Scandals are signs that darkness can no longer hide

News reports of scandals are cause for lightworkers to celebrate! Not because of the scandals themselves, but because they are clear signs that darkness can no longer hide. Those scandals have always existed. The difference is that they are now discovered and reported. Everyone is aware of the truth. <3 Darkness is running, resigning, and trying to hide . . . but it faces total eviction from our realty as we each allow God’s light full access to shine through us. When you turn the lights on in the room, darkness vanishes. Keep shining and speaking your truth, as that’s your divine purpose!  Doreen Virtue

Don’t be deceived, see past the illusion

Don’t be deceived. See past the illusion. In nature, animals learn tricks to appear larger to prey. You call attention to yourself, you make large motions, you make a lot of noise. “Deception in animals is the transmission of misinformation by one animal to another in a way that propagates beliefs that are not true. In deimatic behaviour, an animal adopts a threatening pose to startle a predator or rival. Some animals may use tactical deception, with behaviour that is deployed in a way that other animals misinterpret what is happening to the advantage of the agent.”

Stay hopeful, helpers are in motion

Stay hopeful. Don’t take score too soon. We’ve been heard. Helpers are in motion working to make it right. Help hold the vision. Help is on the way. Stay hopeful because that’s what sustains us and moves us forward. Never doubt that behind the scenes there are people helping. Look for the helpers. See how you can help them.

Stick to the issues if you want to be taken seriously

A pal who takes serious issue with what’s going on makes comments like, “he keeps his jacket on so you don’t see his diaper butt.” When people take the attention off the issues and put it on something personal, it dilutes their integrity for me. Personal attacks just show you’re an angry or mean-spirited person. If that is not how you want to be seen, sticking to the issues is how you get issues resolved.  Folks are allowed to make fashion choices we would not make ourselves, like the big boxy look. In nature you learn tricks to appear larger and more intimidating to your prey.

Resistance of any kind kinks your hose

If you’re in business and not making any money and jealous of a competitor who is — you’re stopping your flow of income by being jealous and ticked and feeling there is any competition. In fact, if you are ticked at anything, you’re putting a kink in your hose and stopping the flow of good into your life. Yep, just you. You’re that powerful.

Resisting cuts off the flow of my good

A pal overcame cancer a few years ago. It was quite the journey but she’s a trooper and now on the other side of it. She’s having a health flare-up lately, not surprising because she’s active in the protest/resistance movement. I know that f I give a lot of attention and energy to anything I don’t like, that introduces resistance into my vibration, which cuts off the flow of my good. The resistance kinks my hose so to speak. So even though she’s fighting for a good cause, she’s  still fighting and the universe will continue to give her more to fight about because she’s always proving herself fit for battle.   Continue reading

Feels good to be back 100%

I trimmed away more stems from my philodendron selloum so the bird bath is in clear view. Now my office window is like a tv screen with the nature channel playing. I pruned the eleagnus hedge out front to make it more lacy. I yanked up miles of wedelia and mower mulched it. I found several 40 year old large format painted canvases in the shed which I can gesso over for new work. I’m feeling inspired to paint again as I reclaim big empty spaces to work in. I’m happy today to be working in the yard after months rehabbing arm sprains and itis-es. It feels good to pulls up weeds and vines, to replace fence slats, to mow the yard, to rake, to sweep, to launder all the fabric in the house, to patch the little pinhole leaks in the back porch ceiling. I’m back!

Please, prove us wrong

I’m confused why he’s still campaigning 30 days in instead of, for instance running the country, educating himself on policy and remedying the mis-steps of the first 30 days. Please, use this time to train for your job so you can tell all of us “I told you so” in 4 and 8 years time. Now that would be a show of strength. That would rub our faces right in it. I’m prepared to eat crow.

After seeing footage of yesterday’s campaign rally in Melbourne, FL, I can see he’s been coached in how to treat a lady in public on camera. Maybe that will shoot his approval rating up to give incentive to treat her well at all times. Maybe that will inspire him to treat others well. Maybe that will inspiration cooperation, maybe that will inspire a successful and harmonious next 4 years no matter how chaotic the start. A girl can dream, can’t she?