A Beautiful Full Moon Tuesday

I’m really enjoying the cooler weather.  I like it when I can open all the windows up and turn the fans off and let the natural cool breeze run right through the house.  It just changes the energy of everything. I have a cushioned rocker on the back porch, and it’s facing the spot where the moon rises.  There’s a small foot rug in front of the chair, and the rug and the chair get moved around almost daily.  That’s because the moon rises just a little more to the north each night now as the sun sets way to the south in the west this time of year.   I like watching the moon make it way across the sky each night.  I feel it helps me stay connected to who I am.  This self perpetuating cycle of physical cells that are me.

Sometimes I’ll take a blanket out and lie out under the night sky.  I’m lucky in that there are few street lights here, so the stars in the sky often look so close that you could reach out and touch them.  There are not too many cars driving by, not too many tvs or radios on, so you can hear the crickets and the critters walking along their little nature paths.

The City of Palm Bay just gave us all notices yesterday that construction will begin next week on installing the city water lines in our neighborhood.  I wonder if they will work around the clock doing it, or just daylight hours?  The critters mostly come out at night and I like them to be undisturbed, but I can’t control their lives.  They’ll figure it out for them and I’ll figure it out for me.

I’ll bet the construction crews will be quick as bunnies and the new lines will be in before we know it.  Bunnies, I see quite a few brown bunnies out at sunset when I’m riding my bike or wandering around the neighborhood.  There’s a whole bunch of us that are out and about at the same time, it’s very community friendly.  I like when we can all ride or walk past the rows of brown bunnies as if to say, “Yes, thank you for sharing this planet with us.  You’re welcome, too.”


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