Simple Self Talk Scripts To Help You Attract a Better Tomorrow

self talk cat lion mirrorA friend asked me to help them script them some new self-talk and I was looking through my files and came across the one below that fits their situation.  If it sounds familiar, it’s because everyone has the same universal dilemmas. If you think it does not apply to you because you do not have a business, think again. This is long since my email readings are detailed. Or you can read the more simple
  A self talk script I read over when I need replacement thoughts.

QUESTION :  I’m seeking investors for my business because I’m literally on the immediate brink of financial disaster, although I also have faith in the universe and my own destiny.  I have been saved before at the last moment by either a job or a line of credit or something during these last crazy decades.

ANDREA:  I suggest you first prepare an official written request for funding to have on hand to give to potential investors.  Compiling the request would also give you more clarity about what you need and why.  Every so often I am approached by someone who is interested in funding new projects, and if I have a proposal or outline to hand to them, it makes it easy.

I would definitely begin to journal about each time you’ve been saved at the last minute, just to get yourself vibing in that place to make that happen again soon.  I would definitely spend at least twice as much time reflecting on your past good fortune, as you spend observing the current distress.   You’ve already attracted a pretty exciting life to yourself, as well as powerful and influential people.

When you meditate on the idea of what your next step might be regarding income production, what thoughts come to mind?

I am a big believer in the power of visualization to create changes in my physical 3D life, especially in the area of finance.  This is what I would do if I were you:  I’d write up a script of about 5 minutes worth of self talk recalling times when dollars were flowing in the past and how much freedom that afforded and how that felt, and what you’d like to do with hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars, starting off with paying all your bills and buying the car of your dreams.  How cool to do that every few years, huh?

You’re a professional speaker, writer and editor.  This can be a great opportunity to combine those gifts into a new visualization project via spending some focused segments of time and attention – which would bring you into vibrational harmony with what you’re wanting to do.  It takes time to write up a script, and edit it, and all the while feeling hopeful about it and making it fun. And all that time is spent in vibrational harmony with what you want to attract.


Since you want to attract income, you would want to spend as much time as you can ‘vibrating in harmony’ with having plenty of money.  You want to schedule little daily cheerleading sessions with yourself, where you will read over the script or, even better, record it onto cd for yourself and play it over and over to yourself as you fall asleep for a few weeks.  Until your mind begins that inner process of going deeper into the meaning of the words in the script.

And since you’re a teacher, this visualization project is excellent personal research for an important topic that it currently timely in the media – law of attraction.  So it would be natural to weave that into your own teachings as an additional educational tool for your students.

Maybe all this focusing will help dissolve whatever conscious or subconscious mechanisms are at work keeping you from a state of allowing in the area of income your life. I felt my own resistance on the topic of income was attached to my feeling that the vow of poverty part of the monastic lifestyle was such a romantic notion, and I spend time daydreaming about me living that simple lifestyle.  It took a lot of scripting and self talk to re-program my thoughts and beliefs to include a continuous generous flow of dollars.  Much of the change in thinking had to do with the fact that with continuous dollars, I could more easily effect positive change on a large scale.  I am thinking perhaps some of your unconscious resistance may be similar, since we have similar backgrounds.


If it were me, I’d script something up – heck even make it a screenplay for a 30 minute tv comedy to make the project more fun – and then I’d spend conscious time several times each day to re-program my subconscious mind on the topic of dollars. You want to upgrade your beliefs to break the spell of your income karma.  You don’t want that to continue in the future.  So you are working on changing your thoughts so you can change your beliefs so you can attract a different experience than the past.  So your future experience will be lots more dollars flowing in than in the past, because you will have released some resistance and are now more allowing.

Do you keep up with the Abraham-Hicks work? It was their work that helped me discover and release resistance on the topic of dollars, and for helping me identify when I am in a state of ‘not allowing‘.  I have many of their cds here, I would be glad to send them if you would like.  See if they inspire you; they do me.

So anyhow, in the doing of this project, you’re achieving several goals:  attracting income, gathering info, spreading the good word, having fun in the doing of it all and connecting with people who will soon be important in your life.

QUESTION:  A potential investor wrote a week or so ago to say how much she likes my work and asked if there was anything she could do to help me.  I almost never think of whether someone can help me or not because it seems to be a not- always- fun game of chicken between God and me.  Or between whatever and whatever.

self-talk-david-james-lees1ANDREA: I completely understand what you are saying here and to a giant extent I agree and do the same.  It’s one reason I don’t pair-bond, I am in the groove of attracting good things the last few years and don’t want to dilute my thoughts as I know a personal relationship would.  I don’t share space easily or well.  Well, not with someone who wants to talk or interact every day anyway.  I like lots of complete silence in my personal space, and for days at a time.  And I get tired of explaining that to new partners, so it’s easier to just not go there at all.  That prevents me having any emotional ups and downs due to a relationship.


And with work, I am very aware of when someone helps me and I want to make sure they are always compensated fairly for it, so there is no dollar karma with someone who thinks I am taking advantage.  That helps my dollar flow, keeping it flowing out of me.  Many people in the past decade have offered to volunteer to help, and I periodically have an assistant, but I keep attracting people like me, who want to have freedom and don’t want to be committed to a schedule, who want to do the fun stuff and slack on the unfun stuff.

So I end up interacting for a short time with someone who is invariably fun to hang with, but basically the work load never lightens and I would have gotten farther on the project doing it myself.  At least until I learn to attract help that is more competent and dependable than I am.  It was a big step for me coming to realization that was what was happening.  But until I am clear on that topic, I will steer clear of joining karma with others by having them help.

You write:  I almost never think of whether someone can help me or not because it seems to be a not-always-fun game of chicken between God and me. I was in a situation once where I had turned down several offers to help me, not wanting to get too tied and obligated to the ones who were offering it.  One night during meditation, I got the message “Allow people to give you their gifts.”


I was infused with the message that sometimes you ask for help just to give someone around you the chance to give it.  To give them a chance to serve.  Not so much that you need the help, rather that they so much need to have an opportunity to serve, and want to do it with you.

Like the concept of darshan, just seeing the one who so inspires you is an infusion of shakti to your system, and gives it a reboot.  So consider when you allow someone to help you, them being in your presence for a short time will give them a bit of an awakening and you as well, so you’re doing a service also.  It’s all just being in the flow of seva with whoever shows up in front of you.  And maximizes the potential for you both by recognizing that.

QUESTION:  I just wrote a simple note to thank (the potential investor) for writing, and she just wrote back and asked again if there was anything she could do to help me and wanted to know what projects I’m working on.  So I had our very nice funding request to send her — see what a blessing you have been!

ANDREA: Thanks, I know the important work was the laser focus needed to word the funding request.  That laser focus for that short period of time was what began the attraction process for you on that topic.  She is just the first of many that will want to help.  And now you will give them the chance.

QUESTION:  And as for journaling about being saved at the last minute stories, it is great to have some feedback come in like what you mentioned.  So thank you for being very honest and very kind all at the same time.

ANDREA:  I am loving what you’ve written, you’ve got a great flowing style that compels the reader to move along.  I mentioned the being saved at the last minute stories so that you could spend some time in thought and on paper as part of a daily practice in the attracting of income to you.  I think this can be an important time for you to do several daily sessions of having a ‘creation workshop’ with yourself, where you purposely stop all other thought and focus on writing a few minutes on the topic, since you want to attract that same scenario now – being saved at the last minute.  Every time that you are thinking, you are in a ‘creative workshop’, so I find it’s helpful to stop myself several times a day and do it in a more focused, official fashion.  Especially to get the dollars flowing.

dollars flying blue sky2Also, being saved at the last minute is also a prior belief that you are ready to let go of, and replace with a little higher, more expanded belief.  It’s nice to know you’ll be saved at the last minute, but also nice to have a stockpile of whatever you need within easy reach ahead of time.  So that is what you want to attract for this new segment of your life.


You want to upgrade your belief so that you now accumulate a nice nest egg.  If God is truly the source of all creation, then as I learned from Joel Goldsmith, God is the source of my income as well.  He is sending dollars to me thru all sorts of people, and I receive it according to how unkinked my hose is, and who I chose to allow into my life.

Your only job is to create avenues for income to come in – which you have via your website, books and cds – and then unkink your hose.  You know to what extent your hose is unkinked because you will be seeing the flow of income increase and come from several sources.  Which it will anyway because you’re having an awakening on this topic currently.  I buy lottery tickets every week also, just to give $$ another avenue to come in, and to let me know to what extent my hose is unkinked and I am ‘allowing’ my good.  I regularly win 3 and 4 numbers out of 6, every now and then I’ve gotten 5, but it’s a good barometer.

burning-bowl-blessing2As I said, you’re having an awakening on the income topic right now.  It may be that the end of this year will also see the end of the past momentum of old stuff, the clearing out and releasing of what no longer serves you.  And with the lighter baggage, you’ll move faster and farther up the trail.  I am a real fan of the burning bowl as a ritual for releasing things.  I sit in my firepit area, or at the chimenea on the patio depending on my mood, and I have a notebook and pen.  I write down anyone or any situation I am harboring any resistance about, and say a prayer that I am ready and willing to release all conscious and subconscious attachment to them.  I ask that they be blessed and the situation between us be blessed.  As I toss the paper into the fire, my internal talk says “God is burning up all obstacles to me receiving my good.”  And sometimes I have to release the same person or situation several times. I have stopped kicking myself for having repeated unproductive or unkind thoughts about them, and I just do the work as many times as it takes.


For this reason also I say write up a script of self talk and even record it onto a cd for yourself and play it, even do track one as a hypnotic induction in case you want to do one.  I do this all the time to reprogram myself.  I make the cds and listen to them until it sinks in to my subconscious and revises and upgrades my beliefs.  It is so far working with my weight and finances.

Some of my fave suggestions are: There is a part of me that is very creative and this part of me is beginning to find more ways for me to express my creativity.  I am beginning to use my own creative resources to re-organize my unconscious beliefs so I may find greater satisfaction in my everyday life.  It becomes easy to find fun and interesting ways to spend my time and I have an increasing sense of mission and purpose.

After we spoke on the phone – please take this as the loving observation that it is – I mean only to encourage and help you get where you want to be.  I’m in your corner.  It is apparent by the phrases you use in voicing your feelings over the past events with X and also the fact that you disowned your family years ago, that there are still large portions of undigested stuff in process.  I’m not saying those events did not occur, I am saying that in the way you describe them, you clearly feel victimized, even now or you wouldn’t want to share the story, framing it the way you do.


I’m not saying don’t share the story or edit it – this email isn’t about that.  This email is me telling you that I have recognized some thought patterns (via words and writing) that you have that are hindering the flow of good in to your life, specifically hindering your income.  And I want to point them out to you as food for contemplation, as I feel drawn to help you achieve income.  You may or may not want to update your thoughts.

This is what I know: If you harbor any strong feelings of resistance on any topic, it affects your income and it affects your ability to attract good things.  It may seem unrelated, but it is related.  You may know it on an intellectual level, but if you really ‘knew’ it and got it, you would use different wording in describing events, past and present.

negative thinkingEXAMPLES FROM MY OWN LIFE

I will give some examples from my own life, simply because that’s easiest for me to do.  I used to love the romantic notion of me being the monk living in poverty and chastity, and absolutely believed there was ‘virtue in the suffering‘.  I have since come to know I can do more worldly good with more dollars and that God is the source of all my good, all my supply, and it is His wish to give me the Kingdom.  It was a long road, but as soon as I began to really believe that, the dollars began flowing.

I had to do a lot of emotional work (mostly on my own – by choice) for several years (and even now as it comes up) to dissolve feelings of resentment or jealousy or judgment, etc. with everyone in my life.  Even those, and there were many, who betrayed me.

Wherever something bothers you, that is where you have emotional work to do.

Until I got to a place where I could think of them and honestly, genuinely feel that I was past the situation, that I harbored no ill will and knew that we were each in the place we had to be and I had somehow attracted it or it wouldn’t be happening.

And until I got to that place, the dollars would not be flowing.  My hose would be so kinked that only a few pennies would trickle out at a time.

And the monk part of me would say, “Oh yes, I can eek by on that, yes we martyrs can make do with that.”  Then I would recognize those were old beliefs playing out once again in my self talk. When I recognized that, I had to stop and discover what was putting a crimp in my hose, reducing my flow to a trickle.  The crimp would always be whoever or whatever I felt aggravated by at the time.

And my hose would unkink to the extent I got rid of my ‘stuff’.  And for me personally, the easiest thing to do is simply not let many people in my personal space, and to not get involved in personal relationships.  That’s pretty easy for a celibate monk anyway. That keeps the “stuff” to a minimum.


And I’m not saying you are not justified in feeling the anger, resentment, whatever.  I’m just asking, are you ready to move past it and be done with it?  Are you ready to say, I am going to give more attention to where I want to be next year, than I will give attention to where I am or where I have been?  Because you well know that whatever you are experiencing today is as a result of what you’ve been focusing on and thinking about and self-talking about, and talking to others about, the past several weeks, months, years.

self talk actions feelingsIt’s time to move on to a more productive topic.  You should bless the Universe for throwing the old situation into your life, allowing you to create under the most harsh and trying of circumstances.  This past decade surely proves to you just how strong you really are and how much you can actually handle.

You’re obviously a very powerful woman, and your mere presence affects others.  You know the concepts of darshan and shaktipat, and how powerful the effects.  A powerful woman threatens a lot of insecure others, who then seek to use any means to tear her down in the elevation of themselves.  You can chose not to play the game and be done with it.  No one can weave with you a bond of discord if you contribute no strands to the weaving.

Yes, you have given freely of your time and talents and dollars in both personal and professional situations, and not received fair recompense.  Yes, worldly others have taken advantage of your naive good nature.  Me, too.  I know however that somehow, on some level, I attracted it all and God permitted it to happen so somewhere down the road I’ll see that (or not).


I consider each theft or personal humiliation as somehow a payback for my past actions, this life or others past, it matters not if I know where it came from.  I consider each financial betrayal as a tithe to the Universe for good things yet to come, as a form of just paying my dues, not knowing what these alleged dues are nor when they will be called due.  No biggie.

I keep in the forefront of my mind that God is my supply, NOT the government, NOT the stock market, NOT the church, NOT the clients I counsel, nor the customers who buy my product, although it is typically through clients and customers that supply comes.  But if I lose Client A, I don’t lament that I’ve lost one, for I know that only makes room for Client B to come in – and pay the new, updated current rates.

And remember I have experienced that you are not someone who easily and graciously receives what others offer.   You are very much a mirror to me for that, as I used to be the same way.  I’ve now learned to say “Thank you, how kind, I appreciate it” rather than “Thanks, that’s not necessary” when I could really have used it.


Again, there’s  nothing wrong with that, I don’t like to feel obligated by others either, but … just a suggestion:  Let people give you their gifts.  Add it to your daily sadhana. Sometimes people need a chance to give, it’s not always about “well I don’t need them to do that”.  Sometimes it is about “give others the opportunity to give back to me if they feel I have blessed them in some way.”

Begin looking for small ways to allow others to do for you, just to get yourself used to it; to get yourself used to enjoying allowing others to give to you.   When you start feeling tickled pink every time it happens, you’ve begun attracting more of it.

So if God is continually pouring money (and other good) through my hose, I can receive it only to the extent I keep my hose unkinked.

My hose stays unkinked to the extent I hold no bad feeling toward no person, place or thing

I hold no bad feeling toward any person, place or thing by recognizing that I am the attractor of my experience, and that if I want to change an experience I am having, I merely need to get clear on what I would prefer, then begin directing my thoughts in that new direction.  It really is that simple.

What’s funny is that I wrote this to Domino a few years ago. She knows this is my ongoing advice relative to any obstacle she ever perceived. But, well, she’s “not into creative visualizationand has a lifestyle she is used to.  She wasn’t guided to do the work so, for her, nothing’s changed.  She’s still waiting for an investor to sponsor her so she can be free to work.  She could take on 1 or 2 roommates in her house which is just blocks from the ocean.  She could do a variety of internet based businesses from home to fund her other work, she could teach search engine optimization by email, but she’s very focused instead on telling her old story and doing it the old way.

Someone else I gave similar suggestions to at the same time scripted up some powerful visualizations and did them daily, worked on his project in spare hours between mowing lawns, painting and cleaning houses, for years. He did pressure cleaning of driveways, he sold truckloads of watermelons, he tutored piano, and he got solvent real fast by staying focused.  He now has his second book out and is making a good living doing workshops and classes, and is booked two years in advance on the speaking circuit.

You can lead a horse to water.

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