Lightworkers, send pink light

pink-light-send-72When you send pink light, you activate a vibration of connection within yourself which causes the object of your attention to have the same vibration activated within them. Abraham

I’m calling out to lightworkers and vision keepers. We all know someone we can shine a light on and hold the thought of a happy and peaceful outcome. Like gravity, sending pink light works whether you believe it does or not. I’m asking you to send pink light here to Melbourne, FL. There will be a gathering at the airport afternoon and evening that could benefit from an extra ooommph of our love. Only send out what you want you or your loved ones to receive back. Breathe in the pink images and let your heartspace fill with their love. Have the thought to breathe this pink light, this pink love outward to loved ones, friends, family and us here in Melbourne, FL. We can make change happen. We are changing the world, we are re-creating reality, yes, us, one thought at a time.

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