Exercising the spidey sense

Yesterday I did some of the billing I had to do and then I ran out to the post office and the bank and decided to get my oil changed on the way in.  Jiffy Lube on Babcock Street is so fast, I never have to wait long, so I didn’t bring in anything to read.  I’d emptied the car out beforehand anyway, since they always vacuum the inside, and I didn’t want them to have to wade through stacks of Horizons, maps, umbrellas, files.  I chuckled when I saw that the car ahead of mine was an older model, packed to the top of the headrests with a tumble of clothes and toys and knicknacks.  I smiled and wondered what kind of character would drive that car and what the story behind all the contents was.  I was soon to find out.

The owner of the car was a 78 year old self described redneck who wore a tattered SnapOn Tools teeshirt and khaki pants several sizes too large.  She had very short hair and skin leathery and dark from 70+ years in the sun, and her name was Billie.  She talked about growing up on a farm and how her mom had passed several years ago and how she now volunteers at different senior centers and collects items to donate; thus the car full of stuff.  She was quite the talker, but she had an interesting story and she enjoyed having someone new to tell it to.  What is interesting is that I’d programmed someone’s number into my cell phone so I could talk to them as I ran errands, and it turns out I had the wrong number.  Otherwise I would have been on the phone with them the entire time at Jiffy Lube, rather than making time to listen to Billie.  The Universe knows how to make us available for whoever we need to be with when we need to be with them.  I got a lot out of our visit, I am sure she did too.

Synchronicity.  I l love being in the flow and taking note of the synchronicities that occur.  Being aware of them makes more of them happen, too.  Yesterday I had a neat spidey sense flash – and an example of what it means or doesn’t mean. I was approaching the Circle K near the house and wondered if I should get a Fantasy Five ticket for the night. The numbers 3525 came into my head. I got a Play 4. I came home and an unexpected check for $352.50 was in my mailbox, a final dividend on an investment I thought went bottom up years ago. Things like that happen a lot.  I wrote on Facebook that apparently I am fully connected and the only glitch is my own self, my tangle of thoughts, etc. that the information filters through. Go figure 🙂

On June 13 of last year, the numbers 1, 9, 6 keep appearing to me.  I didn’t know why. I emailed my friend Carl M. that I was going to play the numbers.  The numbers 9-6-1 came in on the Cash 3 that evening and we both won.

It helps me to know what my guidance system is telling me, to be able to interpret it correctly.  So exercising it is important.  One way to exercise it is to keep track of little things like this – my correct “hits” – and bring them to mind often, along with the thought that “I am getting better at this all the time.”  I don’t do this to gloat to friends or get pats on the back for my spidey sense, I do it to keep honest track of it and to attract more of it. to stay in the vibrational resonance of it.  I am always emailing notes or predictions to myself in order to get a date/time stamp on it to review later.

A couple of years ago, I wanted a tent and had just finished my internet research to decide what kind and size I wanted.  I woke up one morning and knew that someone would call me that day and they would have a tent for me like the one I was looking for.  I went into the office and began taking the day’s calls, yet each time when I wondered if I should ask about the tent, it felt stupid and I didn’t do it. Then Jane Warner from Heaven Sent Wellness Center called and it was the first time we’d spoken.  I immediately knew she had the tent for me.  We spoke first about an ad, the purpose of her call, then I told her I’d been looking for a tent and that Spirit just told me she had one for me.  There was a short pause, then she told me that she and Angie just returned from a gathering where they took their tent.  They had, however, forgotten the top fly to the tent and so went to the nearest Sears and bought a duplicate tent so they had a fly that fit.  Which left them with an extra tent.  For me.

Once I was meeting a friend in Michael’s Craft Store in Melbourne.  As I was walking in the door, I was looking for my friend’s head above everything since he’s really, really tall.  I didn’t see him at first, then I saw a light matrix grid walk out about 10 feet in ahead of him, and it had sparks at all the joints below the hips.  I asked in my mind what it was and the answer was “crystals in the joints”.  Then I saw my friend appear and we began speaking and I forgot about it.  A couple of days later, I remembered and I asked inside – my internal guidance system – or Whoever is Up There or In Here – for more info and what “crystals in the joints” means.  The answer was “he knows”.  So I asked my buddy and he told me he has gout and that is how it appears.  I Googled the word “gout” and found out more info and sure enough they describe it as uric acid crystals in the joints.  Two weeks later, my friend had a severe gout attack.  I thought it was cool to be able to see them and give him a heads up so he could maybe prevent them.  But I was the only one who thought that was cool.

When I say a light matrix grid appeared, the closest I can think to show you what I mean is in Alex Grey’s painting of the Universal Mind Lattice.  Like the Boy in the Bubble, imagine everyone is walking about in a giant energetic bubble; call it the aura, the energy field, and it extends out around you lke a hamster ball rolling around on the floor everywhere you go.  When there is information to be had, for me often it’s contained inside the grid, inside the bubble.

Once at church, I walked up on a couple of friends having a conversation, and one of them mentioned someone who might have a kidney infection.  My friend Janine Chimera said she’d been having those same symptoms and, without planning to, I blurted out that she didn’t have the infection, her mom did and Janine was just getting the signal to have it checked.  She didn’t know how to interpret the signal, so she thought she herself might have it, since she was clearly having symptoms.  She did not.  But even missing part of the conversation, somehow it was appropriate to butt in with what I knew.

With a partner once, I awoke in the middle of the night and had a strong impression as I laid with my hand across his tummy and heard myself say out loud “you’ve got a hot liver”.  He asked what that meant and I didn’t know, I was sleeping and it just came out as I stirred.  But I came in and Googled ”hot liver” when I got up.  I found an Ayurvedic website that had that phrase and it basically meant he could benefit by a liver cleansing.  I simply asked him to get a liver function test and he did and his enzyme levels were indeed elevated.  Yay for the spidey sense.

So bringing these things to mind when they happen and reflecting on them, helps you exercise your spidey sense.  Taking note every time something synchronistic happens exercises your spidey sense, your psychic sense.  And it’s worth noting that I believe it’s easier for me to interpret the symbolism when I live a life of silence and quiet and few external distractions in a monastic setting.  But it can be cultivated and exercised anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.  It just takes practice and focus.

And it’s so worth it.

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