Relaxing after a busy week, the weekend is for play

It was so good Friday night to relax after a busy day and productive week. I usually let the end of each day unfold with no plans: grabbing protein snacks from the fridge, checking Facebook and personal messages, crashing in my recliner until evening sessions begin.  When I’m going to dine with friends, I rearrange my eating schedule a couple of meals ahead of time.  I’d eaten chicken salad at 2:30pm, so at 8:00pm I wanted something light: summer rolls! Had I re-read this post first, I would have had tighter wraps. 

Last week I sliced into thin strips and stored in the fridge, all stacked up: red peppers, celery, carrot, cucumber (remove wet seeds), zucchini, scallion. I do that so it’s easy at the end of a long day to reach in and grab a few containers of sliced veggies for salads, stirfries, wraps, summer rolls. I had fresh romaine and alfalfa sprouts, as well as spicy Asian spiced rice vermicelli, made vegan by omitting the fish sauce.  It was a tasty and light dinner.

Afterward I had some Ezekial toast. I’ve been eating bread for a month now and sniffling for just as long.  I guess I’ve got a sensitivity to gluten that fills my sinuses, canned soup does the same thing, but it’s so yummy.  I’ve learned that eating bread keeps an extra 4 pounds on me, but I no longer worry about weight. My typical diet is very healthy and unprocessed, so I don’t worry when I eat bread or the random Zero bar.

A friend who studies the tarot has been pulling a daily card for morning insight.  We did a review of the week, noting how the end of each day matched up with the cards pulled earlier for each day. I use a three card spread of Situation, Obstacle, Outcome.  We laughed at how accurate, in prediction and in retrospect. The Universe loves to play with us, the divine leela. My weekend of play begins now!