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You don’t need to plan your entire life out, just plan the next step and wait for inspiration

mind cosmosI went to the bank today to make some changes and had a great conversation with the guy who helped me. I asked what kind of name his was and he told me it was Biblical. I asked what it meant and he told me the story around it. I told him it sounded like a writer’s name. He saw the account name Horizons Magazine and asked what kind of magazine it was. I was glad he mentioned “biblical” as that helped me know how to answer him. I told him it was Florida’s body mind spirit magazine and I asked if he knew who Wayne Dyer was. He did not. He was 24. I said he was a best selling author in the field I was in, and that he was on this month’s cover.    Continue reading

How Predictive Astrology Helps Me

The calls have been very active the last two months, many asking about the major astrology going on this summer. You’ve heard of Mercury retrograde, but we’ve also had Venus and Pluto retrogrades. The Pluto square Uranus in Aries is ending and we’re coming out of eclipse full moon in Aries. I have sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and my rising sign in Aries, so I was surprised to be relatively unaffected. I seldom read my transits (astrology predictions) ahead of time. If something challenging seems to be lingering, that’s when I take a look for astrological insight. For this article, I took a look at my chart and read, “You are in for an extended period of time when the basic structure of your life is subject to some inevitable and far-reaching changes. You may have to surrender material things. You need to let go of the past, and it may be quite difficult to let go.” Well, that didn’t sound so good, but I’ve learned nothing is as scary as it sounds.   Continue reading

When your conscience begins to bother you about your past actions, that’s your Soul wanting you to wake up

clear-conscienceI worked for criminal defense attorneys for 22 years. We represented a lot of repeat offenders, some who’d done serious prison time for often violent crimes. Inmates and defendants would call for their attorney and as the paralegal, I’d be the one who took those calls. I heard all their stories and there was a definite pattern of them reaching a point where their conscience began bothering them. I was interested in the timing astrologically as it often came at the Saturn returns (ages 28-30 and 58-60) and the Uranus Opposition (ages 39-42), typical times for personal reflection. Not everyone is pleased with what surfaces in their mind when they look back on their life. The thing about people who do not-nice things: at some point their conscience is going to catch up with them and give them a vivid review of their entire life, everything they’ve done that was unkind and shady will come to mind. Come back to haunt them, as it were. When your conscience begins to bother you about past actions, that’s your Soul wanting you to wake up. You want to wake up also, because when you wake up to the deeper you, your life becomes more expansive and joyful, more meaningful and fulfilling.   Continue reading

A forgetful mind makes you stay in the Here and Now

old couple from weheartitdotcomA friend’s elderly wife is getting forgetful. When she realizes it afterwards, she feels like a burden to him. He assured her as long as they stay in the Here and Now there is no need to remember anything other than they love each other and take it moment by moment. He is honored to hold the sacred space to be her memory for her when she needs it.

The awkward moment when a friend announces she’s hooked up with a sociopath

crazy exThe awkward moment when you see a friend post on Facebook that she’s in a relationship with someone you know to be a sociopath who historically overlaps engagements. Some long time friends have never seen his crazy come out. Sometimes it takes awhile. Like the first time you have a disagreement, ask him to get a job or pay a bill. He is clearly not like this with everyone, and the point isn’t about one person. This is a caveat to know who you’re dealing with. In the past, I’ve kept quiet to the detriment of several situations.  Take the time to know someone. It doesn’t matter to me if there are 200 people I trust telling me what a great guy someone is around them. I can’t pretend I don’t know firsthand what one man is capable of.  Even now a year later he’s suing the fiancee he left 2 years ago. He’d fooled her twice. In July 2011, I wrote about The ladies man who presents himself as a guru and a soulmate.  In August 2013, his then- fiancee made a Facebook post she was heartbroken and devastated that he could leave her, literally bedridden, after promising he was brought into her life to help her heal from other physical problems. I know him to be a sociopath and a narcisscist a decade before her. I sent her a note of support and we had a brief private conversation.  Continue reading

Why Rain Dances Work. A Five Step Process and Why Holding the Vision is Important

Envision a steady soaking rain on the western US areas, alleviating the drought

Envision a steady soaking rain on the western US areas, safely soaking and alleviating the drought

They are beginning to get some rain in the western US, which is welcome after the recent drought. We can help by giving it a little thought time each day. Really, we can help with just a few minutes each day. As we gain group consciousness, science has proven we have the power to create, alter and shape things on Earth. Including the weather. Weather is not easy to influence by a single individual, but it may be influenced by a group consciousness (as evidenced by tribes doing it in their rain dances). Weather is strongly influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But those same frequencies are also produced in our brains, and when many people synchronize their thinking or individuals focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, then it is scientifically speaking not at all surprising that they can thus influence weather.   Continue reading

An email reading: She has ongoing health issues

who what where when signQuestion:  My health, I have a lot of medical problems, like shortness of breath very frequently all tests on my lungs have come out ok and inhalers do not work. I am also on different medicines than I was a year ago when this started. The doctors cannot figure it out. It is hard to breathe most days. also when I lie down especially during the early mornings starting about 1:00am my heart start racing. It feels like it is going to jump out of my body. I’ve taken every heart test and I do not have heart proble­ms at all. I have to sit up and get out of bed to make it stop. I’m tired all the time. I also fell back in 2013 did not hit my head but I developed a pressure in my head that feels like my head is in a vise and someone keeps squeezing the handle tighter. I get headaches but this is different. The only meds I am on is for acid reflux and blood pressure and Plavix for blood thinner due to a stroke in 2013.  The medicines give me dry mouth really bad. I have severe back and knee problems.  I take Oxycodone 5mg am and pm with my acid reflux because it keeps me from coughing due to side affects. I eat right and exercise 4 or 5 days a week at the gym. I do not drink or smoke.  i hope this isn’t too many details.   Continue reading

An email reading. A writer asks: Will I win the lottery?

mega-millionsQUESTION: My question is will I win the lottery or any source of money to get out of debt and build my dream home. I’m disabled and live on a fixed income. I’m so far in debt I don’t see a way out!

ANSWER: Hi and thanks for writing. I’ve been asked this question before and the answer is always the same. The easy answer is, you’ll win the lottery when (1) when your expectation and belief attract it and (2) you have no resistance to it. You’re the one who determines what date and time that will be.
Doing this reading by email will be helpful to you because you’ll have a written record to go over again and again to remind yourself what is possible. Things like this I have to read little by little so it can sink in. Let me first say that no matter how desperate your situation seems right now, dollars can come to you out of the blue, from somewhere you don’t expect. As long as you expect and believe that it can, because if you think it can’t happen, you will prevent it from coming to you.  If it’s hard to believe, then think of the next 30-60-90 days as an experiment in attracting a different experience in your life about money. If it’s hard for you to believe, then for those 30-60-90 days, put that belief on hold and accept as a possibility that money can come to you anytime from a source you don’t expect.   Continue reading

Spirit directs me when others are better suited for particular work

angel pink 72smallI spoke last week to someone who said he needed an emergency house clearing done and he’d pay anything for it. I told him first of all, never call a psychic and say those words. I was finishing the October Horizons Magazine and told him I could speak to him in a few days and gave him several simple things to do in the meantime to start a clearing process. I knew he had a serious situation but I wasn’t sure I was the one to handle it. With some energies, I’ve learned there are others better suited for that work. In spirit contact and ghostbusting, I’ve learned that how I perceive what I observe determines how it will interact with meContinue reading

Keeping dollar karma clean

keep dollar karma cleanI’ve gotten a new batch of collection calls from Allied Financial at 800-241-0172 for an ex. He’s not been here almost 3 years, so I give current contact info to the ones who call for him. We always discussed keeping $$ karma clean so I know he’ll be thankful for an opportunity to practice.