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Identify what excites you the most

Identify what excites you the most and will continue to inspire and energize you for the foreseeable future. Activate the wild parts of your imagination as you dream and scheme about how to get as much of that excitement as you can stand. And then set to work, with methodical self-discipline, to make it all happen.  Rob Brezsny

Do not send me anything to RSVP to, please

Don't invite me!

Friends, please do not send me invites or e-vites that must be responded to. I delete them unopened when I know I have no available time. I get so many from people I don’t know that the ones I do know get lost in the shuffle. Thank you for understanding.

Native Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, FL Nov. 8 – 10, 2013

5th Annual NATIVE RHYTHMS FESTIVAL – Free Family-Friend Music and Craft festival.  In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, the Native Heritage Gathering, Inc., and the Indian River Flute Circle will host a Native American music, arts and crafts festival at the Wickham Park amphitheater, Melbourne, FL,  November 8 – 10, 2013. Admission to the festival is FREE. Musical performances are scheduled throughout each day, with headliner performances starting in the late afternoon through 10pm. Continue reading

Why I schedule thought time to hold your vision

Talking with a friend about yesterday’s activities, I mentioned my routine of giving thought time for particular projects. Thought time? Yes, friends and clients who ask me to help them hold a vision of something they want to bring into their life, I do that by giving thought time to their vision. I schedule thought time the same as I’d schedule any other appointment: I put a time segment on the calendar and keep the appointment. Asked why I felt compelled or directed to give thought time to someone else’s visions, why I thought it was important, I answered that I knew anything I maintain consistent and focused thought on helps add to that thoughtform and makes it increase. I know the power of my thoughts, of your thoughts, of our combined thoughts.  Empowering one empowers all.  We all benefit.

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If you want me in person, you have to disclose the agenda

A friend has been trying to see me for 2 weeks, needs to see me in person but will not tell me what it’s about.  This happens a lot. Unless you are paying me by the hour you are not allowed to ask to see me in person and not tell me what it is about. Even well meaning friends will do that to solicit me.  I always have several projects going at once, and I prioritize them daily.  I’ll entertain ANY idea you want to share but you have to email me. I want it in writing to read at my leisure. I’m just saving us both time so we can get to the heart of the matter as soon as possible since we’re both busy. You putting it in writing will also clarify any initial questions you have, just as an initial conversation with me would do.  I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Want miracles in your life? Schedule daily contemplation time

Ok, maybe daily time is stretching it for some people at first, but it will grow on you. “If you only knew how many miracles you’ve already performed, nothing would ever again overwhelm you, frighten you, or seem impossible.” We usually DO know what miraculous things happen to us, but sometimes we’re rushing around so fast that we need them pointed out to us.  It’s easy to forget them when life catches us up in its flow. We don’t always have time to remember. If we make that time, if we set aside time for daily reflection, we will begin to notice more than we originally saw. When we notice something, when we keep our mind on a topic, we begin to see more clearly. If you’re contemplating the miracles and synchronicities and aha moments in your life, you will begin to attract more of those. You will begin to see where you made good decisions, where you might have made other choices. You’ll begin to see the patterns in what you do and in what those around you do. When you see the patterns, that’s when you begin to see the future. Call that a miracle but it’s just a fact of life when you are attuned to your guidance system. You become attuned to it through inner reflection. By asking the deeper questions and being in enough silence for the answer. Continue reading

We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.

Last year was my growth spurt. Now I feel I’ve made it around the detour and broken through the surface. Now I get to bask in the sun. It was worth the journey, detour or not. I’m always right where I am supposed to be. Bless the rocks that appear, they show me I can morph and bend and make my way around anything.