2-9-14 reading at Book and Bead copySome kind testimonials for Andrea’s reading sessions:
How blessed I was to find you.  Who so effortlessly showed me who I was and made me see through the lies I’d been told and began to believe myself.  Thank you. Jeremy James Bonner (TwoFishesMedia)

I wanted you to know that you were on target more than probably either one of us could have guessed. I’m sure that if I hadn’t had your reading I wouldn’t have had the push & the courage to risk a deeper level of contact. Thank you. DHJ

Thank you, your email reading was very helpful, I could read it over when the old feelings came up. It was my comfort, my healing. Bless you. AMB

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 I just wanted to say Thank you for your reading and you were spot on.  There were a few things I just wasn’t ready to hear and so I try to suppress from hearing it.  I appreciate your gift. Thank you.  DAT

Thank you so much for the reading.  It was so helpful and was right on.  I can not express how much I needed this to help with all the chaos. DD

I let someone pull my strings for too long, thank you for helping me break free of the cycle Andrea.  Sometimes it takes an angel to let us know that WE are somebody too and that WE count, too. You know my sad story and act like it doesn’t matter. That helped me know NOW matters more than THEN. You made me see my life in a new way, a way that doesn’t hurt to remember now. You know my journey and lighted my way. You are my peace. Thank you. GS

Awakening to a new reality, a new perception of all your old beliefs can be a very lonely road. Until you awaken to the fact that others have been there too. Others that can point you inward toward the answers. They can help you to realize  the scope of the incredible spiritual transformation you are undergoing. Call it a mid-life crisis, unhappiness, longing or discontent, whatever it is, it’s calling you to make a change. Face the fear, make the change, live harmoniously, love life and move forward.  Andrea de Michaelis was that light for me when I thought I was the only one.  You ignite my mind with possibility, showing me errors in perceptions and helping me reshape things for a more fruitful outcome.  If I was to write a “rags to riches” tale of success, it would begin here. Jeremy James Bonner (TwoFishesMedia)

I want to thank you because ever since I decided to be the weirdo to you and talk about my Jerry Springer psychic life, I have not had anymore nightmares. Thank you for the reading… TSR

That was a fairly good reading considering you have never met me. How can you read someone’s energy without them being present? Fascinating. Thanks! OJL

Thank you. You are an angel when I needed one. I have referred two friends. I look forward to our next reading. MTK

Thanks to you and Abraham-Hicks, I now recognize that when my ego is trying to drag me down, I hear my higher self in my own voice reigning it in and asking me to kick it out. Fun! I had a 180 degree mood shift because of it.  Charlie S.

Thank you so much for your help, I have learned lots from you during this journey. You are the beautiful and talented one. Again with all my heart, I thank you Andrea, I am happy to see you get through the you know what. MAY THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS SHOWER YOU WITH BLESSINGS ANDREA MY FRIEND………….. PP

Just a quick update from the reading you did a month or two back- You mentioned my brother needing surgery for something and there may be some complications, but all will bring the family together – got the call today artery blockage to his heart. Just add another confirmation under your belt!  TPCostanzo

Thank you so much for the loving healing talk…you are the best! MJC

Andrea = AWESOME. Thanks for the reading Andrea. You are truly a treat. I’m honored and pleased to know you. MP

Thank you for the most powerful reading today. EPF

I wanted to give a shout out to Andrea de Michaelis! I had a reading with her a while back and she told me to be patient… (if you know me, you know that’s not exactly a natural feeling for me! LOL) Today I saw evidence/confirmation of what she was telling me to believe and trust in… If you’ve ever wondered about having a reading with her, it was great! Melissa D.

A while ago I posted about something that Andrea de Michaelis had indicated would come to pass and had made manifest. Recently, the next step happened, just as she said. If you’re contemplating a session with her, run…don’t walk….and sign up! Looking forward to seeing more things come to fruition! Melissa D.

My friend Lornna posted that the very next day after your reading with her, she got a viable offer on her house! Now waiting to see if financing goes through, but planning closing on her new house in Sebastian Sept 16. Thank you, Andrea!!! Joan Crutcher

You did it again!!!!! (I saw big change, home space being free up, dollars coming in – they were concerned a loved one was passing however I did not see that. I saw only dollars coming and remodeling happening with no death precipitating it.) We are working on the house… Moving my nephew to another room to get our tv room back.  I never would have thought it would happen so soon. I started by getting rid of his old truck … that led to his old sporting equipment … that led to working on the house with nary a death in sight. AWESOME. you hit it right on the nose..YOU ROCK!!!!  WKS

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