Seeing Cause and Effect In Action: Practicing Intuition

I was thinking yesterday on the connection between what I’ve been focusing on the past week, what I’ve been vibrating in harmony with, and what I’ve been attracting. I make a point of keeping track of things like that because it helps me practice my intuition. So here’s this week’s cause and effect story:  I get lots of requests for updates on the James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Deaths Matter so I’d taken time to post those.  I’d been re-reading Outrageous Betrayal: The Real Story of Werner Erhard from Est to Exile by Steven Pressman, and the author’s story smacked of the same vibe as the James Ray matter.

I wrote the blog post Estate of Jack Slee vs. Werner Erhard – Death During Est Training. Set a Precedent for the James Ray Lawsuits? the same week, and I was clearly in the same vibe then.  James Ray and Werner Erhard were both charismatic, passive-aggressive, narcissistic self proclaimed spiritual teachers who were known by close associates and former friends to have dangerous, abusive and manipulative secret alter ego personalities.  The topic was basically people proving themselves to be other than who people thought they were.  Having built up these false spiritual fronts which they then themselves publicly dismantled. So that’s where I was vibing that week.

Now none of these things have too much to do with me personally but I was reading about it, and writing about it, and obviously vibing right there with it on some level.  Because suddenly I attract a new situation, out of the blue: a friend flips out over something she thinks I’ve said When friends misunderstand, because we each see things as we are.  I’m surprised, but then I recall she’s done this in the past and I immediately think, ok, what is this really about?  What is the higher lesson here?  Not how did I attract it, but why.

I knew HOW I’d attracted it, by giving attention to things of that nature, but I knew there was also a WHY if I wanted to figure it out.

Recalling it had happened before, I did a word search in my journal to remind me of the circumstances.  I saw she’d gotten angry at me in November 2006, almost 3 years to the day.  I had attracted this situation out of her because of where I’d been vibing all week.  I didn’t take it personally.  In November 2006, after being asked for advice, I suggested she:

1. Spend at least twice as much time reflecting on her past good fortune, as she spends observing her current distress.

2. Write up a script of about 5 minutes worth of self talk recalling times when dollars were flowing in the past and how much freedom that afforded and how that felt, and what she’d like to do with hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

3.  Schedule little daily cheerleading sessions with herself, where she will read over the script or, even better, record it onto cd for herself and play it over and over as she falls asleep for a few weeks.

4.  Listen to the Abraham-Hicks work, a lot of it is free online.

5.  Let go of how she thinks it all works, just suspend belief for long enough to give my way a try.

6.  Make her only job to create avenues for income to come in – which she has via her website, books and cds – and then unkink her hose. She knows to what extent her hose is unkinked because she will see the flow of income increase and come from several sources.

7.  Keep in the forefront of her mind that God/the Universe is her supply, NOT the government, NOT the stock market, NOT the church, NOT her clients, nor the customers who buy her products, although it is typically through clients and customers that her supply shows up.

Of course, she didn’t follow my suggestions when she asked for them in 2006 and got ticked at me over it back then, too. So it’s just deja vu all over again.

Even when they are momentarily painful lessons, such as in this case losing a friend, I like keeping track of the cause and effect, so I know when I’m in the vibe for what. I mean, since that’s the only thing that controls my destiny and all.

The reason that conflicts come up in our lives in the first place is so that we can strengthen ourselves as we work through them. To make us strong enough so we can break out of our comfortable safe cocoons when it comes time to do what needs to be done.

They are not negative events.  They are just cause and effect and, once we discover how to do it, very manageable.


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