Synchronicity and spidey sensing with Andi at Tires Plus

After a couple of days of slacking and sleeping, I woke up this morning raring to go.  I left the office at 7:15 am and headed to Walmart to get my oil changed.  There was a line, so I left and headed toward Melbourne to deliver the September magazines.  I stopped in at Tires Plus on Babcock Street just south of Palm Bay Road, since it was next to the Jiffy Lube I’d gone to for years, now closed.  I met Andi there, a bright smiley face behind the counter.  Before I left, I was guided to hand her a Horizons Magazine.  I hesitate to do that to new people, since it’s not to everyone’s taste. It turned into a very synchronistic meeting and we exchanged contact info.  I love it when that happens!  I could have gone to a half dozen other oil change places yet was guided to hers.  

I went on my happy way and delivered magazines to Melbourne and the beaches by 10am.  I dropped the remaining subscriptions at the post office and came back here to create a new ad for the POD and got it into the September magazine before I put it online. See page 4 and also check your horoscope!  I prepared for billing and sent a dozen invoices out. I paid bills and answered email.  I crossed off my lists and made new lists.  My slacking without guilt earlier this week paid off, since  I got as much done today as I might have all 3 days.  Plus I got to tune into the spidey sense and be directed to the proper place and time to meet a new friend!  I love my life.