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The January 2023 Horizons is online, here are the horoscopes

The January 2023 is now online at Click here for the January 2023 Horizons.   This issue is dedicated to Michelle Whitedove and includes her life highlights and an excerpt from her Ghost Stalker series. I contacted Michelle after I watched Lifetime TV name her America’s #1 Psychic on America’s Psychic Challenge and she agreed to a monthly column in Horizons. Michelle has many writings yet to be published and I’ve been granted permission to continue her column with the unpublished work. Love never dies. Here are the horoscopes.

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Michelle Whitedove 1968-2022

Michelle Whitedove 1968-2022 Photo by Christine Kilger

Author, spiritual medium and beloved wife, mother, grandmother and friend Michelle Whitedove, age 54 peacefully passed away in her sleep in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and flew home to the angels. Her family held a private service on Dec 12, 2022

She is preceded in death by her son Joshua. Michelle is survived by her husband and partner of 25 years, Jason Miller, her son Jeffery, three beautiful grandchildren and many other beloved family members and friends. Although her physical body could no longer contain her Spirit, she is still with us, sending her guidance and love from heaven.

Michelle was known for her great love of both children and animals. She worked selflessly doing fundraising events for children in need. She deeply cared for others and her love was felt by the many people that she touched. 

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Excerpt: Ghost Stalker by Michelle Whitedove

Since the beginning of time, man has sought to converse with loved ones on the other side; death seems so final, for the humans left behind.  Grief is a natural emotion, but there is something you need to know: our departed loved ones do not grieve for us. In fact, now and then, they look in on us, and sometimes they even try to get a message through. They are curious, and want to see how we are faring; but they know that our earthly existence is only a brief moment in the scheme of eternity.

So, for those seeking to make contact with departed loved ones, I would encourage you to find a legitimate medium. Experienced mediums know how to protect themselves and most importantly, they know the difference between dark entities and spirits resonating love and good will. When you think about seeing a ghost, usually you think of it in a human form—perhaps ethereal, or transparent with a face, a body, and some type of clothing. But the fact is, a ghost is not usually seen as a person; instead, it is often seen as a white splotch, a streak of light, or a passing shadow.

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The December Horizons is online, here are the horoscopes

December 2022

The December 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the December 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.


Venus allows you to influence your entourage favorably between the 10th and 18th, and Jupiter takes over from the 20th. Count on these significant assets to come back in force and take back control of your life. The only pitfall to avoid? You’ll be a little too personal on the 22nd.


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The November Horizons is online, here are the horoscopes

November 2022

The November 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the November 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.
ARIES – (March 19 – April 18)
Since May 10th, Jupiter has probably boosted your desire to renew yourself, your enthusiasm, and thirst for action. This giant planet of the zodiac has temporarily withdrawn from its zone of influence on your decan. Let’s bet that it will have had time to help you recharge your batteries and your self-confidence, which should last until it comes back into play (from December 20th).

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I attract several $800 lessons

LOL I KNOW how it works and I still get caught up in it when I’m not paying attention to how I’m vibing. In August I got irked a worker wouldn’t refund an $800 unused materials deposit. Rather than waste time going back and forth about it, I ceased contact and took it as an $800 lesson. (* See My First $800 Lesson at the end of this post.) I knew I’d attracted that outa him, thought I’d released it but it stuck in my mind. So much so that I attracted ANOTHER $800 in emergency repairs in Sept. And then ANOTHER $800 again in Oct. I had to laugh when the $800 amount came up for the 3rd time. Ok, ok, I get it. LET IT GO!  

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Fave Uncle Jimmy has dropped his Earthly robes and entered immortality

Uncle James William Burnett

2:22am Dear fave uncle James William Burnett has taken his final walk, dropped his Earth robes and entered immortality. 89 and in good health, I’ve always called him Uncle Daddy. He’s dad’s younger brother and looks just like him except shorter. He lived 2 miles away and built my house when I moved up from Miami in 1984. As a Jehovah’s Witness, he found my library amusing. Daughter in law Sweet Melissa stood watch over his 2 day hospice journey. It’s comforting to know we survive in consciousness after the change called death.
Rumi says: Don’t say he’s gone. Death has nothing to do with going away. Your mouth closes here, and immediately opens with a shout of joy there. The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar as we laugh together, you and I. In one form upon this earth, and in another form in a timeless sweet land.”
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Law of Attraction is Not Spiritual Bypassing

Jeff Brown is speaking here to the people who don’t understand law of attraction, who include it with spiritual bypassing. But you don’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. People who think like this DON’T GET that it takes PRACTICE to come to the level of thinking/ consciousness where you UNDERSTAND how specifically your focus of attention determines what you attract, and how. You come to this level of consciousness by working thru your own personal issues as they arise and gleaning insights from your contemplation of what has happened in your life, what is happening around you now and what your part in it all is. 

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