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Please watch over your elders, they may be scam targets

Going thru old files page by page looking for a legal doc that might be mis-filed, I’m reminded that my husband and father in law fell prey to many investment scams. Lee died in 96, Dad lived just 3 miles from me. I invited him to live with me after I stopped by one day after getting no answer. The rule was he would “call me each day to make sure I was ok.” He said he heard the phone ring but he was doing the daily mail so he didn’t answer.

Um, he’s 84, what kind of “daily mail” was he doing? I asked if I could help him and he had me sit at the dining table. It was covered with dozens of scam mail (this was 1999) solicitations and he spent much of each day filling them out and sending them in. That and attending “business lunches” which were those free restaurant meals for seniors who sit thru the investment opp presentation. The rest of every day was watching news and Jerry Springer, then more news. He came to live with me in 99. I asked if he could help me feed the squirrels each day. Continue reading

Andrea’s January 2021 Editorial

WELCOME TO THE JANUARY 2021 HORIZONS. Here’s to hindsight being 2020. The big changes of 2020 forced me to make big changes in my own life. At first, when the pandemic arrived and the income tanked, I didn’t think, “Oh phooey, what am I gonna do now?” only because I’d learned to have a Plans B, C, and D-Z ready to go. Still, change is hard. With one income stream halted, it also halted a lot of expenses and freed up time. I didn’t take long to debate, “should I wait this out or jump on Plan B right away?” I knew that if I could begin doing mundane daily chores and look at them as spiritual practice, in awhile my thoughts would clear, leaving room for guidance and new ideas.

Show me a way,” I asked, “Make me notice opportunities where I‘ll find meaningful and fun and satisfying work.” I can’t ask that, tho, unless I’m prepared to do my part: look at everything that comes after that request as part of the puzzle piece of the answer.

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