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The January 2021 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

January 2021

The January 2021 Horizons is now online at
Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)

A beautiful energy energizes you until the 6th, enough to meet professional challenges that are waiting for you under the powerful effect of the cluster in Capricorn Sun until the 19th, Mercury until the 8th and Pluto all month long.

Your finances occupy your mind, Mars, your planet, tumbles in Taurus from the 7th to the 31st and comes to awaken your interest for your money especially that which is related to your profession. From the 20th, there is room for your projects, your friends and your desire for expansion! Your nature should appreciate these energies resolutely turned towards the future. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius boost the first decan by offering a beautiful anchoring and a superb evolution! Neptune still titillates your intimate life, second decan, a desire for introspection? This month foreshadows challenges and a long-term vision.  Continue reading

Andrea’s December 2020 Editorial

WELCOME TO THE DECEMBER 2020 HORIZONS. Ok, by now you’ve read the December Horizons already but in case you didn’t, the December issue is now online and here are the horoscopes.  The big news in my life (I mean besides having the west woods I’ve known for 37 years completely removed in June for new construction — gahh! ) is the new neighbor moved in and is pleasant and nice. We wave and say hi when I’m gardening in the west yard and he steps onto his porch to let the dog run out for a few minutes. If you’re on my Facebook, you read about all the antics. We talked about the vines in the trees along the property line, he said if I’d cut them, he’d pull them down once they dry out. That made me notice the vines definitely hinder natural tree leafage, so they’ll be glad to be free.  He’s got a big fish tank AND has city water, but my well water is excellent. I let him fill his tank from my hose. Since he’s got city water, when power goes out after storms, he still has water, so now so will we hehe  Continue reading

The December 2020 Horizons is now online and here are the horoscopes

December 2020

The December 2020 Horizons is now online at  Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
An ideal of life and projects are in the spotlight, dear Aries! At the end of the year you are always focused on this desire to rise to your ideal. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, until the 21st, infuse their desires and optimistic thoughts! Mars, your planet, at home, gives you unparalleled energy.

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The November Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

November 2020

The November 2020 Horizons is now online at  Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)

Partner or associate in the spotlight and a fantastic energy, dear Aries! Your sector attached to others receives Mercury in Libra until the 10th and Venus until the 21st.

Your planet, Mars, all month in your sign gives you an extraordinary energy! However, the Sun in Scorpio until the 21st, as well as Mercury from the 11th to the 30th, invites you to a mode of radiation more introspective than active. Do not plunge ahead heedlessly, like the good Aries you are, but first think. The last week, from the 22nd to the 30th, under the Sun in Sagittarius, will be ideal to act! Uranus continues its monetary reform, impacting your sector related to professional money, first decan. Powerful planetary energies always help incite you to changes, which affect your socio-professional sphere, last two decans.  

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The October Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

October 2020


The October 2020 Horizons is now online at

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)

Make room for each other and a mental introspection, dear Aries! Until the 22nd, the Sun in Libra strengthens the place of your partner and associates. Hyper energized by Mars in your sign you will be forced to cooperate! Mercury in Scorpio until the 28th, comes to titillate your inner life, your relationship to the money of others and to mature your ideas.

Venus softens working conditions and the daily routine, from the 4th to the 28th. Before and after, it’s more fun! Your socio-professional destiny is always boosted by the universe, last two decans, sacrifices and reworkings? Your financial sector feels the influx of Uranus into Taurus, first decan, an irreversible change in your source of income is underway. Change of job? Partnership created? From the 23rd to the 31st, the Sun in Scorpio strengthens your libido!

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Nightly Meditation: My Magical Healing Bed

Since I work alone the past 27 years, I hafta be the one who motivates myself. I developed a 3 step system that works for me.  1.  At end of each work day, I make a To Do List for the next day. On the left, I write everything I have to do that day. On the right, I list everything else I have to do.   2.  Before I go to bed, I read over the things I have to do the next day. I spend a few moments seeing myself breeze through getting it done.  3.  When I wake up, I bring to mind the day’s tasks and again run it through my head for a few minutes.  By doing these 3 steps, I’m not only psyching myself up for the work, I’m pre-paving a fast and easy job.

I’ve been doing a lot of yard work as the weather gets cooler, and really loving it.  The west woods was cleared of palmettoes and underbrush I’ve been digging up and moving a dozen plants and trees a day over there from elsewhere in the east yard. By the time I’m done, I’m SORE AND ACHEY  and ready for bed. I thought I’d share My Magical Healing Bed Process since that’s when I remind the cells of my body what we’re there for.  My process is to Self Talk Myself Into Healing using helpful phrases. Here’s the script I use, try it for yourself. You’ll find comfort and relief. Continue reading

The September Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

Sept 2020

The September 2020 Horizons is now online at

Aries  (March 19 – April 18)
A daily routine in focus and some socio-professional concerns, dear Aries! You have a strong punch, Mars, your planet, gives you its inflamed energy! The Sun in Virgo until the 22nd supported by Mercury until the 6th, gently incites you to look into your daily affairs, your work and your health.

While Jupiter Saturn and Pluto, square in your sign, except for the first decan, shake up your socio-professional destiny by future changes or ones in progress. Adapt yourself! Watch over your sector related to finances, Uranus blows its unpredictable wind, first decan. Your home is tender and quiet until the 6th, then your loves receive the ideal support of Venus in Leo from the 7th to the 30th. The Sun in Libra facing your sign from the 23rd to the 30th illuminates your married or associative life. Look after your otherness!   Continue reading

The August Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

August 2020

The August 2020 Horizons is now online at

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Unusual dynamism and an emotional sector in focus, dear Aries! You will not stay in place, so plan a lot of activities! Mars at home accentuates your natural zest. Until the 22nd, the Sun in Leo lodges in your love sector: renewed passion or a summer fling? From 6th to 21st, Mercury in Leo supports your requests and your communication. During the first week, Venus in Gemini promotes a meeting, from the 8th to the 31st, love is at home! A global cluster slightly shakes up your socio-professional sector, except for the third decan, some readjustments are to be expected in September. Uranus in Taurus square in your Sun, first decan, creeps into your wallet: surprises are on the program! From the 23rd, the Sun and Mercury arrives in Virgo and prepares you nicely for the imminent fall.

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The July Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

July 2020

The July 2020 Horizons is now online at

Aries – (March 19 – April 18) Mars your planet occupies your sign all month. It swings! Let it be said, you have the energy and the courage to live, drum beating! Venus in Gemini in beautiful aspect to your sign, in your sector relating to communication, pampers your devoted heart! Until the 22nd, the Sun in Cancer as well as Mercury all month, evokes in your home many discussions. Saturn in Capricorn, square in your sign from the 2nd, invites you to review your socio-professional sector, perhaps there is something to understand. Jupiter and Pluto induces you to let go what does not serve you or your professional evolution anymore. Uranus in Taurus announces an unexpected change in your source of income, first decan. From the 23rd to the 31st, the Sun in Leo watches over your loves!  Continue reading

Pride & Prejudice: Guest blog by Anne Marie Anderson

Anne Marie Anderson

Before I knew his name, before I saw his face, before I ever knew what hit me, I responded, I don’t reply to men without a profile picture.” Years and years of on-line dating had made me cynical. In the subject line he wrote: “Just Curious.” Innocent enough. . . yet, the communication, though normal, felt “charged” with innuendo. There was something in the way he scrambled to post his photo, trying furiously after many attempts to recapture and keep my attention. And before I could delete him, his photo popped up.

I vaguely remember being a bit surprised, but I clearly remember saying out loud, “Hmmm, this should be interesting.” I cringed as I read his profile. He was 13 years younger than me; divorced; in fact NEWLY divorced, (making me, ugh, rebound girl, a definite RED flag). His very first question was about the white paper I wrote to influence changing the disabled parking laws. I was bewitched. 

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