The Universe knocks me out so I can receive info in a dream

I had an odd happening this morning.  I’ve been reprogramming my sleep schedule, and the last two nights took benadryl. After two good night’s sleep, this morning I head out toward Melbourne to deliver the September Horizons Magazine. Half way there, I am overcome with feeling sleepy, almost to the point of pulling over.  I got home and fell into a sudden deep sleep.  I woke up 45 minutes later after a vivid lucid dream, with my head filled with the details of a new project.  A friend and I work together on several writing projects and two months ago we briefly discussed the topic I just dreamed of. I told her I’d get back to her, then I got busy and didn’t think of it again.  I didn’t have to.  Apparently she (and others) provided sufficient energy on the topic to make it into a viable thoughtform, so it began creating itself and calling ME to it, rather than me calling IT to me.  I awoke with the entire outline in my head, with details still coming.  I thought, “this is what the sleep was all about.” Sleep changes everything. I get enough sleep and the deeper part of my spidey sense kicks in and takes over.  I’m back in the flow. I wonder now what else can I dream into being?

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The Universe knocks me out so I can receive info in a dream
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