December 2016

Welcome to the December 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. To anyone who’s disappointed with the presidential election, let’s not take score too soon. I say it’s done so let’s go with the flow. Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2 millions votes, but we made it through when this happened in 2000, remember? 25.6% voted Clinton, 25.5% voted Trump and 46.9% didn’t vote. We must give him a chance as there is work to be done. It’s only four years, he’s not here to stay. Let’s make the best of it. Let’s hope he’s is a good president. Wanting him to fail is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane we are ALL on. Like it or not, it behooves us to cheerlead the pilot on to a safe landing, and hold the vision he can do it.

Some friends are bummed their third party votes let him prevail but we saw it coming. That’s life, people have to find out for themselves. The best is yet to be no matter who’s in office. To think anything is ruined because of one election is short sighted.

Whoever gets elected, my life will still be satisfying and content because I am the one in charge of thinking the thoughts that keep me motivated to make that happen. You, too. I was quick to unfollow Facebook friends who repeated hateful posts before the violence of their anger changed how I felt about them. All my “unfollowing” paid off. My FB feed reverted back to being happy, friends talking about family, pets, what’s for dinner.

That’s the stuff of life, you know, what’s happening right in front of us that we can touch and feel. That’s what life is all about, spending time with people we love. Be patient while this plays out. Don’t lose your mind about something God has already worked out.

Chaos is an integral part of transformation. Germany survived its period of nationalistic fascism and is now one of the most sane countries on the planet. We will survive this. May we meet chaos with grace, understanding, dignity and gratitude


Lightworkers, you can help us hold the vision. I am calling out to Lightworkers and Vision Keepers to tap into that huge wave of emotion surrounding us and channel it in a positive direction. I’m asking you to hold the vision with me of an awakened, compassionate President. If you feel someone dangerous just gained political power, pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen. It’s been said that when just 1% of the population meditates upon peace and lovingkindness, the effect spreads to the other 99% – and it works even if they don’t believe it.


I know my centered-ness, my vision and my hopeful expectation can hold the space for others around me to tune into. My experience is if even one focused person can contemplate the scene and have faith in a successful outcome, that can entrain the consciousness of everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

We can help bring that about by how we look at the President, how we look at each newly elected official, how we perceive them, how we perceive what they are doing and how we perceive what grand good they may be capable of. And I mean how we perceive not their physical body and personality self, but how we perceive each at his/her essence. How we perceive each candidate separate from the overlay of any past history, hateful rhetoric and mean spirited jabs.


Because he has the means to make things happen. As this man becomes powerful on the political scene, just imagine the amount of good he could do with a compassionate heart? That’s why lightworkers and visionkeepers can hold a vision of his having an awakening, a softening of his heart due to new understanding dawning in him. Pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen. Become a vision keeper with us?

bending-tree-with-textPractice knowing that nothing that happens in the world needs to affect our happiness. It helps to remember that during a storm, the small, slim willow bends in the wind. A storm may rage on all around us, yet we be completely untouched where we are. Entire neighborhoods may be devastated in an earthquake yet one lone house on the cliff remain intact. We can remain upright even while one standing next to us does not if we are flexible to the winds of change.

In 2004, Hurricane Jeanne destroyed 3 mobile homes surrounding one I own in an over-55 park nearby. Mine had one scratch from flying debris and my tenant moved back in the next day. How did we escape damage while the storm raged on around us? Was it the prayers we said as the storm approached? My tenant at the time was a very devout Christian. Was it faith that no matter what storm passed over us, it was possible to be on the other side of it quickly enough, with little or no distress? Was it knowing that if our focus was strong enough to envision weathering the storm with ease and grace, that it would naturally come to pass?

I have learned it’s all about my ability to stay focused on what it is I want to experience. Because what I am focused on can come to pass for me. During Hurricane Jeanne, I felt safe and secure throughout the storm. I awoke to find the oak in the back yard had uprooted and come down on my back porch. Even so, I was not distressed. I didn’t know it had fallen. My neighbor had a chain saw and two sons who had the tree cut away within two hours of me discovering it. Soon after, insurance paid for all repairs including a new roof when I thought only a few shingles had blown off.

So staying focused on the good doesn’t mean you’ll never have anything “bad” happen to you. It means you come to realize the good in whatever happens to you. It means that instead of being broken by the storms in your life, your ability to bend and be flexible will benefit you. In June 2003 fire destroyed acres around me and literally stopped in the shape of my prayer circle. Prayerful intent can be powerful and can stop a storm — any kind of storm — in its tracks, whether a hurricane, a fire or a new political party.

Maybe it’s because of my daily meditation practice the past 40 years but I always feel as though it’s under control — everything. That no matter what the appearance of anything around me, someOne or someThing with a Greater Plan has it under control. And if I have faith that I will come through fine and upgraded on the other side of it, experience tells me I will.

So, to those friends who are suffering right now, unhappy with election results, I know that no matter who is or isn’t in office, I can find happiness. I know that no matter who is or is not in office, I can have a good experience in life, I can find my niche, I can discover my purpose, I can find an ideal job, I can find love and pursue my dreams.

While initially we may see a lot of hate and racism being stirred up, it’s simply bringing to the surface what we have been surrounded with all along and didn’t know it. When you discover a hungry child, you feed it. When you suddenly discover who of the people around you are angry and bigoted and mean spirited – for instance, via their Facebook posts the last few months, you know who to love. That’s all that is happening now, the revealing of the ones who need our love and compassionate caring.

Friends, no matter what happens, we are okay. I promise you, we can love our way out of any situation.

We can help friends find happiness and contentment no matter where they stand by teaching them to seek the good in what is happening around them in every moment. That’s where your value lies. How much suffering can you relieve?

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.