How to connect if you have a hard time visualizing

mind cosmic blueA friend asks “How does one connect? Everyone seems to know what to do, but no one can explain to me how to do it. I can’t figure out the “how” part.”

My answer is that in the beginning, if you cannot visualize it happening, you will have to practice imagining what it would feel like.  Pretend what it would feel like. Pretend is a powerful word.  Pre, from before and tend from intend. When you are pretending or imagining something, you are intending ahead of time. And what you imagine and pretend, you attract. If you want to attract conscious connection with your Source, with your Higher Self, you may have to first practice imaging it happen.   

Anytime you listen to a guided meditation where they take you on a physical journey to, say, meet your guides, the way that works is if you completely immerse your attention in the words being said and the images they are asking you to bring to mind. If you get stuck, like if they say “recall your happiest memory” and you can’t think of one, that is the time to stop and spend time searching your memory for a happy time to recall. If you have a hard time visualizing, it’s helpful to have a list written out of joyful times you recall. Don’t skip the writing, it’s a most powerful step that most people leave out. Then when you do the guided meditation the next time, your mind will be receptive to the words because the memory will come easily.

Below is a link to a step by step process I wrote for connecting with your angels, guides and teachers.  Even if you do not want to connect with angels or spirit guides, this process will work. The  process reminds “You might call these your guardian angels, you might call them your spirit guides, you might call them your inner teachers or your own higher Self. Maybe it is unimportant for you to know who your invisible helpers are. As your awareness and psychic perception expands, you may no longer care to know the names of your guides and teachers, as you will have moved past the point where names and identities are important.”

First, it’s helpful to read “what to expect” from the meditation.  Before working with the process, have an expectation of success. Have paper and pen nearby. Even if you think you have never experienced conscious contact, you can still be successful.

Here’s the process

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