Her effort to clear up the past gave her a clean slate

A friend asks me business advice.  She can’t get ahead financially.  Her credit is poor, she owes everybody.  She chooses to not address it. She’s been working odd jobs, off the books.  She lives looking over her shoulder. My suggestion was that everything is related and her financial woes in the now can be greatly alleviated by making peace with the past, including doing forgiveness work  and taking steps to become legit with licensing, taxes and insurance. To contact the creditors and see what her options are.  Financially, psychologically and emotionally: if the past is not resolved, then you can expect that when things are going very well, it can all be yanked out from under you.  That’s why you get it all resolved when you’re down in the muck of it and have far less to lose.

 That way you don’t spend your life looking over your shoulder and waiting for the axe to fall when things are going well.  That way the only momentum you have to be concerned with is forward momentum. She called me today, two years after our last conversation. Two years after she unfriended me on Facebook.  She thanked me. She’s very in debt but making progress.  Business is good, she’s making money and everything is legal and on the books.  She said it began happening the first year but she was angry with me because at first everything fell apart.  I’d warned her ahead of time that’s how it works. She didn’t realize to what extent.  She felt tricked.  I told her she would.  It made her angry that I was right. I told her it would. Today she was awarded joint custody of her children. I told her she would.  She knew that her having made sincere effort to clear up her past had a lot to do with the favorable outcome.  Her future is bright and she can thank herself because she’s the one who attracted it.

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Her effort to clear up the past gave her a clean slate
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