Tired? Bummed? Need a lift? Take a Magical Healing Shower

The Magical Healing Shower came to me years ago as I stood exhausted at the end of a very long and challenging day. I stepped into the shower and sighed loudly as I lifted my face into the flowing water. I asked that the water remove the stress of the day, and I was immediately transported into a standing meditation that felt transformative on all levels.  In the shower, you visualize all the stress, any pain or sadness or confusion and pain being washed off you as if it were mud. Standing in a flow of water affects the body and the energy field. Here’s the process:  

Before you step into the shower, set your intention that this will be a healing experience.  Inhale deeply, feel the air fill your body, and exhale, feeling your body release all tension. Feel the air fill your body, and feel your body release all of the energy that no longer serves you. Begin to shower as you normally would, this time imagining that you are scrubbing a layer of mud away. This mud represents everything you are ready to release from your energy field.  In your mind’s eye, see it going down the drain, where it will nourish the earth.

After the mud has been washed away, turn your face into the shower and, starting from the top of your head, feel the stress and tension melt away with the flowing water. Your forehead, your face, the back of your head and your neck, feel the stress flow away on the water.  Feel it move over your shoulders, into your arms, past your wrists, into your hands and fingers. Feel the energy flow through your chest, your back, your stomach, your hips and legs. Feel the tension flowing away on the water. Feel the flow of energy, flow smoothly from the top of your head, through your arms and body, legs and feet.  See all of your tension and stress be washed away, down the drain, making more space for joy, more pleasure.  The magical healing shower has washed away all stress and all tension.

With your tension washed away, allow the magical healing shower to energize and fill you with light, right to your core. Stand there a moment and feel your body strengthen and become more secure. Take a deep breath and feel clarity of mind. Feel the water magically balancing and restoring your physical body and your emotional body. Know that you are connected to everything. Feel your own healing power and wisdom being stimulated, and your cosmic connection being intensified. Feel the peace and joy within your own spirit.  As you bathe in this magical healing shower, know that you are now cleansed inside and out. You are in peace and harmony. You are in vibrational harmony with all good things. Now, feel that your energy has been refreshed and revitalized.

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