My Ouija Board Story and 5 Tips for Using the Ouija

Take care who you sit with

Take care who you sit with

I’m careful who I ouija with, since we’re opening doors to astral nonsense that can freak out people unfamiliar with it. Plus so many fake it, not trusting in their own abilities to draw communication forth.  Once I sat with people I trusted. I asked the ouija board to give me one DO and one DON’T to give to everyone I came in contact with.  At the time I was talking to 40-60 clients a day working the Psychic Friends Network.  Stop laughing.  I told it I wanted something I could give to everyone. It spelled out “meditate daily cease criticism.”  Well done!  Wait, that wasn’t too freaky.  What’s so scary about the ouija board?  Why do people get freaked out about it?  This is what happens when you sit to use the board, and it happens whether you believe it or not.  The ouija is a strong mental and emotional focal point for the group of people present. By sitting to use it, you are doing so with intention and inviting communication from the nonphysical realm. You will attract that which is a vibrational match to the combination of people present.  The nonphysical realm closest  to us is the astral realm, which is where our emotions lie.  Our astral body — and the inhabitants of the astral plane — get an addictive charge out of making the emotions rise and fall. When these nonphysicals show up, we call them spirits or ghosts or entities or guides or messengers.  You can also think of them as a thoughtform or thoughtbank that has access to your memories and your emotions.  “They” speak to you through spelling out words on the board and they also speak to you via your emotions.    

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING AND PERHAPS NOT SO FUN.  In any group of people, there are diverse personalities and mixed agendas, thoughts and moods. Not everyone always wishes well for the other. Example: In a group of six people where one or two harbor hidden resentments for one of the others, say they have a wish to see the other one fail or have a negative experience. The intensity of their emotion around that thought will call forth “someone” from the astral realm with a similar vibration. The inhabitants of the astral plane experience a charge when our emotions rise and fall.

To a playful spirit, the ouija is a fun opportunity to make crank telephone calls to rile someone up. They do this by spelling out inflammatory words, words designed to stir your emotions. Like in the scary movies when in the midst of speaking to dear departed Grandma, she begins crying for help saying she’s burning in hell or some such.  Yeah, that’s not a fun thought. But the astral “spirits” get a kick out of it, you continue the thought, the people in the room add their emotions and thoughts about it, and suddenly the board is attracting more mischievousness and more upset from the people using it.

People can be more emotionally and psychologically fragile than we think. Not everyone can handle so much input.  I mean, we are in the midst of the astral plane every moment of our lives every day, but the ouija is the phone call and consent for communication. If you’ve had a dramatic connection with words the ouija typed out for you, you’ll likely continue that line of thought when you go home and you’ll have more questions. You may begin to want to speak to “the spirit” again to clarify something. Think on it long enough and you won’t need a ouija board to communicate, another way will make itself known.  All this is well and good unless you are having fearful, worrisome thoughts.  Then you can drive yourself crazy in a self talk loop of what is the worst that can happen? and attract more fearful thoughts. You might experience what’s known as poltergeist activity, maybe just spooky sounds or glimpses from the corner of your eye, but enough to make you worry and go into a downward spiral of a mood for a while.

It’s easy in situations like that to forget you are just dealing with a thoughtform, and that your focused thoughts and beliefs can override it.  Here are good things to know if you use the ouija.

1.  Go in with focused intention to have a good experience.

2.  Write questions down ahead of time.

3.  Be discerning who is in the room together — no non-believers, no one sick, no one angry.

4.  Many say a prayer to begin, calling forth those who have the best interest of the group at heart, asking that benevolent energies of the Light govern the session and give the most accurate information.

5.  At the end, point the planchette to GoodBye. Tell the spirits “goodbye,” thank them for the session, and pray to send everyone into the Light where they may continue to grow and prosper.

Follow these suggestions and you are more likely to have a good experience.
Like everything else in life, we attract what we are.

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