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EMAIL READINGS $75 per question

WHY A PSYCHIC READING BY EMAIL???  To have a written record. There’s a kind of magic that happens when you type your questions out. Make your questions as long and complex as you wish.  Whatever you want, I can help you make it happen. Email



I have a gift for pulling the right card. Bring to mind a situation you want insight into. Give me a number between 1 and 6.  You’ll receive a 400-500 word detailed interpretation covering the areas of work, love, finances, health and spirituality. I sometimes do an hour of these for free on Facebook. Email

$285 for 60 minutes  –  $225 for 45 minutes
$150 for 30 minutes  –  $ 90 for 15 minutes


A problem comes to pass, it doesn’t come to stay. Let me help you see how it’s all part of the process. Andrea is a clairvoyant and psychic since 1983 who accesses the nonphysical world of Spirit to help you with relationships, business, finance and life path soul lessons. You will write your questions down ahead of time and expect them to be answered. Email


We may think we’re looking for the perfect job or the perfect marriage but we’re not looking for a partner, we’re looking for a purpose.  Andrea is a clairvoyant who accesses the nonphysical world of Spirit to help you with discovering your life purpose and more. She gently guides you through your own personal growth and transformation process. You will write your questions down and expect them to be answered.


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I have met many people who have been treated for depression and other conditions when they were, in fact, in the deep stages of spiritual crisis. ~ Caroline Myss

Is your emotional life a roller coaster?  Are you moving between numb blankness to despair? There are rules to navigating this smoothly and I can teach you those rules, so you can live a more expansive life. Are your spiritual needs no longer being met?  You know your spiritual needs are being met when you have a sense of stillness within you, and a feeling of connection to the Creator/Source/Universe/ Energy/God/Goddess of your understanding. Spiritual emergence-y is a form of identity crisis where you undergo drastic changes to your beliefs. This is a sign that deep work and purification are unfolding. It can be uncomfortable and painful, hard to function in society and to perform daily responsibilities. As we pursue a spiritual path, we all deal with the same issues:

Who am I? What is my purpose? What am I doing here?
Why is my world turning upside down right now?
Why is there so much pain in the world?

These questions arise from contemplating something that does not fit into your present belief system. In order to break through, you have to burn away your current limited view of the world and of your place in it. There are rules to navigating this smoothly and I can teach you those rules, so you can live a more expansive life. So much of my practice is currently on the topic of spiritual emergence-y that I decided to make it a focus. Together we can discover more of who you came here to be.



In these sessions, Andrea will help you determine your goals and make them a reality. She can show you how to attract success, increase self confidence, make personal and professional turnarounds, reach peak performance, and enlarge your circle of influence.  With Andrea’s help, you will resolve problem areas and embark on a way of life that changes forever how you attract success and happiness into your life.


Notice hidden opportunity
Connect with inner guidance
Easily maneuver around obstacles
Attract success, reach peak performance
Make personal and professional turnarounds
Expand your perception of the world around you
Expand your perception of your place in the world


Some kind testimonials:

“How blessed I was to find you. Who so effortlessly showed me who I was and made me see through the lies I’d been told and began to believe myself. Thank you.”JJB

“Awakening to a new reality, a new perception of all your old beliefs can be a very lonely road. Until you awaken to the fact that others have been there too. Others that can point you inward toward the answers. They can help you to realize the scope of the incredible spiritual transformation you are undergoing. Call it a mid-life crisis, unhappiness, longing or discontent, whatever it is, it’s calling you to make a change. Face the fear, make the change, live harmoniously, love life and move forward. Andrea de Michaelis was that light for me when I thought I was the only one. You ignite my mind with possibility, showing me errors in perceptions and helping me reshape things for a more fruitful outcome. If I was to write a rags to riches tale of success, it would begin here.”  Jeremy James Bonner

“I let someone pull my strings for too long, thank you for helping me break free of the cycle Andrea. Sometimes it takes an angel to let us know that WE are somebody too and that WE count, too. You know my sad story and act like it doesn’t matter. That helped me know NOW matters more than THEN. You made me see my life in a new way, a way that doesn’t hurt to remember now. You know my journey and lighted my way. You are my peace. Thank you.”I want to thank you because ever since I decided to be the weirdo to you and talk about my Jerry Springer psychic life, I have not had anymore nightmares. Thank you for the reading. S.Joelle Green

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