Psychic Friends; 20 Tips on Becoming Psychic

I was clearing old files out and found all my old log sheets from when I was an online psychic back in the 90’s.  I worked for the Psychic Friends Network from 1992 to 1996, doing calls out of my home. Remember those hokey commercials in the middle of the night, with Dionne Warwick and Linda Georgian?  I’d cringe when I’d see them! I had a separate line for the readings, and we had specific schedules to work.  I always volunteered to work midnight to 4am and holidays and those were always the busiest shifts.  They had us fill out log sheets that gave the date, time of the call, caller first name and birthday, as well as other names and birthdates mentioned in the call.  That way, if someone refused to pay saying they did not make the call, we would say “Well, the caller has a husband named Oscar born 10-15-65 and twins named Sarah and Melissa born 2-14-95.”  We only had about an inch of space, the width of the page, for notes.  Sometimes I would make notes afterward about some of calls, the ones I found interesting for later commentary.  I got my share of “who’s my baby’s daddy?” but also got many calls from people in the entertainment industry, wondering when their break would come.  

I enjoyed giving predictions and was good at it, and that’s a way to build up a following very quickly.  But I’d also give a creative visualization or sample of visualization scripts for them to work with to bridge the gap for them — the gap between where they were now to where they wanted to be.  I’d ask them to report back to me and was stoked to get a lot of callbacks by those who were actually doing it.

So was that wish fulfillment rather than accurate prediction?  Or would technically the wish fulfillment be an accurate prediction?  I loved that part of the job, letting the callers know that they basically never had to call me again. I could give them enough info to tap into their own guidance system and activate their own psychic sense in a 10 minute call.

I liked empowering the callers that they had this inside themselves as well and the only difference between them and me is that I exercise that muscle more often.  I’ve been riding that bike longer, so I know how to do it well.  That’s it.


1.  Ask yourself why do you want to develop your psychic ability?  There are no wrong answers.  Is it to help others?  Is it to be of service?  Is it to gain advantage?  Is it to gain recognition?  Is it because everyone else says they are getting psychic and you want to know what you’re missing?  Don’t judge the answer, just know the answer.

2.  Begin a regular meditation practice.  Even if it’s just for 20 minutes twice a day.  This helps clear the layer of your own thoughts.  Don’t listen to a guided meditation, no music, no headphones — make that a separate session if you wish, but for this purpose, simply sit in the silence and follow your breath.  Don’t count it, just follow it.  When your mind wanders, and it will, just return it to your breath.  If you do this regularly, another world will begin to make itself known to you.

3.  Take a 90 day break from newspapers, radio and tv, other external media.  This helps clear the layer of other people’s opinions, which clutter and cloud the typical mundane mindset.

4.  Drop the drama in your personal life.  Assess who you spend time with — know who is uplifting and who is draining.  For 90 days, make time only for those who empower you.  This helps clear the layer of everything you are not really responsible for.  If you have any hard feelings against anyone, ask internally for forgiveness, mean it, and let it go.

5.  Make a list of all the questions you want to ask the Universe.  Choose the top 3 and keep them written on a card that you keep in front of you for the next 90 days.

6.  Keep a notepad with you and write down any thoughts that come to you, whether they make sense to you or not.  You will later go through the notes with each of the above questions in mind.  Look for the Universe to bring your answers in a way that you do not expect.

7.  Begin to look for signs in the everyday life around you.  See what you notice in each moment, and see if what you notice has any bearing on any of your questions.  Make a game of exaggerating the metaphor or expanding the interpretation very broadly if that is what you need to do in order to lighten up and be creative in how you look for signs and symbols in your daily life.

8.  In addition to your meditation time, spend at least 10 minutes twice a day in creative visualization, visualizing such as this:  You are sitting and feeling an expanded awareness around you.  As you breathe, you sense your energy field expanding, getting larger with each breath.  You feel yourself becoming very magnetic and you begin attracting thoughts that answer questions you have been asking the universe.  You feel your psychic perception becoming enhanced and you feel your third eye opening.  You feel that your magnetic self causes others to reach out to you for answers, and you are able to attract the appropriate answers for them.  You feel connected to them and to the Universe around you.  This exercise is like priming the pump to get the water flowing.

9.  For 90 days, take a drug and alcohol fast.  This just removes another layer of clutter that clouds perception.  If you have to medically take a prescription, do so.

10.  For 90 days, eat lightly and eat as few processed foods as possible.  If it is processed, it has a label.  Eat fresh vegetables, meats and fruits only.  This eases the layer of digestive process.  I don’t eat 2 hours before a reading, so the cells of my body are not all involved in digestion.  When I do a reading, I want to be able to tune into the person with every cell of my body, as well as with my intuition.

11.  Get outside in nature as often as you can, just to contemplate a natural scene with natural sounds.  Take note of signs and symbols in the form of birds or animals you see, cloud formations, anything that catches your eye.  For everything that catches your eye and makes you notice it, ask internally, “What message do you have for me?” Take note of the answer, even if it does not make sense.  You take these notes to piece them together later.

12.  Test yourself often.  Tell yourself that you are becoming in tune with whoever will be calling next.  When the phone rings, who is the first one that comes to mind?

13. Test yourself while driving.  Tell yourself that you are becoming in tune with the drivers around you.  Ask what the driver ahead of you will do and where he will turn.

14.  Test yourself on the way to work.  Tell yourself you are becoming in tune with your co-workers. Ask who you will see first, who will speak to you first, and what someone will be wearing today.

15.  Test your power of prediction.  Tell yourself you are becoming very successful with predictions. Make some predictions for each day, whatever comes to mind.  Keep note of them to check later.

16.  Test yourself with the lottery.  Tell yourself you are becoming successful at choosing lottery winners.  Make a note each morning of your lottery number choices for the day and check them each night.  When you begin to see a pattern, buy a ticket.  Following it without buying a ticket is good practice – no resistance!

17.  Test yourself with your friends.  Tell yourself you are becoming very in tune with them.  Ask a few close friends to each put a sheet of white paper on top of a dresser, face up, with 4 numbers written on it in giant letters.  For each one, ask “What are the numbers?  What color is the paper?  What color are the letters?”

18.  Wait for the info to come to you.  If you are going to be doing readings during this time, avoid any temptation to give broad, general statements if you feel the information is not coming forth quickly enough.  This is a mistake many novices make.  It’s one case where “fake it til you make it” is not cool.  Mostly because if you’re talking, you’re not listening for guidance.  And you should be more focused on listening for that quiet voice, than you are wondering if your client thinks you’re taking too long to tap in and answer.

19.  Practice channeling for yourself.  Write a question and tell yourself that the answer will be given through you.  Sit and follow your breath as you wait for an answer.  You may repeat the question in your mind.  Write what comes to you, as it comes.  If it’s one word, write that word.  Don’t wait for the next word or for a sentence to come.  If you are doing it verbally with a recorder, say each word as it comes.  If you wait for an entire sentence, that’s not how it works.  Especially in the beginning.  If you get just one word, don’t make up an entire sentence around that word unless you get one.  That’s another mistake novices make.  Don’t fill in the blanks.  After you’ve been at it awhile, it will become easier and you‘ll get more at a time.

20.  Record your dreams. Before you go to bed, place a notebook and pen and light within easy reach in case you have any dreams to record.  Once again in your mind, go over your creative visualization, that your awareness is expanding and your perception is becoming enhanced.  Your third eye is opening and your psychic abilities are ever increasing.

After 90 days, you will find your nervous system more attuned to subtleties in the energy field around you.  You will find your abilities enhanced and they will continue to grow as you exercise them.

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