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The February 2020 Horizons is now online and here are the horoscopes

February 2020

The February 2020 Horizons is now online at  Our astrologer is off to new adventures so we’re seeking another super cool horoscope writer. Email Andrea at  Until then I found a couple online whose interpretations I resonate with. February’s is from

Aries – (March 19 – April 18) Career is the focus of the month. You feel a change in your source of income is emerging. It’s a time this month to reflect on what is fundamental in your life with a beautiful inspiration! Significant career challenges are likely to dramatically monopolize your life this month. A fighter like you, these kind of stakes do not displease you. Be aware, however, to take the necessary breaks, respect your sleep and everything will be well.

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Renew your ficticious name directly online for $50, don’t pay F.A.N.S. to do it for $150

In the mail I just got a “2020 Ficticious Name Instruction Form for Florida Businesses.” For $150 payable to F.A.N.S. they will renew my ficticious name for me. Only at the bottom does it state “this application for renewal of ficiticious name cane be filed directly with the state for the statutory $50 fee. That means you can renew it yourself online for $50. I have a year left on mine, yet their notice said “Respond by 1/24/2020” and it came First Class Presort You can check when yours expires here

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