A self talk script I read over when I need replacement thoughts

This is one of the self talk scripts I read over to remind me of what I know.  I read this whenever I am having continuing thoughts that I want to replace with better feeling thoughts.  This is one set of replacement thoughts I use.  I read it over to myself until I realize that what it says is true.

I know I am in charge of my own wellbeing.

I know that what comes to me is a result of how I think about life and how I react to it.

It helps me stay focused on the good that is happening in my Now if I do not watch the news or listen to other’s people’s complaints and worries and theories and opinions.

I know that I do not need to attract more good into my life, I merely need to release my resistance to the good that is already available to me.

I know that I release resistance whenever I do something that is purely fun and enjoyable to me, when I do something that makes me be in the Now, that lets me be happy and lose time in the doing of it.  For me that can be gardening, sewing, sketching, painting, woodworking.  Something that requires my complete and focused attention yet is fun and fulfilling.

I’ve found that nothing can help me release resistance more than driving somewhere new, visiting a new place and doing unfamiliar things.

I know that anytime I look for the positive aspects in any situation, I find them.

I know anytime I sit and make a list of the people I love and the things I appreciate, something in me switches on and I feel better.

I know when I feel better, I suddenly see all sorts of opportunity around me that I didn’t notice before.

When I see more opportunity available to me, I feel excited about the possibilities.

When I feel excited about the possibilities, Life expands around me and good things begin happening.

When I feel happy and excited, I know that’s the time for effective creative visualization, and I begin running the best case scenario “what ifs” through my imagination.

When I begin to doubt, I simply repeat these thoughts.

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