I take 2-3 minutes to prepave my day each time I wake up

Last night I slept in my new bed in my new bedroom and, when morning came, it was easy to lie there feeling comfy and do a few moments prepaving how I’d like my day to go.  I do that each morning as soon as I awaken.  I bring to mind whatever is the biggest priority, and I flow a few moments of thought energy toward it.  Today,  since I just finished final layout on the August issue of Horizons Magazine, one priority was to envision a lot of payments coming in.  That’s easy to do since everyone pays on time.  I just bring to mind how good it feels to see the names of friends and clients and advertisers on the checks they send me and how good it feels to have enough money in the bank to pay for everything.  If I don’t have it yet, I remind myself dollars are on the way. On the way from where? Why, from wherever they are right now, of course.

Another priority was to envision attracting another perfect tenant since mine is moving out the end of this month with just two weeks’ notice.  That must mean there is the perfect next tenant needing the place that soon, so I’ll hurry to get it ready.  My present tenant is so neat and tidy that I’m sure the place will be spotless when she moves out the final box.  To help prepave that,  I spent a few moments recalling what a joy it was having JB as a tenant.  She seldom complained, I was only out there maybe a dozen times in nine years.  We got along so well I bought her a washer and dryer.   I enjoy liking someone so much that I want to buy them things.  That shows me the love is flowing and I’m in the vortex.

And one way I stay in the vortex, stay aligned with the flow of good things the Universe is pouring out, is by doing these few moments of prepaving my day each morning as soon as I wake up.  Then my only job during the day is to stay focused on thoughts that feel good, and all sorts of happy times will flow from there.

I can do that.  You can, too.


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