An email reading. A writer asks: Will I win the lottery?

mega-millionsQUESTION: My question is will I win the lottery or any source of money to get out of debt and build my dream home. I’m disabled and live on a fixed income. I’m so far in debt I don’t see a way out!

ANSWER: Hi and thanks for writing. I’ve been asked this question before and the answer is always the same. The easy answer is, you’ll win the lottery when (1) when your expectation and belief attract it and (2) you have no resistance to it. You’re the one who determines what date and time that will be.
Doing this reading by email will be helpful to you because you’ll have a written record to go over again and again to remind yourself what is possible. Things like this I have to read little by little so it can sink in. Let me first say that no matter how desperate your situation seems right now, dollars can come to you out of the blue, from somewhere you don’t expect. As long as you expect and believe that it can, because if you think it can’t happen, you will prevent it from coming to you.  If it’s hard to believe, then think of the next 30-60-90 days as an experiment in attracting a different experience in your life about money. If it’s hard for you to believe, then for those 30-60-90 days, put that belief on hold and accept as a possibility that money can come to you anytime from a source you don’t expect.  

I want to share the below with you. I wrote it after a friend asked me “How can you expect a $$ windfall when you are on a fixed income?” so it applies to you as well. It contains links to posts I’ve made on my blog that will be helpful for you. Yes, it’s a lot to read, but even the reading of it will put you more “in the vibration” of attracting more money into your life. That’s because as you read it, you get in tune with the energy of attracting it. You also get in the vibe of believing and expecting more income is possible. Here is the post and I’ll continue the reading after it.

Andrea writes: After reading A Creative Visualization to Attract Dollars, my friend Domino wrote me: I know this might sound ridiculous, but I feel loads of resistance to visualizing checks payable to me in a mailbox coming from “out of the blue.” I get paid the same amounts from the same sources and they’re all direct deposited. I find my analytical mind getting in the way of my visualizing. And I can literally FEEL the resistance. How can I get past that? I would definitely appreciate any tips you might have toward getting past this. My mind gets in my way. HELP!

Andrea replied: This is a great question, since when I worked for the law offices, all I got as far as income was my paycheck and I had no investments or anything else to look forward to out of the blue.  That’s the whole task in attracting what you want, is getting over the resistance.

When I first began doing the mailbox visualization, I was just doing it for fun, not knowing or wondering too much about where the dollars would actually come from.  Then suddenly I begin to get calls to notarize papers at the law office and people wanting to pay me for doing it.  It was just a little bit here and there, and I did it for awhile before I realized it was extra income and some weeks it was a pretty penny.

Then I got the idea to do some legal forms preparation on evenings and weekends and put a 2 line listing in the yellow pages and also an ad in The Little Paper (a former advertising publication in town) to do uncontested divorces, property settlement agreements, powers of attorney and wills.  It was the early 90’s and I was working at a law office and doing collections for several attorneys, so I began a collection business of my own.

That’s how I began doing the legal work on the side, I’d done collections for several attorneys I’d worked with before, and I was good at that.  It was when I was doing a lot of Wills for people that I began doing readings for money also, and fell into a job with the Psychic Friends Network.  By then we’d also begun the magazine.

Did I grow up thinking I want to have a collection agency or I want to have a legal forms preparation business or that I wanted to create websites or be a psychic reader for a living?  No, but they are things I fell into as I kept reminding myself that dollars can come to me out of the blue, from somewhere I don’t expect.  A perfect and true example:

A law office client in the 70’s, whom I barely remembered, 15 years later left me a gift in his Will because of what he saw as my extreme kindness to his grandson whom we represented on a criminal charge.  He left me $7,500 and a piece of land I later sold for $12,000.  I barely remembered the client and certainly didn’t treat him any differently than I’d treat anyone else.  But that proved to me that dollars can come out of places I have no idea of expecting it.  And years later.

It also helped affirm that when I find things I like to do and do them, the dollars will find some way to flow out of me just as the giant oak flows out of the tiny acorn.  The oak tree is not in the water and the fertilizer and the ground it’s put in.  It’s in the acorn.  You are the acorn that dollars will find a way to flow out of. If you ponder the acorn analogy, that’s helpful.  I used to be real mental, real left brained and analytical, I didn’t think I could change but I did.  So there’s hope for you, too!

Domino responded: Wow, this stuff really flows from you. Got to be honest, I suck at sales. And that’s how I see debt collection. Not to mention the karma attached for me on that issue. I’ve slammed many a phone on debt collectors. And you wouldn’t even want to hear the words that came screaming out of my mouth. I probably should reinstate my Notary. Just lazy I guess. But I will use your ideas to convince my mind that ideas can come out of the blue. When I messaged you I didn’t expect you to message back with money-making ideas but you did. So that in and of itself will be helpful.

I really think I need to find a way to detach my attachment to struggle. I’ve struggled all my life, financially, family-wise, relationships, jobs, that it’s become a way of life. I see that. And I’m pretty sure as a result I’ve formed an attachment to it. Maybe I need some type of deprogramming. If you know of or have some tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, books, on just such a thing I’d be open to it. That might be my starting gate. I’m sure others have other issues and blocks. I think after babbling now in this email that this might just be mine. (AHA) Attachment to struggle! So Andrea, if you’re still awake after all this verbage and you can refer me to some deprogramming materials, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

Andrea replied: I am a big proponent of the Abraham-Hicks work, which helped crack my mind open.

Continuation of email reading: Domino mentioned being attached to the idea of struggling, since there was so much struggle in her early life. It’s not easy to change a belief that “more” is possible in your life, when all you’ve ever seen is lack and limitation. But again if you can put your belief and doubt on hold for the 30-60-90 days you experiment here, you will see things begin to turn around for you. There are a lot of things that can turn around and be different for you, but there is a trick to it. The trick is that you need to do a little homework to change how you look at things around you. That’s because it’s all related — every area of your life is related to every other area. They are attached to each other like dominoes and it works that way even if you don’t believe it is true.

You can’t hate your boss and criticize your co-workers and expect to find your dream job – it’s all related.  You can’t ignore your mother and be fighting with your sister and expect to draw in your perfect mate – it’s all related.  If you watch the news and get aggravated by it, that’s impacting your creation process.  If you listen to politicians and think anyone is unethical, that impacts your creation process.  If your husband is unreasonable and rude, and you have any emotional reaction of discontent or dislike toward him on a regular basis, that definitely impacts your creation process. And not just in the area of income. It impacts it in all other areas. Even areas you don’t think you have resistance in.

I’ve found the easiest way to change how you look at things around you is to look for something good to appreciate about everything. Yep, that means if you are going to watch the tv news and see something that upsets you, you will take a moment to find something good in it. That means also that one person who aggravates you and ticks you off the most, find some good qualities to appreciate about them. This is a powerful exercise and if you make yourself do it several times throughout the day, things will begin to change for you quickly. And that happens whether you believe it or not.

Then after you’ve done that for a few days — a few days of looking for something good to appreciate about everything you see and whatever rubs you the wrong way — then you will be in a much better vibrational place. From that better place, from that better feeling place, that is the time to read How to win the lottery by visualizing it by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

So, your question will I win the lottery or any source of money to get out of debt and build my dream home? The answer to that depends on your focus every day, and upon your expectation and belief of what is possible for you. That is why you will find it helpful to have this email to read over and over again — to remind yourself what is possible.

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