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The January 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The January mag is now online at Click here for the January 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes. (Ignore where it says 10-21 upon loading, this is the January 2022 mag)

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Always effective, but sometimes excessive! You may be more than perfect; you trigger jealousies, so close your eyes or turn a deaf ear. May you actually need to increase your income or your network on the internet? Do not worry, small difficulties fade. So, you will really find the power to act without too much obstacle. Indeed, your energy comes back and you have to face the facts, you take a lot of initiatives. This helps you to conclude quickly and well, everything you do. If you wish to entrust a secret to someone, you only have to choose from. Among all trusted friends around you there are many who are willing to go to the fire for you. From the 23rd to the 25th, avoid being stubborn for an unimportant detail. Continue reading

Why am I sharing Ching Ching Ching Goes The Money Tree Mantra?

I posted a few versions of this MONEY MANTRA on Facebook since real life friends have been having success stories. I have them show me their evidence before I count their story as true: a copy of the refund check they received, the bonus, the deposit into their bank, the transmittal letter. Half of them were long time clients, so I knew their financial “before” situation. When I’m working with someone to increase their income, I initially have them send me their last few tax returns and then their monthly bank statements.  That’s how we track progress in real time, There’ve been 4 so far who’ve received out of the blue windfalls. They said the only thing they did differently was sing this mantra until it got stuck in their head.

The thing is, tho, by having the words running subconsciously, they’re entertaining the idea that it could be true for them. That heightens their expectation and belief and lowers their resistance as far as what is possible for them. It opens their eyes to opportunities they may have overlooked before. Something they previously thought they couldn’t obtain, now seemed attainable. Expecting money out of the blue now seemed possible. Coincidence? Maybe. Try it and you tell me.  Continue reading

The December Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

December 2021

The December Horizons is now online at Click here for the  December 2021 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
You encounter maximum luck, the stars offer you the opportunity to make unexpected encounters. You make new decisions, you have new projects. You prefer to rely on your instinct to make your choices. You listen attentively to the advice that we give you but like the good Aries that you are, you do things only your way. This month, you are full of affection, you give, you receive it back. If until now your emotivity slumbered because of an increase of activities, Venus comes to wake it up. From the first week your sensitivity is at its highest level, all the little touches affect you, you are happy to discover that we love you for who you are and not for a particular interest.

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Don’t make me grill you for details, be efficient with your words

I’m neither autistic nor neuro divergent but I give attention to detail and try to give all info in one pass. I saw the importance of that working as a criminal defense paralegal for 22 years, watching testimony and reading interrogatories. A defendant would give minimal answers which necessitated more questions.  The night of the murder I was at the Jiggly Babes club from 9pm-2am with my friends Joe, Bob and Sue, here are their last names and contact info is ALWAYS MORE EFFICIENT than “I was out with friends.” (Where? What times? Who with? How may I contact them?) Having to talk to so many people every day for so many years, I’m all about efficiency, especially with words.

The November Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

November 2021

The November Horizons is now online at November 2021. Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
For you Aries this is the month of creation. Your creative nature is at its highest level and you need to achieve things for yourself. From the beginning of the month without losing a minute you set up your future projects and you benefit from good vibrations so take advantage of it. You make unexpected encounters, you jump on every opportunity, your will to succeed is striking. At work we flatter you, in your private life we seduce you. Most of the time you trust your instinct when making your choices, this month will still be the case. Around November 18 you face an incongruous situation, in spite of everything, you keep calm, you do not go headlong towards the conflict. Your initiatives are bold, whether you adhere to them or not, it does not matter, you continue on your path. Continue reading

Variety of Experience is Essential to Understanding

VARIETY OF EXPERIENCE IS ESSENTIAL. Our automatic reactions show us what we really know, what we really think and believe. It’s hard when the mind’s default setting is focused on the woes of the world. You literally have to make it a daily discipline in order to “break” the habit of unhelpful thoughts. You’ll know you’re properly trained when you’ve practiced the situation so repeatedly that your intent overrides the muscle memory. Whether it’s worrisome thoughts, midnite snacking or knowing when to pull a gun, in the heat of the moment, are you disciplined enough to remain focused and clear headed to properly assess the situation and react appropriately?  TRAIN YOURSELF, make it a DAILY PRACTICE to remain focused and when the time comes, there will be no mistakes.

The prefrontal cortex, which controls thinking, logic, knowing what to do, responds to EXPERIENCE as it develops. The wider the variety of experience, the more development. Example: live in one town your whole life? Only talk to a handful of people? Not much variety of experience. Alcohol, nicotine, amphetamine, cocaine, morphine and psychoactive drugs diminish elasticity in the prefrontal cortex, which affects their thinking, logic, knowing what to do. Someone with little life experience, on a diet of alcohol and nicotine is gonna feel safe with people who feel familiar and end up agreeing with them and following their beliefs, often to their downfall.

Train yourself to be aware and observant. Train yourself to discipline your mind so you’re never so overtaken by emotion that you make fatal mistakes. Make it a point to READ a variety of viewpoints, EXPERIENCE new places and people, BE OPEN MINDED — for the sake of experiment — to what other people believe is the truth and why. Knowledge is power.

The October Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The Oct Horizons is now online at October 2021. ON THE COVER: Apollo Love was a homeless teenager and high school dropout who went on to become an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and a 2-time reality show star featured on MTV’s True Life and ABC’s Glass House. I saw Glass House and recall him being outstanding as a voice of reason and keeping it real. On page 22 he details how Covid exposed New Age Narcissism (reprinted with permission from Elephant Journal.)  Find him on Facebook and visit
Here are your October horoscopes:

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A toddler’s prefrontal cortex isn’t fully formed = no self control

“My favorite reply to a parent scolding their child in public for “something they’ve been told not to do” is to remind them that their prefrontal cortex isn’t fully formed yet which means they don’t have the executive functioning for self control. Instead what they are doing is encoding a traumatic response pattern in their child’s limbic system and in their actual body. Which will not help them later in life at all.”  David Jacques

When “thinking positive” doesn’t help — you were just taught another set of wrong thoughts is all

I did a reading last night for a friend with a lot of health problems.  ”I try to think positively” he said, “but it’s hard to think positively when I can hear my bones pop and crunch with every step. I am depressed because I’m in pain all the time.  All I can think about is how much it hurts and that I will have to deal with this the rest of my life. So don’t tell me to think positive.”  The problem  is that he’s not yet learned how to phrase a positive thought.  It’s like people who say that affirmations don’t work.  If your self talk isn’t working for you, you just need to know how to phrase  it the right way.  Repeating the wrong thing to yourself all the time won’t help.  Reminding yourself of the right things can help you begin to move out of your current situation.  And to remember the right things, you need to say the right words and they need to be true and they need to have meaning for you.   Continue reading