Our astrologer is off to new adventures so we’re seeking another super cool horoscope writer.  Email Andrea at horizonsmagazine@gmail.comUntil then I found a couple online whose interpretations I resonate with. April’s is from free-horoscope.com

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Projects, social network in the limelight. Until the 19th, your exterior personality shines, you enjoy it! Proud nature but tender footed, you do not hesitate to showcase yourself but without extinguishing others. Mercury supports your communication, your thoughts, fast, especially from the 12th to the 27th in duet with your Sun. Mars, your planet, in Aquarius, as well as Saturn, strengthens your friendships, structures your projects, allows you to commit to the duration without wasting time. Jupiter and Pluto continues to change your socio-professional destiny, do not try to prevent what needs to be changed. Uranus in Taurus, could reserve some pecuniary surprises. Spend with measure.

Love in General: Beautiful emotional influx this bright month! The desire, Mars, and the feelings, Venus, favor in turn your social sector and that of encounters, perfect planetary couple! This foreshadows a privileged love life if you are accompanied or insolent opportunities, to seize, if you are looking for love.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)
Challenges to be met, ideals in evolution, it will move. The Sun in Aries, until the 19th, highlights your caution, invites you to really wait, to refine your projects. On the other hand, from the 20th, the Sun is in your constellation and it’s up to you! Renewal! Freedom ! Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, in the square of your sign, in your socio-professional sector, initiates struggles, turns, which you will have to negotiate. Let the Bull of the Bullfight sleep within you. Nice friendships almost telepathic, thank you Neptune. Jupiter and Pluto, in Capricorn, sign of the earth like yours, dispenses their influx of expansion and irreversible modifications in your area of life attached to your ideal.

Love in General: A lot of energy, sometimes too much, that will have to be managed. Your profession can consume you and make you neglect your emotional life, be aware. Desire will be slightly cerebral, not evident for a concrete nature like yours. The feelings will go hand in hand, light, not complicated. Relativise, it’s not so bad!

In a relationship: Mercury sometimes favorable to your friendships sometimes favorable to silence; you will have to make an effort to communicate under penalty of incomprehension in your relationships. Let go of financial matters and refocus on your partner. Eroticism will go better in joy, games, also, find, together, your playful nature!

Single: This month come out of your comfort zone if you would like to meet people. The exchanges will be lively, partners free and unconventional. This is not usually your cup of tea. Be careful not to mix money and matters of the heart. Adapt or be patient with your loneliness!

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)
Projects, ideals of life more anchored in time, nice program dear Gemini! Your planet, Mercury, covers three signs this month and it is your personality that is transformed! You will be particularly concerned by your professional destiny until the 11th, by your projects, your friends from the 12th to the 27th, and finally by a desire for meditative retreat at the end of the month. The Sun in Aries, until the 11th, lightly illuminates your social sector as well as Mars and Saturn in Aquarius that boosts everything concerning your travels, trips, horizons and stabilizes new ideas. Physical and mental restlesness is favored! Jupiter and Pluto still in your area relating to transformations, modify your relationship to life, to death, you take into account now, serious, almost metaphysical considerations!

Love in General: Venus, in your sign practically all month, announces a strong radiance of your person, a clean charisma, returns of love certainly valid, favorable. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, suggests an energy both cerebral but solid, mischievous and audacious at will. A lovely month in regards to your emotional life, enjoy!

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)
Nothing light, powerful energies, original friendships, beautiful program. Until the 19th, the Sun in Aries comes to awaken your professional destiny. The time has come to get out of your cocoon. Then, the social sector becomes preponderant. You continue to receive the heavy influxes of Jupiter and especially of Pluto facing your sign, you must modify your associations or your relationship, you have no choice. All month, Mars and Saturn, in Aquarius also reinforce changes to live, not easy but bearers for the future. You must know how to prune the branches if you want to beautify the tree! Uranus in Taurus, first decan, announces the arrival of new friends, opportunities for innovative projects. Neptune, always in Pisces, accentuates, second decan, your powerful intuition, opens you ever more towards the invisible.

Love in General: A month turned to an inevitable introspection with regard to love. Mars in Aquarius, occupies the sector connected to transformations, in a dysharmonic aspect to your Sun, while Venus, in Gemini, settles all month in your sector relating to what is secret. Emotional life lived in withdrawal or increased reflections for a future to build, differently.

Advice from FREE Horoscope: During the month your sensitive nature will feel an unpleasant impression of being jostled by fast influxes, flashes. Strengthen your mental defenses, do not let yourself be destabilized. Flee from radical individuals and refocus on your intimacy, reassuring.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)
The spouse, the others in general, will take more importance this month. The Sun, in Aries until the 19th, sends you its beautiful energy of fire, equally instilling in you a spiritual opening and desire for distant travels. Other cultures have so many teachings! Third decan, Jupiter and Pluto alter your professional sphere or suggest a health requiring your attention. Mars and Saturn, in Aquarius, settle in your conjugal sector, first decan, tensions are possible but you aspire to stabilize your partnerships, conjugal or not. Under the aegis of Saturn, the associations last for almost thirty years: think deeply before any engagement! The socioprofessional destiny receives Uranus and the Sun in Taurus, in the square of your sign, first decan: efforts necessary to evolve, adaptability will be essential, the unforeseen probable.

Love in General: A lot of tension with others but it does not prevent a strong desire in any way. The balance of power must be lived in conscience in order to be exceeded. Your humor is legendary, it deescalates any situation, give space to the speech of the other and you will avoid many disappointments. The friendly sphere is jolly, a source of light harmony, a friendship could slip towards a romance.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21) Introspection is increased, the day to day intense, beautiful challenges dear Virgo! Until the 19th, the Sun all fire in Aries, activates in you an introspective desire, an attraction for the mystery of life. Mercury, your planet, sometimes Aries sometimes Pisces, makes you silent, from the 12th to the 27th, then opens intuitive relationship perspectives, before and after.

You appreciate the little things in everyday life, Mars and Saturn come to animate it! A beautiful energy to manage everyday life, but some responsibilities increase, take care of your health, avoid burn-out! Uranus in Taurus invites, first decan, to review its ideal of life. Open yourself to what is bigger than you! From the 20th, the Sun Taurus illuminates the sector of travel, of spirituality. Nice moment to resume the meditation, and care of the body.

Love in General: The planetary influxes all in the air, Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius, bring to your love life the air and the lightness that you often appreciate. Nevertheless, your nature well entrenched in matters, loves with reserve, but possessivity. Exit any possessive sign! Venus embellishes your socioprofessional destiny, Mars your day to day. Love is mischievous and out of the home.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)
Focus on your married life, your loves, your children, a happy program. The Sun in Aries, until the 19th, illuminates your conjugal life, your partnerships. Mars and Saturn, first decan mostly, in beautiful aspect of your sign, highlight your sector in love, announce emotional or creative satisfactions. Venus, your planet, in Gemini virtually all month, also favors you. First decan, Uranus in Taurus comes to settle in the sector related to transformations, it seems inevitable that some turns, psychological or not, appear on the horizon. From the 20th, the Sun becoming Taurus, comes to join Uranus and impose these changes, possible modification of your ego, deep transformations in progress. Jupiter and Pluto still animate your family, residential sector, third decan, do not be too protective. Find a balance between your home and your career.

Love in General: Powerful desire, feelings in tune with your nature, in love with balance and harmony, this month seems to meet your emotional needs. Your loves become serious and spirited. Saturn in Aquarius, sign for the first decan, a concrete stabilization of a love story or it is a child who is concerned if you are a parent. A nice harmony in any case, April is a good month!

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)
Intense month, hyperactive, home or family impose some readjustments, your program. It’s not saying much to say you are looking for intensity in everything, this month, do not seek it, it is everywhere! Mars in Aquarius accompanied by Saturn in the square of your sign announce in your home or your family certain realities that you will have to manage. Energy tenfold, a bit messy. Until the 19th, pay attention to your health and look after your work. Then, your relationship takes on the total importance you enjoy. However, Uranus in Taurus indicates, for the first decan, sudden changes in your conjugal or associative sphere. You are not afraid of anything but you prefer the changes you choose! Jupiter and Pluto support your morale, third decan, your neighborhood relations, your movements.

Love in General: Venus in Gemini is not the energy of love you are most fond of. Nevertheless, placing yourself in your area of sexuality, foreshadows all the same an intensity of your feelings. Mars, the star of desire, in Aquarius, increases your libido and makes you excessive. Do not become gargantuan, you will make your potential partners flee. Neptune makes you romantic, second decan: delicate alchemy?

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)
The sector of love is in the spotlight and relationships are favored. The Sun in Aries, until the 19th, opens up joyful, emotional perspectives, or with your children, if you are a parent. From the 12th to the 27th, Mercury, also in Aries, announces a beautiful communication, creative opportunities if you are an artist. Jupiter, your planet, in Capricorn, as well as Pluto, reign over your assests with an iron hand: reforms, reorganization on top of everything, excess is possible. Mars, the whole sign and Saturn, first decan, boost your morale, your mind is structured and sees far. A little fuzziness continues to liven up your family life, your place of residence, second decan, open your eyes, stay focused. As for the first decan, Uranus in Taurus starts a new professional cycle. You wish to express your originality and your independence. Nothing will be easy, be patient.

Love in General: All month the beautiful Venus in Gemini, facing your sign indicates an obvious complicity in your loves. Others will be well disposed towards you, your listening will be active and your exchanges light and pleasant. The star of desire, Mars in Aquarius, in beautiful aspect of your Sun, also announces an active, anti-conformist libido, everything that suits you!

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
Focus on your finances, on the family sector, the home, an active month. Saturn, your planet, in Aquarius, seeks to structure your finances, first decan, while Mars, in Aquarius as well, boosts the entries as much as the outputs for the entire sign. Know how to stay in financial balance. First decan always, Uranus in Taurus integrates your sector in love, sudden positive events or anchoring. Jupiter and Pluto, third decan, continue to your well-being while promoting a total regeneration of your life, in depth. Neptune, activates your psychic sensibility, increased intuitions, you get through to those that surround you. At work relaxation and lightness are on the program for this month from the 4th to the 30th, enjoy it.

Love in General: Communication is facilitated until the 11th, then again at the end of the month. From the 20th, the Sun in Taurus protects your loves, even gives you an air of originality carrying renewal, first decan. While Mars boosts your libido a bit focused on your finances, know how to let go of your assests and refocus on love. Venus in Gemini facilitates your daily life, light planetary influxes to live quietly!

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)
Great energy all month, construction, maturity, thank you great Saturn! You will be overflowing with energy, constructive, because it is supported by Saturn, in your sign. It is the first decan who receives the Saturnian influx and is about to mature, to grow, sometimes by difficulties, always through teachings! Uranus in Taurus, also touches this decan square, do not become impatient, stubborn, on the contrary, weigh your words, your actions especially with your family or your home. Until the 19th, the Sun in Aries illuminates your mind, your communication, makes you playful, percussive. Jupiter protects you and Pluto regenerates you in order to prepare you for modifications that will come later. Look after your finances, Neptune incites inspiration but vagueness, not always artistic. By the 20th, your home and family have an increased importance.

Love in General: Conqueror, libido in sharp rise, this month it will not promise you! You, usually cerebral, will not back away from love and its promises. Venus, in Gemini, in beautiful aspect of your sign, opens a little more positive emotional perspectives. Your sector of love should explode under the proposals. A very nice month!

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)
Rich inner life, stimulated by the duo Mars, Saturn, in Aquarius: you develop your empathy. This month is therefore introspective, always very intuitive, with Neptune in your sign, especially second decan, but also bearer of financial consideration. The Sun, in Aries, until the 19th, invites you to look into your accounts. Mercury, in your sign, until the 11th, boosts your communication. Jupiter and Pluto, in Capricorn, in beautiful aspect of your sign, makes you stronger, more eye-catching in your projects. Slow process with Pluto, take consciousness, understand and learn. Your friendships also profit from beneficial influxes. Uranus in Taurus, solicits your mind, stimulates your originality of thinking, first decan. From the 4th, the home comes alive or the family needs you. Give, but know how to preserve your compassionate nature.

Love in General: Major concern centered on your interiority inducing less interest in your emotional affairs. However, your sensitive nature can not resolve to live without caring for others, which is what Jupiter and Pluto commit to doing by fostering a friendly, rich and transformative sector. Nice harmony in the hearth, enough to trigger the throes of the heart all the same!


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