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Relaxing after a busy week, the weekend is for play

It was so good Friday night to relax after a busy day and productive week. I usually let the end of each day unfold with no plans: grabbing protein snacks from the fridge, checking Facebook and personal messages, crashing in my recliner until evening sessions begin.  When I’m going to dine with friends, I rearrange my eating schedule a couple of meals ahead of time.  I’d eaten chicken salad at 2:30pm, so at 8:00pm I wanted something light: summer rolls! Had I re-read this post first, I would have had tighter wraps.  Continue reading

Synchronicity and spidey sensing with Andi at Tires Plus

After a couple of days of slacking and sleeping, I woke up this morning raring to go.  I left the office at 7:15 am and headed to Walmart to get my oil changed.  There was a line, so I left and headed toward Melbourne to deliver the September magazines.  I stopped in at Tires Plus on Babcock Street just south of Palm Bay Road, since it was next to the Jiffy Lube I’d gone to for years, now closed.  I met Andi there, a bright smiley face behind the counter.  Before I left, I was guided to hand her a Horizons Magazine.  I hesitate to do that to new people, since it’s not to everyone’s taste. It turned into a very synchronistic meeting and we exchanged contact info.  I love it when that happens!  I could have gone to a half dozen other oil change places yet was guided to hers.   Continue reading

You have to leave a vacancy for “the right one” to find you

To friends who are breaking up and calling their exes “because it feels familiar…” remember: If you’re with one who’s not right for you, the one who IS right for you cannot find you.  You will be invisible to them. It’s ok to be alone. When you stop trying to fill the gap, Spirit will fill it for you. Move forward, not backward.  We’ve got all the time in the world and not a moment to lose.

When the pendulum swings

A friend has been mood swinging and acting out, causing ripples in the lives of friends and family members.  Domino in lucid times knows how to keep it together. I suggested considering the possibility of feeling the mood and not acting out because of the mood. Feel it, observe it but don’t act on it. Just because you feel anger, doesn’t mean you need to react in anger. You are in control of what you choose to react to and how you choose to act out.

The Universe knocks me out so I can receive info in a dream

I had an odd happening this morning.  I’ve been reprogramming my sleep schedule, and the last two nights took benadryl. After two good night’s sleep, this morning I head out toward Melbourne to deliver the September Horizons Magazine. Half way there, I am overcome with feeling sleepy, almost to the point of pulling over.  I got home and fell into a sudden deep sleep.  I woke up 45 minutes later after a vivid lucid dream, with my head filled with the details of a new project.  A friend and I work together on several writing projects and two months ago we briefly discussed the topic I just dreamed of. I told her I’d get back to her, then I got busy and didn’t think of it again.  I didn’t have to.  Apparently she (and others) provided sufficient energy on the topic to make it into a viable thoughtform, so it began creating itself and calling ME to it, rather than me calling IT to me.  I awoke with the entire outline in my head, with details still coming.  I thought, “this is what the sleep was all about.” Sleep changes everything. I get enough sleep and the deeper part of my spidey sense kicks in and takes over.  I’m back in the flow. I wonder now what else can I dream into being?

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All we’ve got is this one breath

“Life is a gift. I went through a lot of bitterness, a lot of anger. But those things are toxic. Gratitude for what remains is more helpful than resentment for what was lost. Ultimately, I came to understand that these days are wicked short and terribly beautiful. All I’ve got—no matter what I hold in my hands, drive around in, or put in the bank, all I’ve got is this one breath, and if I’m lucky, I get another.” Sam Baker, singer/songwriter who was profiled on NPR today

Make peace with your past to quelch the fire. Isn’t it time?

Make peace with your past so you can move forward and attract nothing but Love from here forward.   The trial by fire you are going through now is burning off the dross of your own past momentum.  When you make peace with the past, only Love will reign within you and you will attract only Love.  I can go though life hating anyone I feel ripped me off in any way, or I can feel compassion for their not knowing any other way to live and survive in this world. I can send love and move forward. Easy? Not always. But always easier than the alternative: a less-than life because I’ve left past stuff unresolved and it keeps biting me every time life gets good. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean it ALL up as soon as you find yourself hitting bottom. Otherwise things can be going well and then SPLAT you have to deal with it as it comes around again. Let there be one big crash and burn, burn ALL the residue off at once and get on with the good stuff of life, without the axe hanging over your head. Only you can quelch the fire, only you determine how quickly you are on the other side of the chaos in your life. As usual, it’s always and only up to you, and what thoughts you feed yourself all day long.  Your life is a product of that. Make peace with your past to quelch the fire.  Isn’t it time?

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Coming clean about past lies will set you free
Her effort to clear up the past gave her a clean slate
The magic of making amends with those you have unclean energies with
The solution is simple: Come clean and see what the Universe rewards you with
Do the inner and outer work to clear up the past, so it doesn’t taint your new beginnings
You destroy the chance for your future by not clearing up your past
Come clean and see what the Universe rewards you with
Put only kindness in motion from this point forward

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