Use your self talk as a reminder you have inner guidance

When you use your self-talk to remind yourself that you have access to inner guidance that can lead you in the right direction for all decisions, you become very powerful. When you tell yourself that, your mind starts looking for evidence of it and attracting guidance and inspiration to you. And unless you drown out that inner guidance by having your attention on say tv or radio or news reports, you’ll be inspired to action that can change your world — right now, right where you are — for the better.  

And if you spend 51% of your time looking all around you at everything that is going wrong with the world, and everyone that is pissing you off, you can’t be attracting anything else.  And there is no evidence anywhere to the contrary. I only speak from experience.  Just for one day cut the criticism and cut the pessimism and pretend that if you think of all the happy things that ever happened to you, you’ll spend a few minutes vibing in a higher and happier place.  And those minutes will lead to more minutes of happier thoughts and you’ll attract even more happier thoughts. Let THAT be your snowball for the morning and your world can change by tomorrow.

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