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Ongoing Theme: Clear Up The Past, It’s All Related

A friend was having unexpected chaos around her when she called me. She had many things to get off her chest. She didn’t realize it’s all related, everything, and that clearing up her past could help pave her happy future. She came clean to several she’d had conflict with. She dropped several ongoing white lies that had been holding her back. She felt the weight lift. Never underestimate the power of coming clean and being honest. Every day is a new beginning.

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Coming clean about past lies will set you free
Her effort to clear up the past gave her a clean slate
The magic of making amends with those you have unclean energies with
The solution is simple: Come clean and see what the Universe rewards you with
Do the inner and outer work to clear up the past, so it doesn’t taint your new beginnings
You destroy the chance for your future by not clearing up your past
Come clean and see what the Universe rewards you with
Put only kindness in motion from this point forward

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It feels like a holiday weekend

poolside smileSummer is upon us! With temps soaring into the 90’s, I’ve begun turning my a/c on. I’m lucky that my entire property is under a high oak canopy. The shade keeps me much cooler than my neighbors who are all in the sunshine, with little or no overhead shade.  Often I’m unaware of how hot it is until I walk out to the mailbox.  Friday I got blasted!  About 6:00pm I talked my mate away from the computer and went to the pool for an hour.  It’s been a couple of years since I swam, but Friday I was ready to jump in.  The water was the perfect temperature, it felt just a few degrees below my body temp. Continue reading

I stopped eating bread cold turkey: Eating bread leads to sugar and bread cravings and keeps 10 pounds on me

15-No-Bread-Sandwiches-2I stopped eating bread on Mother’s Day.  I’d begun eating it in July 2013.  In ten months, it put an extra 10 pounds on me. My face likes the ten pounds.  My waist doesn’t.  I’ve learned that bread is my drug. When I avoid it, all is well.  When I think I can have just a slice or two of toasted Ezekial every week or so, that quickly turns into having a toasted english muffin every day. I catch myself doing it and I still do it.  “Let me just finish this package and I won’t buy it again.” It becomes a race to finish them. More than once I’ve carried food over to the boyfriend’s place to get it out of my house.  He has my box of wheat saltines right now. But, as soon as I made the decision to JUST STOP eating bread, it became easy.  I had to get to that point first. I had to get to that state of mind.  Once I reached that level of consciousness, my other food choices came into focus again. I didn’t care about bread as I changed my focus. Continue reading

Ask yourself why are you attracting that plague of locusts

That chaos crap storm you keep being plagued with? Stop and ask yourself why you’re attracting it.  You already know HOW you’re attracting it.  The question is WHY you keep attracting it.  What is your soul trying to get across to you? What does inner guidance say when you ask? You are the only one who can answer that.

In the midst of an emotional plague? Attracting people of Love and Light by Hilary Bond, Ph.D.

Attracting people of love and light is vital for an evolutionary, aware life. One of my main jobs in life is to help people to walk the high road; the straight and narrow or their true soul path. To me judgement and prejudice about others; backstabbing and negativity deplete the energy of everyone. People are precious. We all came to earth to have good, healthy, productive relationships and evolve through caring, harmonious relationships. Consequently this article has little snippets and big hunks of information and wisdom about creating an emotionally healthy and love-filled life and by love I mean compassion and unconditional love.  I do hope this article contributes to your ability to attract love. Here’s a terrific people quiz:    Continue reading

Ramona Singer gets enraged and causes a scene rather than honestly answer a simple question. It’s all about air time.

Yowza, Real Housewives of NYC, Ramona would rather blow up in a rage and turn into a screaming banshee rather than admit to a lie.  She’d rather distract from the real question at hand and make it all about something else.  That seems to be her storyline. It must be as exhausting for her as it is to watch. It takes exactly one time someone acting like that with me for me to be done. As an adult, you learn to have respectful discussion. But I get it. By acting that way, she gets more air time. And for some people, it’s all about air time.

Behind every complaint is a deep personal longing. John Gottman

Is it good? Is it bad? Don’t take score too soon

Benny the Cat is hanging inside because old black wildTom is hanging outside. YinYang chased him off twice today. You don’t have to go home, Tom, but you can’t stay here. Yinnie has been very fighty this week. She’s been protecting the little prince by keeping him inside. I thought she was trapping him to be a bitch. When you feel someone is hindering you, they may actually be helping you. Good? Bad? Don’t take score too soon.