A problem comes to pass, it doesn't come to stay. Let me help you see how it's all part of the process. Andrea is a clairvoyant and psychic medium since 1983 who accesses the nonphysical world of Spirit to help you with relationships, business, finance and life path soul lessons. In 30 and 60 minute sessions, you will write questions down and expect them to be answered.

Is your emotional life a roller coaster?  Are you moving between numb blankness to despair?There are rules to navigating this smoothly and I can teach you those rules, so you can live a more expansive life.

I have met many people who have been treated for depression and other conditions when they were, in fact, in the deep stages of spiritual crisis. ~ Caroline Myss

We may think we're looking for the perfect job or the perfect marriage but we're not looking for a partner, we're looking for a purpose.  Andrea is a clairvoyant who accesses the nonphysical world of Spirit to help you with discovering your life purpose and more.
In 30 and 60 minute sessions, she gently guides you through your own personal growth and transformation process. You will write your questions down and expect them to be answered.

Helping Motivated People Reach Their Potential and Enlarge Their Territory
In these one hour sessions, Andrea will help you determine your goals and make them a reality. She can show you how to attract success, increase self confidence, make personal and professional turnarounds, reach peak performance, and enlarge your circle of influence. 
With Andrea's help, you will biggify your business, destucktify problem areas and embark on a way of life that changes forever how you attract success and happiness into your life.

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher
Psychic Medium since 1983 

One hour sessions are also available for one-on-one teaching of basic metaphysical principles, such as:

The Law of Attraction
  How you attract what you attract, wanted or not
  How to consciously attract only what you want.

The Art Of Allowing
   Identifying what is yours to do, letting go of what is not.

Destucktification and Biggifying
   Learn how to get unstuck and make the most of your business, your life.  

Igniting Your Intuition
   Learn easy techniques to jump start your own intuition.

Replacement Thought Therapy TM
  Take control of your emotions
   Learn to act & react in a conscious way.

Spiritual Marketing
   Market and promote your business in a spiritual way.

Publishing Your Own Magazine
   it's easier than you think and no need to buy a franchise.

Opening To Channel
Dream Interpretation
Learning To Manifest
Create The Life You Want
Awaken The Healer Within
Finding your Life's Calling
Finding Your Spiritual Partner
Developing Your Psychic Gifts
Creating Calm In The Midst Of Chaos
Using Relationships as a Mirror for Growth
Animal Spirit Guidance and Communication
Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Visions, Divine Encounters

$2.00 per minute

To make an appointment, email horizonsmagazine@aol.com

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What we see and experience is simply the brain's interpretation of electrical signals. The only reality we cope with is the world of perceptions inside our mind. We participate in creation of the reality we experience by our intentions,beliefs and expectations, by every thought we think and every word we speak.  I can show you how to create on purpose.

Phone Sessions
$2.00 per minute

$25 per question
Make your question as detailed as you wish