An email reading: She has ongoing health issues

who what where when signQuestion:  My health, I have a lot of medical problems, like shortness of breath very frequently all tests on my lungs have come out ok and inhalers do not work. I am also on different medicines than I was a year ago when this started. The doctors cannot figure it out. It is hard to breathe most days. also when I lie down especially during the early mornings starting about 1:00am my heart start racing. It feels like it is going to jump out of my body. I’ve taken every heart test and I do not have heart proble­ms at all. I have to sit up and get out of bed to make it stop. I’m tired all the time. I also fell back in 2013 did not hit my head but I developed a pressure in my head that feels like my head is in a vise and someone keeps squeezing the handle tighter. I get headaches but this is different. The only meds I am on is for acid reflux and blood pressure and Plavix for blood thinner due to a stroke in 2013.  The medicines give me dry mouth really bad. I have severe back and knee problems.  I take Oxycodone 5mg am and pm with my acid reflux because it keeps me from coughing due to side affects. I eat right and exercise 4 or 5 days a week at the gym. I do not drink or smoke.  i hope this isn’t too many details.  

Answer:  Being detailed is good, it helps us get clear. I get the overwhelming sense that stress is at the core of your overall condition, so I want to address that here, as well as give you some  info that should help you ease out of it. Once the stress dissipates, let’s see what we’re left with. I think it’s important to do some deep breathing every day, I get the sense that moving more oxygen through your system would help clear your mind and maybe even help with the dry mouth issue.

There are some things that are important to know. We’d be surprised to know all the diseases and ailments that run through our body on any given day.  If we had a blood test or MRI every hour of every day, we’d see it, but the thing to remember is that a diagnosis is just a snapshot in time. The next moment the ailment can be out of our system, unless we continue to think about it. If we believe it might still be there, we’ll see increasing evidence of it and could turn it into a chronic condition.

Example: I’ve got several friends who get sick with colds and flus each time the weather turns cold, because it has become an engrained belief for them that they will. How to break out of that pattern once and for all is for them to stop reminding themselves that they get a cold each time the weather turns cold.  Having that thought repeatedly ingrained into your consciousness keeps you on the hamster wheel of having the thought then having the cold, year after year after year.  I thought the same thing until I realized what I was doing to myself.

I’m NOT AT ALL saying you’re creating illness on purpose, I’m saying it’s important to know the process that makes things like illness stick around.  It’s all related.  If you are around people who talk about illness, or have people constantly ask you how your health is doing, even just listening to or telling the story puts you in vibrational resonance with it again. And being in vibrational resonance with it is what keeps you having symptoms of it.

So when that happens, when you are with people who talk about health stuff, it would help you to stay out of the conversation or change the topic to something much happier. I’m not kidding. Just that simple act can help symptoms begin to be eliminated. I mean, certainly keep doing whatever the medical professionals tell you to do, but know that it’s just as important to keep your mind on the best feeling thoughts you can. Remember happy times.  Pre-pave fun tomorrows.  Know that this ailment (or this worry) will be over before you know it and you’ll be back to doing the things you like to do.  What are those things?  Think about them.  Pre-pave them.  Be excited about them.  That’s how you make this Now moment become your point of attraction for tomorrow’s happier experience and better health.

Everything — the good, the bad and the ugly — is just a snapshot in time, until you decide to focus on it and expand it to become a constant presence in your life. Make sure that what you focus on is what you want to attract more of.  Yes to thinking of more happiness, health and fun adventures.  No thank you to thinking about problems that don’t really concern me, such as world affairs I can do nothing about. Here are some links that you will find helpful:

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