Make peace with your past to quelch the fire. Isn’t it time?

Make peace with your past so you can move forward and attract nothing but Love from here forward.   The trial by fire you are going through now is burning off the dross of your own past momentum.  When you make peace with the past, only Love will reign within you and you will attract only Love.  I can go though life hating anyone I feel ripped me off in any way, or I can feel compassion for their not knowing any other way to live and survive in this world. I can send love and move forward. Easy? Not always. But always easier than the alternative: a less-than life because I’ve left past stuff unresolved and it keeps biting me every time life gets good. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean it ALL up as soon as you find yourself hitting bottom. Otherwise things can be going well and then SPLAT you have to deal with it as it comes around again. Let there be one big crash and burn, burn ALL the residue off at once and get on with the good stuff of life, without the axe hanging over your head. Only you can quelch the fire, only you determine how quickly you are on the other side of the chaos in your life. As usual, it’s always and only up to you, and what thoughts you feed yourself all day long.  Your life is a product of that. Make peace with your past to quelch the fire.  Isn’t it time?

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