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McNamaste Drive Thru Ashram — Does it really matter?

Image by Cliff Pollard

Since it’s all an illusion anyway, does it really matter if your mantra comes from a trendy pop up guru or an ascended master? What matters is how much YOU believe it matters. A lifetime ago I prayed for years to the “wrong” invisible and mystical being yet found comfort and wisdom, guidance for personality integration and personal growth all the same. That was bcz that was what I set out to find and that was what I BELIEVED I found. The Universe aka Divine Source aka Great Spirit aka God aka Your Inner Being or Higher Self aka Source Energy (etc ad infinitum) will connect with you thru any means you make available. Whether someone else thinks its “the real truth” or not.

If you want dollars to flow in, ya gotta pay everyone back

Just spoke to a woman who’s trying to remove resistance from her life so she can attract more dollars. She told me she bought a purebred puppy which is giving her a lot of laughter and joy but that doesn’t seem to be enough to drop her resistance so she can attract $$. She heavily invested this year in a project that should bring her lots of money, but so far has not. My spidey sense told me she had financial obligations tied to the project that she had not fulfilled. I took that to mean she still owed someone for funding the project. I also felt she had several personal loans from friends that she was not paying back. She admitted that was true but one reason was she didn’t know the puppy would cost so much, vet, etc.

Also she did have a little money in the bank but she needed to save that for a rainy day. I told her it’s all related. Even if she has to bottom out her nest egg to pay everybody back, doing that would open the flow of her dollars. She was the one crimping her own hose, keeping the dollars from flowing thru. A fave dollar mantra of mine is “My cash flow is never ending, twice as much as I am spending.”

Years ago I had a tax accountant who I later learned didn’t exactly know what she was doing. When she moved and I had to get a new tax chick, I immediately owed the IRS $10,000. WTAF??? At the time I had one remaining investment which totaled $40 more than I owed. Ya gotta laugh. I opted to close the account so I didn’t have the debt hanging over my head, impacting my dollar karma. Because I know it’s all related. Everything. If you want people to pay you dollars, make sure you’ve paid everyone you owe. Even mom, even your ex. Empty your pockets so God can fill them with diamonds.

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A secret path will open for you

Earlier I was walking toward the west woods circle I call the firepit area. In the dark I miscalculated a twist or turn and found my path blocked by the giant arbicola bush. I knew my path had to be just a few feet from where I stood. I backed out and stood waiting on the main path until my eyes adjusted to the almost black night and revealed the path to me.  Rumi says, “Whatever happens to you, don’t fall in despair. Even if all the doors are closed, a secret path will be there for you that no one knows. You can’t see it yet but so many paradises are at the end of this path. Be grateful! It is easy to thank after obtaining what you want, thank before having what you want.”

Dr. Jekyll took a plea deal so Mr. Hyde will be out by summer

Dr. Jekyll pled a sweet downward departure deal at trial last week so Mr. Hyde will be back on the street in a few months. This is the 3d time the State has let him slide so there’s no felony conviction despite repeated violations. That means nothing’s keeping him from getting a job, starting over and doing it right this time. I do think he doesn’t belong in prison but he does need professional help and doesn’t belong near me. Ima be happy anyway.

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Proton Therapy: This is how beams of love work

Cats do it all the time

My sweet cousin Deverika made my day when she posted on Facebook, “Happy Birthday Cousin! Thanks for always being a ray of protons on my newsfeed.” I love that, since I know protons are positively charged particles!  In proton therapy, positively charged particles are beamed into areas, displacing negative particles, the result being healthy tissue. We do that to people each day when we let them experience our happy attitude.  Our positivity influences them, dissipating their negativity, killing it off so to speak, the same as a ray of protons (a/k/a proton radiation) pulls negativity out of its orbit. This is called ionization and it changes characteristics of the atom, including damaging its ability to grow and multiply. Just so, our pleasant attitude to the people around us does the same thing, it stops their bummer attitude from growing and multiplying. I think of it as a beam of love, a ray of light I send out on heart energy. Someone having a bad day, a few kind words waiting in line to checkout can displace grumpiness or sadness, can stop it in its tracks, kill it off, replacing it with a happier, more hopeful attitude. So love beams are a form of proton therapy and we can do it anywhere we are.

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Give people a chance to love you

If you’re feeling lonely and unloved, remember there are people who care for you but don’t tell you. You don’t know it because you keep to yourself and don’t go out much anymore. You don’t do the things you used to do where you came in contact with them all the time. You feel love when some people come to mind but you don’t call them and tell them. But it’s there. Give people a chance to love you.

Life won’t get any better than right now until YOU make it better RIGHT NOW

Benny is interested in conserving energy and basking in the sun

Why make a decision to be happy no matter what circumstances you find yourself in?

You make the decision to start enjoying your life right now bcz it’s not ever going to get any better than right now UNTIL it gets better RIGHT NOW.

Until YOU make it get better right now by finding something to be interested in and appreciative of RIGHT NOW.

Donate $1.00 if I’ve ever helped you or made you smile

Friends, I’m fine but will be undergoing a procedure that’s going to cost me $6,000 out of pocket so I’m passing the hat. Ignore if not for you and don’t feel obligated. But if I’ve ever done you a favor or loaned you money or connected you with someone helpful or made you smile or given you hope or comfort, this is your chance to donate $1.00 to me, (or $2 or $22 — smile.)   You can do this by using the “donate” button at the Horizons Magazine website.  Consider it a tithe to the Universe. It will return to you manyfold.  

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You may also mail a check to Andrea de Michaelis c/o Horizons Magazine, 575 Escarole St SE, Palm Bay, FL 32909 or give me a credit card number.  Thank you for your kind generosity. The links below will help you create more dollars for yourself. Enjoy, and thank you.

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Money/supply comes out of us like an oak from an acorn
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Roy Eugene Davis passed on March 27, 2019

Roy Eugene Davis

From The Center for Spiritual Awareness website

Dear Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our dear teacher, mentor, and spiritual friend, Roy Eugene Davis on Wednesday evening, March 27th. He passed quietly, without suffering, in the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Hospital in Gainesville, Georgia. He had been admitted earlier that afternoon for shortness of breath and extreme weakness. He was diagnosed with renal failure and suffered heart failure shortly thereafter. His condition had been slowly deteriorating for the past six weeks.

Retreats and services at Center for Spiritual Awareness will continue into the future as scheduled.

A memorial service will be conducted at Center for Spiritual Awareness on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in the Meditation Hall. 

We ask that you refrain from calling CSA for more information for the time being. We have much to do at this time of transition. Also, Mr. Davis always encouraged us to remain focused on our personal spiritual awakening path. It can be useful to honor his memory by avoiding gossip and speculation. He is a great light. He has given us all of the tools we need to progress, and the encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to succeed. He is no longer limited to an aging physical form; we can tune into his consciousness, always.

Love and unceasing blessings,
Center for Spiritual Awareness

Friends of the World Gathering in Yoga Shakti Mission Palm Bay, FL on March 31, 2019

dancersIndian72All are invited to the Friends of the World Gathering to be held in the Pavilion at Yoga Shakti Mission on Sunday March 31, 2019 Noon to 4pm.   Free admission. There will be plenty of Indian and Western food served. Many performers from East and West will entertain you and you will learn many new things from the booths. There will be a variety of cultural dances, music, drama, international food and vendor booths. We hope to provide an atmosphere of openness and genuine appreciation of each other’s special talents and cultural heritage, thereby promoting understanding and friendship of all races and cultures.  International dancers are expected to perform as well as bluegrass and Russian and Irish singers.  Indian and western vegetarian food will be sold and  local entrepreneurs will display their wares.   All welcome. No admission charge. Please spread the word. Yoga Shakti Mission,  3895 Hield Road, NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907.  321-725-4024 Email