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Miten and Deva Premal – We Are Awakening

We are awakening, To the calling of the mystic.
We are awakening, In the flowering of the heart.
Everybody here melting into Presence,
overflowing Effervescence Rising in love

Om shanti Satchidananda om Shanti om
We are awakening, To a long forgotten memory
Dawn is breaking, Waves are coming in.
Everybody here,  Standing in wonder
Beneath the rain and the thunder
Rising in love.

We are awakening, To this perfect imperfection
Celebrating in the oneness of it all.
Everybody here Part of each other Sister and brother, Rising in love.
Om shanti Satchidananda om Shanti om

New Year’s Eve Musings

No more alarm clock!

This week I’ve been cleaning and rearranging and getting the house back to Andrea order.  I’ve had a house guest the past year and worked around his schedule, which threw my own off. It was awesome to be forced to make changes I would not have otherwise made.  I love that. That keeps the neurons in my brain firing, keeping my mind flexible.  To make room, my free weights had gone into the hallway to free up the back bedroom, formerly my yoga and workout room.  I switched my yoga and meditation times to when I’d have privacy, since my guest was not into my daily practices.  I moved a meditation altar and the healing bench into my main office, so the living room looked more like a home and less like a temple.  This week I’ve been moving everything back into place, the living room looking once again like a temple.  I put away the coffeepot and sugar bowl and lined all my herbal teas up front and center in the beverage bar.  I unplugged the alarm clock!

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He’s entitled to move on publicly seeking a new partner

Well meaning friends who feel the need to tell me he’s already moved on to publicly seeking a new partner: He’s entitled to do that. We’re not together nor want to be, we have different dreams and goals. He’s entitled to seek happiness. We all are.  It’s no biggie. Change happens. I don’t rewind.  I don’t need anyone to replace him. I wasn’t looking for anyone when he came along. I have the coolest life on the planet, regardless of who is or isn’t in it.  Thank you for your concern 🙂 

“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting laundry.”  – E.B. White

Friends again

To all our Facebook friends: I’m sure everyone will be glad to know Jeremy and I just had a powwow walking around the ‘hood and we’re fine with everything as it is and hope you are too. Thanks for your concern. We’re both focused forward, we’re cool wit it.

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Learn to say what is on your mind, speak openly and honestly

Don’t go through life afraid to speak what is on your mind for fear of hurting someone or having favors withdrawn; both parties are dishonored by leaving truths unspoken. If you  want out of a relationship, trust me, they probably do too. Stop wasting everyone’s time and find the courage to say it.  Whatever it is. Silence when there is something to say is as much a deception as a spoken lie. Let your uncoupling be as conscious as your coupling. It never has to be Armageddon.

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Facebook gives you the option of previewing anything you are tagged in before it appears on your Timeline.

Facebook gives you the option of previewing anything you are tagged in, so you can choose whether to allow it to appear on your Timeline.  Here’s how to do it.
Go to Privacy Settings
Go to Timeline and Tagging
Choose who can post on your wall
Choose to review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline


worm and appleThis is how a human being can change: there’s a worm addicted to eating grape leaves.  Suddenly he wakes up, call it grace, whatever, something wakes him, and he’s no longer a worm.  He’s the entire vineyard, and the orchard too, the fruit, the trunks, a growing wisdom and joy that doesn’t need to devour.

You call it standing up for him but it’s only stress he doesn’t need at a time he’s seeking peace and joy

basket bambooA third party is causing an uproar on her Facebook wall in the name of protecting someone she thinks needs to be protected. He does not. He’s stronger than you give him credit for. All she is doing is making aggravating remarks that she thinks he’ll read, when he is having enough stress.  He comes to Facebook to relax and be inspired, not hear anyone fight about anything, especially not when he’s on a break at work.  If she thinks she’s doing him any favors, she doesn’t realize how this universe works.  Fighting against something just gives you more to fight about. Dragging others into your chain of pain does nothing to guide them to a brighter tomorrow.  Friends don’t get involved and stir up in situations they do not know the details of.  Telling that story isn’t helping you, even if it’s true. Continue reading