Why this affirmation works

A friend questioned the validity of repeating affirmations that are untrue, in the hopes of trying to convince yourself of something. That’s where people go wrong with their “affirmations.” You can’t choose a phrase that you know isn’t true. You choose a phrase that is a true statement of something you want to be made more fully aware of. I can say “in this moment I have all I need,” and it’s true. That repeated true phrase leads me to more fully realize that truth. Sure, the car payment may be due Thursday and if I don’t have it right now, I trust and expect that I’ll have it by Thursday. But I’m talking about right now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Can I pay off my mortgage right now? No. Do I have in this moment all I need? Yes, absolutely. And the more I realize that, the wider my eyes will open and the wider my mind will open to encompass new ideas, possibilities and opportunities.

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