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Bookkeeping is done for 2008! Getting off catalog lists

Wednesday New Year’s Eve December 31, 2008 5:00pm
Today was spent catching up all my bookkeeping and clearing my desk.  At the bottom of the stack of work to be done was the back cover of all the catalogs I’ve been getting lately.  I pull the back cover off as I throw the catalog into the recycle bin, and then I email each company and ask to be taken off their list.  On the back cover of every catalog is a number to call or a website to go to.  At each website somewhere is a place to be removed from the catalog list.

Hey, I like to save trees when I can.  So what did everyone do for New Year’s Eve?


Winter? Kinda… I get to experience New Year’s Eve fireworks with the Pitney Bowes service tech in the Philippines

Wednesday December 31, 2008 New Year’s Eve 11:30 am
Nice and chilly this morning!  I’d gone to sleep not knowing the temp would drop overnight and awoke about 5am with windows open and feeling kinda freezie.  I’d fallen asleep as usual proofreading on the couch, wearing sweats, sheepskin booties and my ridiculously gigantic but warm and fuzzy robe.  At some point in my sleep I’d reached over and pulled the acrylic blanket over me, too.  Ok, so it only got down to about 42 degrees, but that’s pretty cold for central Florida.  I got up and went around closing all the windows. The thermostat said it was 65 degrees inside but without the wind blowing through it felt fine. Continue reading

Synchronicity gets the bills paid on time

Tuesday December 30, 2008
Today began very early. After my morning yoga and meditation, it quickly became very hectic.  I keep one of those daily flip calendars on my desk, you know the kind: about 7″ x 7″.  I put my bill payment coupons in the calendar on the day I need to order payment, then each morning when I come in, I flip the calendar page to the new day and pay whatever needs to be paid.  Although I have a lot of bills, I don’t have much debt and it’s fairly easy to keep everything current.  I rarely use credit cards and am not a recreational shopper.  Clients and advertisers pay at time of service, so no one is ever past due.  It keeps things simple. Continue reading

Free Think & Grow Rich Action Summary at

I just put a Free Think & Grow Rich Action Summary online at You can click on the Think And Grow Rich book and it will open the pdf file and you can save it to your desktop or just read it.  It’s like a Spark/Cliff Notes version I did of the book, summarizing it and highlighting in red all the steps. So basically, even someone with little patience for reading can flip through it fast, glance at the red text and get the basics. Napolean Hill’s classic book helped me reprogram what I thought was possible regarding money and my abilities to earn it and attract it.  The parts in red were the crucial phrases for my understanding of how it works, that’s why I highlighted them for you. Continue reading

Sorting email addresses, friends and advertisers overlap, not a fan of the hard sell

Saturday December 27, 2008
Another beautiful, glorious day in subtropical central Florida.  Temperatures low in the 60’s last night and high today should be near 80.  It dawned clear and sunny, typical Florida day – 320 days of the year anyway.  I spent the morning sorting out my AOL address book and creating in it a new category for my advertisers.  I just learned I could import them all into my newsletter database within minutes.  Too cool! Continue reading

How to stay functional as you sit out the bleak and depressing times.

heart in hands2I did two readings this morning, both with high-powered, ambitious and independent women who are going through a melancholy cycle as the holidays approach. That is true for many of us, and when it’s in the air like this, it can be easy to pick up emotions from other people if you don’t have a good sense of your own stability. Both clients are in the process of undergoing some radical life changes – for the better – but are in the “wait and see how it unfolds” stage right now, where it seems as though nothing is happening. Both of them are losing motivation and fear settling into destructive habits since they are not seeing results just yet. Continue reading

First Horizons Newsletter gets emailed out; Kudos to brother Jerry

Friday, December 26, 2008  9am
Well,  I got the first Horizons newsletter emailed out and afterward discovered to my horror that in the “From” line was the nickname of a favorite kitty I had when I was a kid.  My brother is always embedding secret messages in our work, text that no one else gets to see but is written in the code so I see it when I am nosing around in the control panel.  Messages like “get out of the control panel now, little sister”. Continue reading

End of year, end of life as we know it – reported by those who made the transition.

Thursday December 25, 2008 7:00am
During the week between Christmas and New Year’s is when the air is most emotionally charged for people.  It’s a time of new beginnings and a time to reflect on those we have lost during the year; those who will no longer be sharing the earth experience with us in their human body. It’s natural to lament the loss of loved ones who have chosen to drop their robes for this Earth walk, and many of us have parents and grand parents who are nearing transition.  It’s a time of many decisions to make and contingencies to be addressed. Continue reading

Christmas Day kayaking; listening to Fred Migliore; new newsletter

11:00pm Christmas Night, December 25, 2008
I had a really good Christmas Day.  I don’t do anything commercial for the holidays, so I escape the flurry of decorating, gift shopping, and card sending and it all stays pretty peaceful.  I did a dawn patrol surf check at the boardwalk in Indialantic this morning, then came back to dry off and have some hot and sour soup for breakfast.  Afterward, I took a walk through Turkey Creek Sanctuary, and then headed toward downtown Melbourne to watch the manatees off riverwalk park for awhile. Continue reading

Merry Christmas; coming out of the fog.

Thursday, December 25, 2008  10:00am Christmas Day
It dawned drizzly and foggy this Christmas Day.  I’d taken a pre-dawn ride to the beach to check the surf, and all the streets and buildings looked as though they had been washed clean overnight.   I sat at the stairs to one of the beach accesses south on the boardwalk and not another soul was in sight.   I was glad I had a flannel shirt and hat in the car, since there was a lot of fog and mist.  I sat at the top of the steps for about 30 minutes, Continue reading