Our Mission Statement

What I’m here to do with Horizons Magazine is share a belief and formula for happiness that I’ve found is true for me and for others I know. I want to give readers the choice to entertain those ideas, some of which may be an option for them as well. We don’t always know what we might prefer, how our life might change for the better if we don’t consider and entertain the idea of something new. Andrea de Michaelis. Publisher

Established in 1992, Horizons Magazine is designed to inspire, educate and entertain those who are exploring the body/mind connection and seeking spiritual solutions to everyday life.


To provide a forum to connect those who seek purpose in life. To use our combined power to encourage each other in our personal visions. To remind you that you are far more powerful than you can imagine.

To establish in the minds of our readers the reality of the mind / body connection and the fact that we participate in creation of the reality we experience. What we see and experience is simply the brain’s interpretation of electrical signals. The only reality we cope with is the world of perceptions inside our mind.

We participate in creation of the reality we experience by our intentions, beliefs and expectations, by every thought we think and every word we speak. Because we participate in this creation, we have access to as much happiness and supply as we can discipline ourselves to focus on.

To promote the reality that we survive in consciousness after the change called death. To comprehend this, we promote the practice of daily separation of consciousness from the body via meditation.

Once we experience our existence beyond physical circumstances, the fear of death is removed. The less fear of death we have, the more we see the world from the higher perspective and the more we recognize how powerful we really are. This frees us to begin to live more fully, in every moment, now.

Our lives become increasingly fulfilling as we take responsibility for how we perceive life and how we react to it. We’re here to find and relate to others, and everyone who reads these words or writes a word in these pages seeks to be connected with those who seek likewise. So, if you read an article that touches your heart, or an ad that intrigues you, contact the person listed and introduce yourself and discuss their offering with them.

Connect with each other, come to know each other, exchange information. We believe that as we all work together, we are making the world a better place.


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