Ages 39-42: The Uranus Opposition in Astrology

Some friends and clients are having their lives shaken up in financial and emotional ways.  I looked first to astrology to see what the planets reflected back to me.  Each is going through their Uranus opposition, that time in our lives that society calls the mid life crisis. During this time, your entire life can be turned around and spun into a new direction.  When I began my Uranus opposition, I gained 30 pounds, discovered Abraham-Hicks, began seeing new possibilities in my life and Horizons Magazine was born.   Every little insight I had, I had to tell everyone.  The unfolding was so fascinating to me, how could it not be fascinating to everyone else, too?  The Uranus opposition can be an exciting and fun time, and a time to test your faith.  Mine changed my life, literally. 

In astrology, the cycle of Uranus opposing its natal position between ages 39 to 42 marks the beginning of mid-life transition which lasts until Saturn squares its natal placement at age 51-52.  Known as the Uranus opposition, this cycle is the culmination of our life direction and the shift into a new direction. Like any Uranus transit, we often experience unexpected events that shake up our old realities, messengers bearing synchronistic messages that jar us loose from old perceptions, or feelings of restlessness or even anxiety that disrupt old patterns.  These times inspire you to make innovative changes in your life. We experience breakthroughs from the break down or break up of old ways of being and behaving. We see new directions and goals to move towards.  We have a chance to reclaim something from the past, something dropped between ages 20 to 22. That’s the time of the first Uranus square to its natal position. Original article here.

Of all the pivotal events of transformation in our lives the mid-life “crisis” is surely one of the most well known and feared as well. As we move into the middle years of our lives there is a recognition that we are no longer young and able to do things as we have in the past. The body starts to be more and more defiant as we try to put it through its paces. The mind begins to settle into a certain degree of familiarity and resists the radical changes of perception that we may have readily accepted with open arms in our younger years. Our emotional nature, especially if we haven’t uncovered our familial imprinting or conditioning from the past, can start to calcify and the heart can literally begin to close down from reaching out to others. Worst of all, our spiritual aspiration can succumb to the deadening roar of consumer materialism and the prevalent belief in an uncaring God in an uncaring world!

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way though, Thank God! The mid-life crisis is indeed a crisis, but as the Chinese oracle, the I Ching interprets crisis it can actually be an opportunity in disguise. In this case the opportunity is for re-assessment and re-evaluation of both our strengths and our weaknesses. It can be an opportunity to delve more deeply into our emotional baggage or imprinting that we carry from our past. And it can be a time of awakening to our deepest aspiration for the spiritual life and seeing that aspiration manifest in our everyday life. Many writers through the years have spoken about the mid-life crisis. Back in the 70’s Gail Sheehy wrote the best seller Passages: predictable crises in adult life. Along with the obvious physical changes, Sheehy described the psychological changes that occur in our late thirties and early forties: ” Whatever your occupation, you cannot help but face up to the gap between your vision of yourself in the twenties and the actuality of your arrival at 40.” Added to our anxiety about our vision can be issues around “the loss of youth, the faltering of physical powers we have always taken for granted, the fading purpose of stereotyped roles which we have identified with, and the spiritual dilemma of having no absolute answers.”  Original article here

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