Transcript of a Psychic Reading on $$$, Breaking The Spell, How To Strengthen Willpower, A Helpful Self Talk Script

Here is a  transcript of a psychic reading I did for someone years ago.  Everyone likes to read those.   Names, as usual, have been changed.  Question: I noticed in one of my old issues of Horizons that you are in the directory for mentoring.   Tell me a little about the difference between your mentoring and the readings that you give.  I saw the info on your webpage.

Andrea: The difference is really that sometimes someone wants just a reading, they want predictions and others don’t believe in or don’t want to get a psychic reading but just want some coaching to get a new perspective.  Either way, I do about the same thing, whatever they want, and I’ll call it whatever they want. But they will get coaching and predictions both, because that is how it happens for me.   Email me a little bit about what is happening with you and let’s see what we can come up with.

Cassie: I think it’s accurate to say I am stuck in scarcity thinking – worry/fear about money/future.  Some of it gets brutal – sweating hands and feet, losing sleep, hot and cold flashes, no appetite.  May be related to too much change/newness (and not enough “me time” to adjust), don’t know , but it seems no matter what I try, I am unable to break the cycle… and well, I don’t have to tell you about resistance.  Then, I become even more afraid that I will actually bring my fears to reality.  This is so vicious!  I am actually in better shape financially than ever – debt free even – so this state I am in seems even more ludicrous to me, but I have had a run of unexpected large expenses and I see my nest egg at risk (especially if I dwell on my current salary).  I know I need to see it differently and I am usually pretty successful at getting myself turned around, however, as head of household with two in college, I am feeling scared by and vulnerable to my kids’ financial mistakes/shortfalls/needs as well.  I can’t control their lives and yet they affect mine.   Hmm, and could it be related to coming to terms with the loss of the illusion of security I had down in Fort Lauderdale, a family business which I am estranged from now, for so many years?

Andrea: It has to do with all of this.  Think of the nest egg needing to dwindle down a little to create space for the big replenishment to come.  Think of the unexpected large expenses as tithes to the Universe, an investment which will reap even larger returns.  Spend time doing some imagining on behalf of the kids – daydream about them doing well, having friends, being happy and studying hard.  See them making good choices about who to spend time with and what to spend time doing and what to spend money on.  See them attracting unexpected scholarship opportunities and spend a few minutes feeling as excited about that as if you’d all won the lotto.  Buy at least one lotto ticket for each of you each week, and make a game out of who will win the most money first.  They don’t have to know this.   Keep track of it.  I already know who it will be 🙂

Cassie: As for the intuitive/spiritual aspects… there is so much to say but the bottom line is the more I learn (through my awesome experiences) about the power to manifest and make my dreams come true, the more I realize how important it is to find right thinking again.

Andrea: Aha!  See you already knew this and I didn’t hafta write all that long stuff up there after all!  Takes awhile to catch yourself, doesn’t it?  Me, too.

Cassie: Does it make sense that I am almost frightened by this?

Andrea: It makes absolute sense.  It’s like being trained as a sniper.  You’re aware you have excellent skill but are almost afraid to get a job to prove it…  You have a deeper awareness of the consequences than lots of people around you.  With that knowledge comes power and also responsibility.  The thought of the responsibility is often for me the weighing down factor.  Although it’s the freeing factor also….

Cassie: Like this power is a double-edged sword…  gotta stop the downward spiral.  Other experiences have left me wondering if I am clairsentient  – or am I just becoming so much more in tune with things?

Andrea: I bet you have always been clairsentient and you are certainly clairaudient and clairvoyant.  It’s just that you think the messages that come to you are your own thoughts, so you dismiss them as your own inner dialogue.  You think the images that come to you are just from your own imaginings as well, and you dismiss them as the projections of your own mind.  I find it helpful to meditate upon the question of “who is the thinker behind the thought” when I think I am confusing the two.  It helps as a refresher and is a powerful meditation.

Cassie: Andrea, it’s so hard to write all this out because there is so much on my mind.  I will be happy to provide more if you need it … I guess I am hoping to get a good book recommendation or some other suggestion to help relieve some of this.  I love Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Horizons Mag!!!  But I think I need some specific, targeted info.

After I wrote the above to you, I went to Abraham-Hickssite and this is the inspiration I readily received: ‘Know thyself!’ and trust that knowledge. If you find a negative subject, you should talk about it until you feel better, rather than just blow the subject off. The idea is that the subject gains momentum as of the last place you left it. Well-being is your natural state. ~ Abraham-Hicks

Also, because of the issues mentioned above and working two jobs, I hesitate to come out and meet new people.  I’m certainly not much fun these days!  Increasingly more stressed and overwhelmed is more like it.

Andrea: I do the same thing when I feel overwhelmed with things in my life, yet when I can make myself get out and be around others, the distraction of doing that takes my mind off my previous focus, and helps me “break the spell” of it.  I always think I should know better, yet several times a year I catch myself doing it again.  I even stick a note in my daily flip calendar every few weeks, reminding me to get out and be with people if I am feeling overwhelmed.  Without that reminder, who knows how long and how deep I would stay inside myself…

Of course, if I mentioned to anyone that I was feeling that way, they would be eager to help me out of it.  But you’re probably like me: you say you’re fine to whoever asks because you either don’t want to burden them or you are just real private or maybe you want to always be an inspiration to those around you.

Cassie: Specifically, two things that I would like some help with are: intense fears/anxiety about money that, in some ways, seem irrational to me, although my college-age son’s  situation seems to be triggering a lot of it.

Andrea: How to remedy this is simple; implementing the mechanics of it – that is, making yourself do it – is not so easy.  We’ve got this great guidance system within us, and we can always tell what we are in the process of attracting to ourselves by how we feel as we are contemplating any particular thought or scenario.

Our inner guidance knows our greater intentions: that we want to be happy, we want to be well thought of, we want to make a difference, we want friends, we want good health, and we want to be financially secure.  You already know that what you think about is what you will attract into your experience.

If you are thinking about something – for instance your son and what he needs for school – and you are feeling any kind of negative emotion, that is your inner guidance letting you know that what you are thinking about and focusing on, and what you are attracting, is not in harmony with your greater intention.  Your greater intention is for your son to have everything he needs to complete his education.  Your greater intention is that you or he will have the financial resources to make that happen.

So if you are thinking about, and focusing on “Oh no, we don’t have the money, where will it come from, I shouldn’t have bought that ___ last week, I’m not making enough money, I don’t know how to make more money, we shouldn’t have moved here…” and feeling negative emotion as you think these thoughts, that is your inner guidance system saying “I hear what you are thinking.  And I am glad to give you more of whatever you think about.  But right now you are thinking about something – and attracting it – that you don’t want.  So this is your chance to catch yourself, stop that line of self-talk, and replace it with thoughts of what you would like to happen.

God/the Universe is glad to give you whatever you’re focusing on, but remember that every subject is two subjects.  You’re either thinking about HAVING something, or you are thinking about LACKING something.  If the topic is money and dollars, when you’re thinking about college, you can tell by the way you feel whether you are attracting more dollars into your experience, or if you are attracting more lack of dollars.

It’s a fine line but you can use your willpower to stop yourself and make the distinction every time it happens.  Every time you begin to have that thought.  This is how you develop your will.  Willpower is the inner strength to make a decision and handle any aim until it is accomplished, regardless of inner and outer resistance, or difficulty.  When you have strengthened your will, you have developed the ability to overcomes laziness and negative habits, and to carry out tasks, even if they are unpleasant and tedious.

Strengthening your will takes practice.  You practice it every time you reject instant gratification in favor of a higher and better goal.  One simple daily practice to develop will power is by refusing to satisfy trivial desires (like channel surfing, snacking or drinking soda). By learning to refuse to satisfy every desire that crosses your mind, your will gets stronger.  Practice it often during the day, delay yourself by 30 minutes getting that soda or turning on the tv.  That’s practice. You’re exercising that muscle, like going to the gym, so the strength is there when you need it.

So you can use your willpower to catch yourself every time you have negative emotion.  It doesn’t matter if you call this negative emotion anger or grief or frustration or sadness.  You know the difference between feeling good and feeling bad.  If you find yourself feeling bad, stop and ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?”  It will always be a thought of lack or limitation.

Once you catch that thought, that is the time to do a few minutes of pre-scripted self-talk reminding yourself what it is you would like to attract to yourself on that topic.

And it’s important to write these new scripts ahead of time, because when you are in that bummed out place, you won’t remember the words then.  You will barely at first remember to catch yourself when you feel the negative emotion.  We get so used to it, that we think it’s normal.

Some good self talk for you might be:
It’s important for me to provide a good education for my son.

I like being able to provide everything my child needs to flourish.

Through the years, it hasn’t always been easy and I haven’t always done it on my own, but I’ve managed to give us a decent living.

We’ve always had a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Whenever I have been unable to provide on my own, I have been able to attract from friends and family.

Somehow God/Goddess/the Universe has always pulled me through, even though there have been some squeaky times and at the last minute.

Because of this past experience, I know that the Universe will provide for me now and in the future, even if it has to come to me in a way I have no way of expecting.

And your own words added to this will make it more powerful for you when you repeat it back to yourself.  And the time to repeat it back to yourself is when you feel negative emotion for any reason.  I personally write these down into a list and put notes up around the house or in my calendar so I can’t miss it.

The Universe will deliver to you whatever you’re thinking about, whether you are seeing it happen, or just imagining it happen.  Daydreaming and pretending are very effective tools.  Pretend is an important word.  “Pre” from “before, ahead of time” and “tend” from “intend.”

So when you’re fantasizing and daydreaming, you’re actually in a creative workshop setting your intention for what you’d like to experience in the future.   And you’re vibrating in harmony with what you want. And you’re attracting people and circumstances and events to help you get what you want.  This is what Abraham calls Deliberation Creation, and Conscious Co-Creation.  I found this from my March 2004 editorial that might be helpful:

“Spirit is always glad to give us more of whatever we’re thinking about and talking about.  I find Spirit likes to give me money lessons.  Lots of us are having money lessons this lifetime.  That’s a good topic to talk about because that’s the hardest topic to fake it til you make it.  How can you write a check for an amount you know you don’t have in the bank?  Well, you do everything preparatory to writing the check, you put everything else in motion, then trust that Spirit will follow up with the rest.   So these aren’t really money lessons, they are faith and trust lessons.

So how do you co-create with spirit?  You work as though everything depends on you and you pray as if everything depends on Spirit.  You live a life of integrity, so you’re not continually racking up baggage to work out with others.   You think about what it is you’d like to do or be or have and you ask for guidance in gathering information.  You take special note of anyone that comes around you during this time and you look for synchronicities.  You listen to the messages in songs and on tv, and contemplate their meaning relative to whatever you’ve been asking about.

You take notes about what you’d like, knowing that as you think about something and write about it, and talk about it, you vibrate in harmony with it.  And as you vibrate in harmony with it, you attract more of it.  As you think about it and talk about it and write about it, you will attract the people and circumstances and events into your life that can give you what you’ve been asking for, or can point you in the right direction.   This is when you know you’re co-creating with Spirit.  This is when you can tell you’re in the flow.

Your guidance system will let you know you’re in the flow also.  Your inner guidance guides you by how you feel in the moment.  Abraham–Hicks describes it like a giant firehose, flowing a stream of wellbeing into our lives.  The only thing that stops the flow, or puts a crink in the hose, is our own resistance.  Our own worry, doubt and fear.  And we don’t need to get too caught up in exactly what the resistance is all about, all we need to do is change our focus, turn the other cheek, put our attention on something else.   Appreciation is really good for unkinking the hose.  Abraham says we’ve already told the Universe what we want, so we don’t have to keep telling it over and over.  Our job now is to simply release resistance and unkink the hose so that stream of wellbeing flows into our lives and keeps flowing.  It’s our job to let go of doubt and fear and spend time thinking of what we’d like to see or do in the future.  It’s our job to talk about our goals with friends, to fantasize and daydream about our goals.”

Cassie: The other thing is that I am becoming almost frightened by what is happening to me spiritually/intuitively.  Strange as it sounds, this is also tying into my money fears and I’m becoming a big mess.  I think it doesn’t help that I have become so isolated from talking with others about any of it that I am unable to get a different perspective on these matters.  Do you have any suggestions?   I would so appreciate it.

Andrea: This is kinda what is meant by “new level, new devil”.  Every time we are lifted in consciousness to a new place, to a higher place, everything in our life that still needs cleaning up and clearing out will begin to show up.

Stuff we thought was long gone and done with will come back around to be faced and dealt with.  So it’s good news really.  Just the knowing of this should help you release some unconscious or subconscious resistance to it.  Whenever I am un-nerved by something new, I remind myself that this isn’t necessarily bad, just different.

And if I am able to change my perception of it to know that it is just part of the process and I will move through it just like I’ve moved through everything else, it makes it easier.

I still don’t know what to expect, but if I look at every new “obstacle” as just another hurdle to get through to get to the good stuff, then I will perceive things getting easier for me.  I will stop perceiving them as hurdles or obstacles, and just see them as a stepping stone to get onto and off of quickly as I make my way down the road to my good life.