’s available.

Go figure where you can biggify your own business, making the most of the clients you already have, knowing what other jobs you’re capable of doing. Go figure where you are stuck and commence destucktifying. Ask yourself, answer yourself, surprise yourself with what you know.

Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.

August 2016

Welcome to the August 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. Last month was a news fest focused on unfortunate, racially motivated conflict. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to wake us up enough so that we ask ourselves, “What do we really believe? What ARE our deepest beliefs about our life and the people around us, and the direction we see all of us heading?” I’m hopeful.

Benny didn’t grow up thinking Mouse Lives Matter

Benny is tired of hearing Lizard Lives matter, Bird Lives matter, Mouse Lives matter. Yeh, yeh, he knows “all lives matter” but Whatever weaker than him crosses his path is at the mercy of his mood du jour. The hunt is in his blood. His mom was a hunter, his dad was a hunter. He saw them beat up lizards and birds and mice his whole life, and so he figured that was what he was supposed to do, too. Nobody told him any different. It happens to us humans, too. It’s not his fault he thinks the way he does. He grew up repeating what his kinfolk said was the thing to do and the way life is. But tell that to the lizard, tell that to the bird, tell that to the mouse. We humans are slowly but surely beginning to wake up and we’re learning to stop the cycle, to do better.

Do you ever feel like apologizing to an entire segment of society but you don’t have the vocabulary to even begin to address it since who’d ever thought in this lifetime such things would still be happening? There’s an almost overwhelming urge to fall at the feet of strangers apologizing on behalf of the ignorant and mean spirited ones whose skin is the color of mine. Even so, I hold the vision of a better tomorrow.

Kittens-in-a-basket3x6Stay mindfully vigilant.
Don’t fall into any plan to create race wars. The media wants to enflame us into action for ratings. We learned without doubt this election season that the media suppresses info that doesn’t fit their agenda. They want to make us think things are worse than they are so we’ll uprise and react. The powers that be want to divide us to make it easier to bring in martial law. Be kind. Stay mindful. We’re all in this together. We’ll get through this.


people linked arms blueTrue Americans celebrate racial, cultural  and religious diversity
We Make America Great Again by showing in our daily lives that we believe in the USA’s Declaration of Independence directive “all men are created equal, endowed with rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” To suppress anyone due to race, culture and religion is very UN-American. I respectfully request that we don’t get it twisted.

Yes, many are passing due to injustice but we have to walk over the bodies to move forward. It never gets easier, but hovering over them after the fact doesn’t do anyone any good. Link arms with those still standing and walk on together, praying for those in need still breathing. That way we catch each other as we stumble and no one stays down for long.


mom and sons silhouetteHonoring the angels you find in front of you
I was behind a young mother in the store earlier. She had three sons, about 2, 6 and 8 and she was doing an admirable job of keeping them under control. The older ones unloaded the shopping cart while the youngest quietly watched his mom on the phone telling someone she’d “be right back to take care of it.” She seemed weary but handled the scene with grace and ease. I looked at the two oldest, it brought to mind the two young men who’d been unlawfully shot by officers last month. This strong mother was raising three young black men not knowing what would become of them in tomorrow’s society. No one with eyes open can pretend they’ll have equal opportunity in our lifetime. No matter how good a mother she is, no matter how good a person they grow up to be, because of the color of their skin. I felt great shame. But we can work to change that.

When her groceries were tallied, I handed the cashier cash saying, “May I, please? Seeing you with your boys gives me hope for our next generation. Thank you.” And I meant it. I was grateful for the chance to lighten her load for at least the moment, perhaps to create a happy story to tell later, perhaps give a reminder that good and bad exists side by side. But I could tell she knew that.

The timing was synchronistic. I seldom carry cash on me but I’d just returned from the bank where I’d cashed my $15 check for jury duty as well as a $100 donation check someone had gifted me. I never expected either amount, and would typically have deposited it rather than cashing it. Since everything was falling into place, I figured it was her money anyway.

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.