I’m not always fun in bed

I admit it: I’ve been told I’m not always fun in bed. I snore, I mumble, I hog the bed. Since I also sleepwalk, I have chimes and knockers on the doorknobs so the doors can’t be moved without sounding. That’s fine for keeping me from walking down the street at 3:00 a.m. but a […]

I love a good festival of sleep

Awakening from a long night’s sleep can feel like being in a drunken stupor.  I awoke at 4:00 am wondering, “What did I do last night???” I’d worked Saturday long into the night finishing the March magazine. Sunday morning we went to the Lightworkers’ Circle at Aquarian Dreams, then afterward for an adventure on the […]

Taking time to bask when life gets good

For some reason, this two year old post –> When do you help others and when do you help yourself is getting lots of views this week. When I hit 40, guidance began flooding out of me and I wrote almost 24/7.  When I read now what I wrote 10, 15, 20 years ago, it […]

It’s fun what I attract when I (through willpower, discipline and replacement thoughts) keep myself centered and happy

Three solid months of continually even, mellow, convivial daily interaction.  No disagreement, no harsh words, no surprises, no moods, no fires to be tended to.  Only loving attention, fun adventures, animated conversation – light and deep, giggly and profound – and a seeming unending bank of mutual interests and curiosities. When I think that sounds […]

The Universe knocks me out so I can receive info in a dream

I had an odd happening this morning.  I’ve been reprogramming my sleep schedule, and the last two nights took benadryl. After two good night’s sleep, this morning I head out toward Melbourne to deliver the September Horizons Magazine. Half way there, I am overcome with feeling sleepy, almost to the point of pulling over.  I […]

Releasing at full moon and sleeping in a moon beam

Last night I sat with friends overlooking the ocean and watching the full moon rise.  There is something about a place where land meets water, especially a giant expanse of it like our Atlantic Ocean. To me it can feel awesome and terrifying at the same time.  In fact, I don’t know how I spent […]

Sleep changes everything

Last night I slept from 7pm-2am and then again from 7:30am until noon. I love when that happens! Sleep for me is usually two segments a day of 3-4 hours each, 12 hours apart. Continuous sleep rocks!  I spent 12 months off a regular sleep schedule. After awhile, it takes its toll.  I didn’t know […]

Thursday January 3, 2103, Happenings

As I drove across the causeway this morning, I checked voice mail and was delighted my best buds Trish and Doug Cobb were in town, just blocks away.  I drove over and spent a few hours visiting with them at Linda Sands’.  It turned out to be old home week when Susan Rizzo, and Debbie […]