12 Steps of Spiritual Freedom

  1. Recognition – God Is First. I recognize that there is an Infinite Power and Presence greater than I am. This Spiritual Presence is on purpose and knows the answers to all of my questions and has the ability and the willingness to fulfill all of my desires.

  2. Unification – I Unify My Consciousness With God.  I unify my consciousness with the consciousness of this one Spirit. I am willing in total faith and trust to allow Spirit to guide me and direct me in my daily affairs.

  3. Willingness – I Am Willing To Change. I am willing to assess my life, to honestly look at and face all my fears.

  4. Dominion – I Take Dominion. I take dominion and responsibility for my life. I give up blame, I give up judgment. I accept myself and all others.

  5. Principle – I Live On Principle. I know that I am a Spiritual Being. I learn the values of a Spiritual Being. I embody these values and live my life on the basis of these values. I live my life with honesty and integrity.

  6. Purpose – I Live On Purpose. I am willing to commit to the process of purposeful living. I have come here for a particular purpose and that purpose has been put in my heart. As I discover my purpose and live it with courage, I am transformed.

  7. Forgiveness – I Forgive. I forgive myself for any past mistakes or shortcomings and I forgive all others who I think have harmed me in any way.

  8. Positively Present – I Live Positively In The Present Moment. I maintain a positive attitude, regardless of what is occurring in my life. I listen. I am alive , awake and aware to the present moment. I know that behind every seeming crisis, there is opportunity for good.

  9. Persistence -I Persist Through Faith. I Persist. I maintain focus and discipline. I build my faith through persistence.

  10. Service – I Serve Others. I know that the floodgates of opportunity open wide by my giving myself in unconditional service.

  11. Gratitude – I Am Grateful. I am grateful for my life and all aspects of my life. I see all people as the goodness of Spirit in form. I am grateful for every moment of my life. Gratitude is a positive and creative force in my life.

  12. Tithing – I Tithe. I come to understand and embody the principle of tithing, so that I freely and unconditionally give one tenth of my time, my treasure, and my talent to my spiritual source.

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