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End of year beach contemplation

umbrella beachToday was an adventure day, made more so by the unexpected rain. I seldom set out to spend a day at the beach but that was today’s plan. Growing up in Florida, my beach gear typically stays in the car: blanket, towels, swim shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, water. I added my beach chair and umbrella, small ice chest, tarot cards and Kindle Paperwhite. I made sure my phone was fully charged. I dressed in light colors for privacy, so I’d blend in. If I’m going to be incognito at the beach, I wear light colors rather than my traditional Johnny Cash black. Swap out my black hat for a natural straw one and I’m totally beige. I typically sit high on the dunes amidst the sea oats for privacy and less sea spray, but if I use the umbrella, I stick it in the sand nearer the shore. I keep the car prepared with everything, so if I want to run to the beach on a whim, I’ve got all my comforts with me. I drove south on US 1 just as the sun was breaking through.   Continue reading

The January 2016 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

 January 2016 cover

January 2016 cover

The January Horizons is now online at  We have a Guest Astrologer for the January 2016 Horoscopes On December 2, 2015, my beautiful friend and the Horizons Magazine astrologer for 19 years, Barbara Lee, passed suddenly. She was a bright shining star who will be missed. Her horoscopes were the highlight of the magazine.  I found Barbara Lee when I picked up a magazine called The Rose Garden at 1996 San Francisco Whole Life Expo.  I was so taken by her insights and her accuracy for me in the moment that I called and had a long conversation with her.  When a few months later the Horizons astrologer gave notice she could no longer do the monthly horoscopes. I called Barbara and the rest is history.  She will be missed. We’ll meet again, my friend.   Continue reading

Using music, I broke thru the energy blockage

woman musicMy hands are feeling 100% better! Two days ago I made the decision to dedicate all afternoon to soothing my sore strained paws with massage, pranic healing, bongers, visualization and music therapy. I found I can listen to my favorite piano concertos and feel it moving through my nervous system like an elixir and healing my paws as it flows out my fingers. I’ve been using the headphones while sitting in front of the altar space, hands resting atop my knees. I envision myself inhaling the music in through my fingertips and exhaling the pain out my mouth. I knew it was just blocked energy, something I was holding onto that I was not yet aware of. I over strained my hands/arms by over-use and over-scrolling. That’s why I scheduled the emergency appointment to spend yesterday alone at the beach and figure out what I needed to “let go” of, what I needed to “release my grip” on. I realized I needed to get the energy moving and figure out what I was metaphorically “keeping a grip on” that I needed to let go of. Yesterday I spent several hours at the beach, letting myself be drawn into the Now, which is where my power lies. Once there, I realized there are a few things I need to drop my involvement in. Once I made that decision, I felt very free.  Continue reading

Why bother loving if everyone dies?

Butterfly-BoyA young friend wrote, “It feels like the happy endings in the world are fake. I can’t help going into 2016 wondering which one of my loved ones is going to die next. In 2014 my brother died, and in 2015 my dad died. Maybe this is no way to live my life, but at the age of 24 I’ve learned that getting attached to anyone is pointless since I will eventually be left.”  My dad was a suicide, so was my younger brother and, later, more friends and acquaintances than I care to count. I was in my 20’s when loved ones began dying. It made me question the point of life at all. It sent me into a very contemplative stage and also kept me at arms’ distance from those around me. In my 60+ years I have learned that everyone will die, and most supposedly good friends will betray you. What saves my sanity is to love them anyway. From a distance, sure and I get heck for that but it’s no less a love.  Loving is one thing. Being attached is another. Continue reading

Shooting star under the full moon

full moon beach shooting starWe took a ride to the beach and watched the waves under the almost-full moon. It was beautiful and peaceful out there watching the waves lap the shore. The temp was about 76 and it was breezy.  We saw a shooting star!  A shooting star is symbolic of luck, a rebirth and changes in your life. We each made a wish!

You may no longer be partners but you are still parents

balanceA Facebook friend posted: “My ex had a death in the family and everyone is gathering out of state for the funeral. He has to work so he’d be alone. Nobody should be alone on Christmas so I invited him to the house for dinner. I’ve learned I do not have to account for what others think of me or how they treat me. But I do have to look in the mirror and respect the person staring back at me. I have seen grown children confront their mother and say, “I could’ve had a good relationship with my father if it hadn’t been for you.” I will never stand in the way of my children and their father. It’s childish and only hurts the children. We may no longer be husband and wife but we will always be mother and father to those two beautiful children. I love my kids and they love their dad. I just want to do what’s right.”  Continue reading

A Shortcut to Attracting Money

dollars in handA friend and I were doing some visualization this morning to get money flowing. He has his home up for sale and wrote, “It hasn’t attracted anyone yet but I know it is coming soon. I keep holding the vision of the check in the bank account, at the same time feeling the excitement and gratitude that the home has been sold and the money is already available.” I told him I know a shortcut that’s more effective in making the dollars appear sooner. Here it is.   Continue reading

Winter Solstice is tonight

wintersolstice_fibonladyWinter? Last weekend high temps in the 70’s and lows in the 60’s, other than that it’s still warm and muggy. That’s the thing with Central Florida. If you’re not a heat and humidity loving beach or boating person, the constant steam bath gets old and oppressive. If we’re lucky, we get six months a year of cool weather with breezes and humidity under 70%. Being in the cool dry air makes my body feel frisky and enlivens my mind . I feel like being active outdoors and when I’m active outdoors, I get contemplative. When I get contemplative, I spend more time pondering. I write to figure things out and record realizations. I’ve had a little frustration lately as I’m healing my right paw and trying to stay off the keyboard and mouse, and even the phone for voice to text.  This too shall pass.  Facebook has a feature now showing what I posted “On This Day” in years past. I could tell by what I wrote how inspired I was and what the weather was. I see on Winter Solstice 2009, I wrote Your Daily Spiritual Practice & The Company You Keep.
On 2010 I wrote Exercising the Spidey Sense.
On 2012 Reviewing the year for what you want to continue doing.
On 2013 The Winter Solstice bonfire metaphor and why we’re cooked faster by some people than others
On 2014 I wrote Sleeping, Cleaning, Souping

A typical thing I do as soon as cool weather hits is set up a tent in my woods here. The last 4 years it hasn’t been cool long enough to do that. Perhaps this will be the year. Tonight, a fire.


Update On A Spirit Releasement

eye rainbowI got an update yesterday. In September 2015 I wrote Spirit directs me when others are better suited for particular work. MJ had called to say he needed a spirit removed from his home. A local store owner suggested he call me. I knew he had a serious situation but I wasn’t sure I was the one to handle it. With some energies/entities, I’ve learned there are others better suited for that work. In spirit contact and ghost busting, I’ve learned that how I perceive what I observe determines how it will interact with me. That means if I perceive it as something that has the power to disturb my peace, it will react to that and be all poltergeist-y for me. If I perceive it as a wayward wisp caught in a loop waiting to be directed to an exit, it will react to that. See the difference? Do I see the person walking toward me as a thug wanting to harm me, or as a lost traveler I can help try to find his way home?  Continue reading

A 30 day experiment with attraction

Faery_GoddessDo you take note of cause and effect when you set out to attract something? I do. For 30 days, I removed my attention completely from a particular topic. For 30 days, my income on that topic ceased. Last night I spent 2 hours researching that topic and this morning I’ve spent 3 hours. In that time, I followed my inner guidance and texted several friends who came to mind. That not only generated income for me, it sparked my interest in another project and gave me insight into a personal issue I’ve been contemplating. Energy flows where attention goes.