This is a drama free zone

drama-free-zoneOh, how I love Facebook’s On This Day feature that shows me what I’d posted 1, 2, 5, 7 years before on this day.  My interactions tend to be easy flowing and drama free. I don’t know how people stay in moody up and down relationships with boomerang partners. It’s such a waste of everyone’s time and energy and is mega disrespectful. Thankfully I did my time years ago. I count myself lucky getting away with less than two years babysitting a drama queen. When people learn to entertain themselves on their own, they’ll enter into more real relationships since they’re no longer looking for someone outside themselves to entertain them. When you connect to the Source within, you never look outside your own Self again, except for the fun of sharing life with beloved friends.
UPDATE:  And to make sure I make it to day 1461, I did not answer the door just now. You cannot just show up unannounced, especially after last time. If there’s anything to say, you can text or email me. Trouble can wander around outside all it wants but I don’t have to invite it in.

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