Prince Harming: Coming clean about past lies will set you free

chains breaking freeI had a session with a friend who just learned everything her mate told had been fabricated. When she confronted him and asked why, she got more lies.   Been there –> done that!    It’s never too late to tell the truth. It takes courage, humility and connection to Source. Until you can own up to what you’ve done, you’re jeopardizing everything you have now. A conscious partner honors their mate by coming clean, no matter how icky and sticky the past was.  I watched a few episodes of Catfish, where Nev Schulman and Max investigate when someone thinks they’re online with a romantic partner who may not be who they say they are.  Occasionally, as with Kendra, the trickster agrees to meet and comes clean about why they did it.  

It takes great courage to admit the sometimes years-long deception. They feel a tangible release when they come clean.  They feel ashamed of their actions but know the truth is more powerful and the telling of it will set them free, and it does.  Many of them continued friendships with the ones they’d deceived because of it.   Give yourself and your mate the chance for a real life by keeping it real.  A friend writes, “I have found once a liar always a liar.  The selfishness to lie shows the level of maturity and empathy one person has toward another, liars care more about getting what they want with little regard to how they make someone else feel that they lied to, then it’s more lies to cover the prior one, it never ends. I am finished quickly with anyone who has a need to lie to me or anyone else, this is a fatal human relationship flaw to me that I can’t tolerate.”  Karen Salmansohn wrote a great book about this called The Prince Harming Syndrome.  Again, give yourself and your mate the chance for a real life by keeping it real and coming clean now, no matter how icky and sticky.