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The October 2016 Horizons is now online, here are the Horoscopes

The October Horizons is now online at  As of  2016, we are honored to have nationally known Maya White doing the monthly horoscopes. Maya White is a Master Destination Astrologer and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect place on earth for love, prosperity, and personal growth.

Maya White
Maya White

Visit Maya’s website and for an introduction to Maya White, read here  Contact her and ask what she might do for you.  Here are this month’s horoscopes:    Continue reading

A Daily Prayer

A morning prayer

A morning prayer

Heavenly Father/Mother/God, let me stay aware of you as I go throughout my day. Help me stay on task and be clear in my communications. Bless every caller and everyone I come in contact with or bring to mind. Bless me and guide me to do good work. You know my financial needs, so guide me to action to make the money flow in ways that surprise and delight me. Open my eyes more fully to the world around me so I may more fully appreciate all I have. Thank you for my life because, Whoever or Whatever you are, without you I wouldn’t be living the Paradise on Earth that is now my life and I wouldn’t know that You allow me to be the one who directs my own flow. 

For everyone who asked for lightning to strike last night, it did

lightning you are the sky textThoughts are powerful. Everyone who hoped for lightning to strike in Melbourne last night, it did. But it didn’t strike the Trump rally at the airport. Lightning struck the main line in Melbourne, and a boil precaution has been advised until bacterial testing has been completed and water is safe to drink. A good reminder do not wish on someone else something you would not wish for yourself. Here’s a link to the Boil Water notice on the City page

How to connect if you have a hard time visualizing

mind cosmic blueA friend asks “How does one connect? Everyone seems to know what to do, but no one can explain to me how to do it. I can’t figure out the “how” part.”

My answer is that in the beginning, if you cannot visualize it happening, you will have to practice imagining what it would feel like.  Pretend what it would feel like. Pretend is a powerful word.  Pre, from before and tend from intend. When you are pretending or imagining something, you are intending ahead of time. And what you imagine and pretend, you attract. If you want to attract conscious connection with your Source, with your Higher Self, you may have to first practice imaging it happen.    Continue reading

Lightworkers, send pink light

pink-light-send-72When you send pink light, you activate a vibration of connection within yourself which causes the object of your attention to have the same vibration activated within them. Abraham

I’m calling out to lightworkers and vision keepers. We all know someone we can shine a light on and hold the thought of a happy and peaceful outcome. Like gravity, sending pink light works whether you believe it does or not. I’m asking you to send pink light here to Melbourne, FL. There will be a gathering at the airport afternoon and evening that could benefit from an extra ooommph of our love. Only send out what you want you or your loved ones to receive back. Breathe in the pink images and let your heartspace fill with their love. Have the thought to breathe this pink light, this pink love outward to loved ones, friends, family and us here in Melbourne, FL. We can make change happen. We are changing the world, we are re-creating reality, yes, us, one thought at a time.

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bamboo-stalkI just came back from a long walk around the hood. I listened to music for a little while but realize that without hearing nature sounds I feel less connected to where I am. If I don’t feel connected, it’s no fun. I’m all about keeping it fun.

If I’d been listening to music as I passed the bamboo, I wouldn’t have heard its gentle creaking, I wouldn’t have heard it say, “come play, come watch me grow.”

Musings from this morning’s walk

A beautiful morning walk, a clear day — nice, breezy, a balmy 76 degrees, humidity is 80%. It’s sprinkling off and on so it’s not muggy. There are no misquitoes. It feels good to get back out and walk again. Usually I do it before dawn but at 8:00am I needed sunglasses and a visor. I tend to forego walks the entire summer due to the heat.  Not good, I’m up 10 lbs. The treadmill is a blah substitute and I’m lax about riding the inside bike. I was stoked when I woke up today wanting to take a trek. I was glad I took my phone with me since a manly man with tools needed to be called into the gate at my rental. I was stoked that I had enough breath to carry on a phone convo without huffing and puffing.  Thank you daily yoga the last 40 years. Since I wore my sunglasses, I also wore my eyeglasses, which I usually only wear when driving or at large venues when I want to recognize faces and read signs. I discovered that with glasses on, I tend to focus more on moving things outside my immediate area, like the street traffic 2 blocks ahead, rather than taking a closer look at the inner workings of what’s right in front of me.    Continue reading

Do not show up at my door unannounced

close-some-doorsWhen someone shows up unannounced and your experience tells you it’s best to keep the door closed, you keep the door closed… no matter how many times they cry wolf.  I wrote yesterday in This is a drama free zone that I love Facebook’s On This Day feature that shows me what I’d posted 1, 2, 5, 7 years before on this day.  I’d written “I don’t know how people stay in moody up and down relationships with boomerang partners. It’s such a waste of everyone’s time and energy and is mega disrespectful. Thankfully I did my time years ago. I count myself lucky getting away with less than two years babysitting a drama queen.”   I wrote that after seeing posts I’d made reminding me of the maze I’d allowed a former friend to put me thru years ago. I spent less than 3 minutes in thought time on it but thoughts are powerful things. I finished some work and at noon laid down to sleep.  A knock on the door roused me and I opened the door expecting USPS. It was the former friend I’d just been reminded of.    Continue reading