Nightly Meditation: My Magical Healing Bed

Since I work alone the past 27 years, I hafta be the one who motivates myself. I developed a 3 step system that works for me.  1.  At end of each work day, I make a To Do List for the next day. On the left, I write everything I have to do that day. On the right, I list everything else I have to do.   2.  Before I go to bed, I read over the things I have to do the next day. I spend a few moments seeing myself breeze through getting it done.  3.  When I wake up, I bring to mind the day’s tasks and again run it through my head for a few minutes.  By doing these 3 steps, I’m not only psyching myself up for the work, I’m pre-paving a fast and easy job.

I’ve been doing a lot of yard work as the weather gets cooler, and really loving it.  The west woods was cleared of palmettoes and underbrush I’ve been digging up and moving a dozen plants and trees a day over there from elsewhere in the east yard. By the time I’m done, I’m SORE AND ACHEY  and ready for bed. I thought I’d share My Magical Healing Bed Process since that’s when I remind the cells of my body what we’re there for.  My process is to Self Talk Myself Into Healing using helpful phrases. Here’s the script I use, try it for yourself. You’ll find comfort and relief.

First, I remind myself I have access to inner guidance that can lead me in the right direction for all decisions. Then my mind starts looking for evidence of that and attracting guidance and inspiration to me. When I remind myself that other portions of me understand what I do not, (see Seth ) I can ask that these parts help me understand, help me become aware of what I need to know. I “activate” them by talking to them and asking them for help. 

Self Talking Myself into Healing and Rejuvenation

I’ve just gotten into the Magical Healing Bed. While on this bed, I envision a Magical Healing Light above and below, bathing me in golden light.  I can feel the light moving thru me with every breath.  I can feel all congested energy being swept away with every breath.

As I get comfortable and relax in my bed, I can feel the relief in my muscles as I let myself sink into the mattress. I know when I relax, I can more easily tune into inner guidance and direct the cells of my body to heal and rejuvenate.

With every breath, I can feel my aches and pains subside. I bask in the feeling of relief, knowing the basking will bring more relief.

As I bask in the golden light, I can feel my body systems working as they should, I can feel the fresh water and nutrition moving thru to fuel me. I can feel my mind getting clearer.  It’s becoming easier to remember things and it’s becoming easier to recognize solutions and see the opportunities around me.

With every breath, moving the light thru me, I ask those other parts of me to bring me helpful guidance to stay healthy and active, to motivate me to walk and be more active, to strengthen my body, to eat fresh, live and healthy foods.

As I breathe and feel my body relax and my aches and pains subside, I ask those other parts of me to guide me to helpful and constructive thoughts and friends upon awakening that lead in me in directions I’d be delighted to go.

(You may want to add your own, such as) As I breathe and feel my body relax and my aches and pains subside, I ask those other parts of me to guide me to new career choices and money making ideas.

By the time you’re asleep, you’ve already activated the nonphysical parts of you to begin gathering info they will later give back to you as guidance. 

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