Musings from this morning’s walk

A beautiful morning walk, a clear day — nice, breezy, a balmy 76 degrees, humidity is 80%. It’s sprinkling off and on so it’s not muggy. There are no misquitoes. It feels good to get back out and walk again. Usually I do it before dawn but at 8:00am I needed sunglasses and a visor. I tend to forego walks the entire summer due to the heat.  Not good, I’m up 10 lbs. The treadmill is a blah substitute and I’m lax about riding the inside bike. I was stoked when I woke up today wanting to take a trek. I was glad I took my phone with me since a manly man with tools needed to be called into the gate at my rental. I was stoked that I had enough breath to carry on a phone convo without huffing and puffing.  Thank you daily yoga the last 40 years. Since I wore my sunglasses, I also wore my eyeglasses, which I usually only wear when driving or at large venues when I want to recognize faces and read signs. I discovered that with glasses on, I tend to focus more on moving things outside my immediate area, like the street traffic 2 blocks ahead, rather than taking a closer look at the inner workings of what’s right in front of me.   

Stopping for the phone call gave me time to hear the crickets, the birds, see two squirrels scampering and watch a black-twist-tie sized tiny snake sidewinding its way across the road. It’s trash/recycle/garbage day so most had their bins at the street, some were scurrying since we could hear the truck.  At 6:00am I seldom see neighbors but at 8:30am on trash day they are out and about.  

As I reached the end of each street, I kept wanting to walk an extra block. It ending up being two miles round trip and it felt good. I felt I worked my legs. I did not break a sweat but I did slow down to catch my breath a couple of times. I’m more of a trekker than a stroller. I’m learning again how to slow down.


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