Email Readings

Why a psychic reading by email?  To have a written record.  There is a kind of magic that happens when you type your questions out.  You will have begun the process to attract accurate guidance. You may make your question as long and complex as you wish.  Whatever you want, I can help you make […]


PHONE SESSIONS $300 for 60 minutes        $245 for 45 minutes $180 for 30 minutes        $ 70 for 15 minutes By email (see below)      $ 75 per question  Paypal to Zelle to Venmo @Andrea-de-Michaelis BY PHONE: CLAIRVOYANT PSYCHIC READINGS A problem comes to pass, it doesn’t […]

Transcript of a Psychic Reading on $$$, Breaking The Spell, How To Strengthen Willpower, A Helpful Self Talk Script

Here is a  transcript of a psychic reading I did for someone years ago.  Everyone likes to read those.   Names, as usual, have been changed.  Question: I noticed in one of my old issues of Horizons that you are in the directory for mentoring.   Tell me a little about the difference between your mentoring […]